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LA Beach Volleyball | Boxers or Briefs with DanielXMiller | 2017 Mens Fashion

Hey guys it’s Daniel X Miller for The Underwear
Expert. I’m back here in Santa Monica again today. We’re gonna’ be asking some Zog Sports beach
volleyball players our favorite question: Boxers or Briefs? After the video be sure to head over to
and use my promo code DXM to save 55% off your first month when you sign up. What’s your name? I am Jesse. Nice to meet you Jesse, and where are you
from? I live right up the street on the west side. I’m Alex Karu. I’m originally from Wall Township, NJ but
I live in Venice Beach now. So I see you’re playing beach volleyball for
Zog Sports. What team are you on? I’m The Chipotle Aioli’s. And you told me there’s something special
about your team. Yeah. We um, we’re sponsored by the Surf Rider Foundation. It’s a really nice cause. They go out and surf with autistic kids, so
it’s a really nice thing, yeah definitely happy to be a part of that. Our team name is How I Set Your Mother. That’s cute. How I met your mother? Cuz like you set in volleyball. Yeah you can’t beat it. The sunshine. The beach. Gettin’ out with all our friends. It’s fantastic. So we have a favorite question we love to
ask everybody. And that is what is your favorite: boxers
or briefs? I like boxer briefs. And why do you choose those? I mean honestly I don’t know anyone who wears
anything else. They’re the most comfortable. What is your favorite: boxers or briefs? Well usually, today you can see I’m in trunks
so nothing’s going on under there right now. But um typically I work out a lot so I prefer
briefs. They seem to hold everything in better. If you are wearing underwear do you have a
favorite brand. There’s a brand I love called Papi. They’re very goofy. My girlfriend hates them because they’re super
colorful and they say big “Papi” right across. So I’m always looking for new brands. We have a lot in our club. I know yeah, that’s why I’m going to go to
you guys. I’m sure she’ll be able to pick out a few,
too. And do you have a favorite brand? I mean I don’t really have a favorite brand. All of mine right now are Lucky Brand. What about a color? I always seem to pick blue ones for some reason. Yeah. I don’t have a favorite, but if I did that
would be the favorite. I like the brights. You know? I definitely like the bright ones. Like these? Those are what I’m talkin’ about, baby. These are Marco Marco. I love these ones. I love those. Yeah those are my kind of color right there. So what are you wearing today? Today I’m actually wearing Lucky Brand. Why did you choose those? They’re great. I don’t know. Are we allowed to get a peek? Yeah, sure. So this is where we would normally get a peek. I guess I can’t ask you for one today. I mean I don’t know. Is full-frontal illegal on this beach? So we’ll just skip to our stump question. What do you think your underwear, when you’re
wearing it, says about you? Oh, “you are a sweaty man down there. You do a lot of working it, and you wear them
until there’s pretty much nothing left there.” What do you think your underwear says about
you? Mine are Lucky Brand so if they say anything
they say “Lucky you.” Cuz you are lucky. So that’s it for this episode of Boxers or
Briefs, but what about you? What kind of underwear do you like to wear
when you’re setting and spiking? Let us know in the comments below. And in case you’re wondering today I’m wearing
the Razor Brief by Marco Marco. Be sure to head over to
and use my promo code DXM for 55% off your first month when you sign up. If you enjoyed today’s video be sure to give
us a big thumb’s up and subscribe to our channel for more content like this. I’m Daniel X Miller for The Underwear Expert.

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