April 4, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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Lacrosse is definitely a lot of ups and
downs physically, emotionally. I mean, it’s been described as a game of run. When you
win and when you work together as a team to achieve a goal it’s really a
fulfilling experience. I really just love the competitive aspect of the
game, the camaraderie. I play midfield. You have to be fast, explosive, quick, able to
change directions quickly, able to run through checks. You really have to be in
shape. You have to be able to run up and down the field. Your cardio has to be — has
to be strong. You also have to be physically strong as well. In eighth
grade, I remember it was a cold January day.
I remember feeling pain in my back and then that summer same sort of thing
happened. My back is really killing me. Came back sophomore year of high school. It
was in the fall and I was running and I remember feeling this severe pain in my
back. So I went and got checked out. My dad had been seeing Dr. Andy Tucker for
plenty of years, and he recommended I go see Dr. Justin Tortolani. So I went to
see Dr. Tortolani. I really knew he was the guy. In addition to playing lacrosse, he
is very nice, made me feel comfortable, really outweighed — outlined everything
for me. He told me I had a stress fracture on the left side of my back.
So then I took probably three months off, let it heal and then the next two or
three years I kind of played through it. It really bothered me. I felt it kind of
limited me. And once you get to college, it’s a lot
more intense. I was shooting a lot more, I was doing that twisting, repetitive motion,
and it got worse and worse and worse and worse. I first really started to feel it was
really starting to be severe after taking like a 15-yard step-down
shot. And, I mean, it hurt to walk after that. I mean it hurt to do everyday
activity, like tying your shoes, bending over to tie your shoes, like putting on
your pants. But then also like my legs were feeling — like I was getting pain
down my left leg. I had a stress fracture on both sides of my L5 vertebra, which is
the lowest — lowest vertebra. Day of the surgery,
I knew that this was going to be a life-changing event, possibly. Overall I
felt pretty comfortable just knowing Dr. Tortolani, and knowing the
success he’s had, and just — just knowing him as a guy. This summer I really feel like I’ve been
able to get back to full strength to where I was before. The pain in my
back is completely gone. It was definitely worth it. I loved my
experience with Dr. Justin Tortolani. He’s a great guy,
great bedside manner. It really made me feel comfortable with my surgery and the
rehab process and was always willing to talk to me about questions I had.
One more rep. MedStar was great throughout the whole entire process. They
helped me with my rehabilitation and then later on when I was coming back to
work out, and as I progressed further to weight lifting and running again, they
really designed the packet and the workout for me to get back to full
strength. Athletics have been a big part of my
life, so it’s not something that after college I’m just going to stop doing. I like
playing tennis, I play golf, I like playing pickup basketball with my
friends, so I mean, I see myself being active and always being involved in

David Frank