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Lionel Messi – The GOAT – Official Movie

I don’t care where you’re from. You tell me that you love football and you don’t love Leo Messi, you have a problem… Who’s the best player of all time? Lionel Messi Messi Barcelona’s first team is very strong this year and I think they can achieve a lot, but it’s true there’s lots of games as well and there’ll be some opportunities for players like me to play in the first team this season. Now Messi, will he get that first goal for Barcelona? Remember the name, Lionel Messi. At the age of 17, scores his first goal for Barcelona I think Lionel Messi was born to play football. Everyone knew he was going to be the best play in the world. Messi… has done superbly well. Messi, he’s the danger man. Messi’s the penalty He scores. No mistake for an Argentina’s man of the moments. It’s a great chance for Messi. It’s 1-1. Ronaldinho. Stopped by Casillas. Blasted in by Messi. Have you see a better goal Sensational In the summer of 2008 benoit mubali traveled to Beijing he was a key member of the Argentina team to win Olympic gold His first major honor and the gold medal would be the catalyst to more spectacular successes We had the they decided that he will be the next coach of the first team of October salon and at the same time he said. Remember You know that with me as a coach you will win everything and it happened. Another page in the Spanish footballing history, but they say this has been the biggest game is the nineteen forties And he bounced back the vasa, oh, yes, he can little benoit takes his time Little Messi is humiliating for Real Madrid. It’s headed for Barcelona. Can you say about Barcelona ? three chain, perfect Focusing on stop Oh, no gotta be fantastic game Look forward for following the game crowned champions inspired seeking to dethrone the kings of Europe huge potential for a classic control as far as Chevy George Mitchell Which I just What makes him a little bit better than when alder I just think the way he plays the game and the goals he scores It just looks Swingin They won six titles in a season a little messy into the area now they have to watch the snacks Backseat Stunning just Look at this from Messi look at this one Takes on three takes on four Importantly in the greatest footballer sloop peak of his powers It’s just stop could this be the battery before half-time Tanisha’s chance that’s a Of his generation He’s far the best player of a machine is it’s not of this planet at the moment Die I learned here get everything started with the ball and finish with the ball. So Sometimes we forget that this is a game 1111 with one ball and we try to keep this ball We try to to play with the ball we try to Do to make everything And it’s Messick Every year your numbers keep going up every year little messes numbers. Keep going up So are you better than him now this season the end of the day? They’re gonna decide who is the best player in the moment, which is I thinking, it’s me, please don’t call me arrogant I think I’m a special It’s the special spectacular long Now makes you put it Drifting time See inside Frustrations spilling over to the the ground Madrid players was horrible funny. He’s arriving in the street And it’s now getting very nasty Between these two teams It’s great as a football bats, but this is what always spoils em where they have especially Spanish team fine amongst each other grandma’s chatty DK Marcello In Madrid is best away from two three four Obsessed I would read you to the final of the chocolate shake and water drips Did it in gaining it the most people think is the greatest player on the planet to hit the net And this team is the best football team I’ve seen for 20-30 years. I haven’t seen anything better than this. It’s just magnificent. I think the bull was the bull festival Nancy barbets passing between a sea of difference in our Messy fights together was a month See Chuckle enough today See Has never ever it’s messy it’s Chapter two Can you say images The great WSPS The first day that he arrives the four years phenomenal it was great having him here Oh, yes in Tokyo turns left my trailer for dead. It’s Leo Messi Another hat-trick is messy they see make space himself taking on all comers label better He is the man who scored more goals in the calendar year than any body else not telling not kroy’s not Maradona Nobody has scored more goals in the calendar year than the greys little messy Some say is the greatest and statistically he is the greatest now touchdown, Gabi These people And a church here second high school to nail down slipped into messy No mercy benoit The legs of the defender dribble so on Well using that pace can you finish it Paul? Nope I’m done Come boom. They’re moving back in 1996 Diego Maradona. Led his team to World Cup glory Is this the time for benoit mubali to do the same? Let’s see McClane kept going. It’s little benoit peaceful Exceptional Betty Shah The rebound I see strikes 101 changing direction see you later, Mussina the rod commerce’ family with it generates Are you the best footballer in the world open to it? I Knew that was not coming off a great year I didn’t play my best football and I challenged myself to change on this year trying to get back to being what it was before black about retention benoit noah Titans striking trailer Let’s see Suarez Neymar spells danger spells gold this fraud 3 is such a dynamic through the They’ve got goals. They’re working. Well as a unit freestyling exhibition football from Barcelona Dare, I say that Rebekah’s, really – brilliant work for missing me they go all over Literally to see the cup I don’t think we’ve Noticed a locust our and still do most Sicknesses notion about my system if it’s you went another So the Michelle summers have one Pending benoit not possible They don’t Missy on the charge Missy say I got a lot Each other Glorious defender concern become Kevin the answer Mexico teasing He picks it up his own halfway line beats war two players a Scott Galvez, he goes wah bah Nice work goddess, then inside right furred grid finished as just word class from the best player of the work for me The incredible story of this little man He’s the best there is the best there and the has been possibly the best there ever will be is Deva If a rival is capable of scoring four goals against us then we’re capable of scoring six against them expecially Kabbalah Nah Is champion Mr. Elliott from taxi for the last roughly, NL miss Bessie And Amana might just be the craziest footballer of all time has never scored against Chelsea and eight matches soon. Here’s the teaser Exchange it with Miss Missy flights away for leskanic wake up as he draws the two defenders hits over the Challenger Parsa Cup champs league champions yet again Five Balon doors or one world cup. Which would you choose? Monsieur Fudo Liliana messy Argentina are on the cusp of not making the World Cup Finals the World Cup in Russia the last in the peak years of Missy Oh Messy Be the greatest if you don’t Stop this quest with a missing trophy Messy if you played in heaven I would die just to see you you this is the place where he was become legends and where? Mormont’s become history and there on the attack in the early stages You know the greatest players produced that greatest performances when they needed it Getting Messi’s there This is from the great great master to accelerate to look Man When he was needed he was called for by his country and he delivered the truth is that midnight didn t do not wind up Look back and they’ll point a finger mainly at Leonel messy. He’s got huge pressure off You can see detention on his faces, but pressure from the nation and expectations on his shoulders has the greatest cloud That’s as long messy splaining always is openly Missy Missy dad and Argentina So we expect miracles from him because he’s that good but over so many games surely. Somebody else has to step forward I just take a little pressure of I’ll okay like this sustained greatness speech straightness over a short period of time he has to to go and judge the entirety of somebody’s career or Over two months to me just makes no sense whatsoever I think there’s tears in their eyes, right? I am gonna challenge Anya when he comes away with it And big out of the guys fire will ever see the Ties this Makes you seriously think about earth without doubt He’s number one the best player there is today in football and certainly the best in history for everything He’s achieved all of the records. He keeps breaking and and follow on Instagram @jeff.john12

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