April 9, 2020
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KJAG – 10/21/2019

What’s up Jags welcome back to general
announcements this week October 22nd are some things we’ll be having a writing
benchmark also choir orchestra will be having a concert at 5pm. Orchestra at 6:00 October 23rd what we have an algebra benchmark in the
cafeteria and on the bright side is early dismissal at 1:40pm.
Speaking of early dismissal we also have it again on October 24th that’s it for
general announcements see you next week Jags. Today sign phrase is how are you? What’s up Jackson Jaguars it’s three and
this week we’re gonna be doing general announcements so so let’s get to it
October the 21st we have a volleyball game versus Nimitz. 8th away, and 7th at
Jackson. On October the 23rd we have a football game vs. Driscoll at 4:30 at
8th at the Comalander Stadium and seventh at Driscoll. So there will not be a
football game at Jackson. Jaguars this is very awkward… October the
28th Hey Jags welcome back to lunch I’m with
Lily and we have a special guest this week but I don’t know where he is? On Monday we are having cheese sticks with marinara sauce. On Tuesday we’re having teriyaki chicken with fried rice. On Wednesday you’re having beef and cheese nachos or cheese nachos On Thursday were
having a hamburger with tator tots On Friday we’re having chicken tenders with the homemade roll. Bye Jags… I don’t know… See you next week JAGS!

David Frank