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LOOK AT THESE IDIOTS!!!  | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 12

Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Xbox one Yes Guy Gaming get outside get outside boys go try look
at these idiots what are they doing what a bunch of idiot blockers well done guys
thanks for your help hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming
we’re back playing spike volleyball been on a journey in this game things have
gotten easier and harder sometimes things have been changing all over the
place I’m looking forward to getting to kind of into the end to get some good
players to see what they’re capable of cuz I got some new players and we
haven’t really seen much of a difference but they’re only in the 70s we’d love to
get some 80s or 90s overall with some strong points anyways we’re here in the
International League group face I think this match is to win the pool so let’s
get to all right here we go starting the match alright what’s the
play let’s let’s rip a serve over there here we go boys and girls stack out
there let’s get some successful blocks let’s try it there’s a dig pound this
buddy bounce it oh the Libero dug it what what who’s hitting that oh come on
what the hell happened there that is such bullshit just trickled over go yes
set that guy out there pound it buddy the nut slippery yes the old reliable
what am I gonna get some guys who can just pound it and abused the other team
but they’re pounding yes all sorts of trouble stack out here get out there and
block successful why oh no a fault dang it I really want the successful blocks
my favorite thing ever no one army plated he’s still in the play where’s
the guy on that I didn’t there was no button appearing whatsoever man this
game is all at the same time hilarious and incredibly frustrating go anybody
what no bunch ants no chance to pass that like unfair game nice pass so this
right side guy in it yeah that’s the bounce with the block who cares just
pound it alright other Rhea’s pound it over there deep corner nice pound buddy
stack back Oh success of our successful block yes I love this successful block
the way down stood up this soo ah yes God
alright let’s try something different here let’s do maybe like a short spinner
I don’t know why I will see net flipper on my side damn it house up here’s a
pass dang it I almost panicked great dig whoa what what is happening what’s going
on I don’t think I play that over legally nobody’s there yes
this is a mess this game is terrible what a weird frickin game centers in for
they hate this rotation I’m pounding it down the line take this guy out
yeah this guy’s how do we go down on everything down on everything it pounded
that seep all down the line well done maybe I shouldn’t have gone down nice pass let’s try the dump oh yeah
buddy you gotta jump said how am I supposed to know before I press the
trigger if he’s gonna jump set or not what a stupid thing said this guy is he
see Paul he is dang it get out there get it there oh it’s a weird ass pipe yep so
the left side guy balanced it buddy yes well stop the Chola come on what a
weird ass pipe they set there all right let’s go for the net flipper over there
yeah full speed ahead full power yes net flipper
although see ball down yep there’s a dig oh that was a free ball I went for the
dumb successful why what what happened there what what is
going on all right I better get focused this is bullshit
is this what the hell is going on there’s a dig set this guy
oh right dig by them great day see balls don’t for the Jumbo buddy oh dang it
this is not good this is not good I better pick my shit up nice pass
old reliable just a little guy in the back step yeah come on now all right
what are they like well they hate this find the court nice pressure there’s a
dick come on how does a guy not get there I’m pressing the button and
everything did I not press the button did it click and miss all right it’s ten
freakin seven here’s a pass set the C ball go for the Jumbo
gosh that doesn’t down on that who hit that tip it over over there yes thank
you that’s a rally is still going nice day
this last night guys hungry to get in the wall why did he not take an approach no this is not good okay I got a figure
my shit out nice its dang and I have to go see ball let’s get aggressive they’re
all over that out of bounds what that was out of bounds what’s the call touch that’s bullshit
nice pass set the middle guy net foot / let’s go all right I need to get some get this
going let’s go net flipper take the center out down on the sea ball there’s
a dig set the right side guy here’s the left side guys picking his bum just come
on let’s go can we come back that would be great if
we could come back get out here it’s gonna need a block
oh good take ya always a perfect set for sure I gots it slam there nice snuck it
through just pound the whole middle boys all right step over buddy yep spin it
over there to that guy nice stack out here can’t score on the pipe setback
bounce it no that was so dumb we’re still in it
we’re still in it neatest side out here that was out what am I thinking it’s all
right right so I got to put it away just bouncing it come on all right here
we go deep spinner this guy’s got some power all sorts of trouble successful block yes
successful walk back off him yes come on love that that’s a lot of
power on that guy yes yes come on here we go
do it again tomorrow new guy doing it going back again we’re gonna have to
defend all the pipe that’s a dig for sure just get ready to pound yes come on don’t stop my momentum back corner full
power Marone number 17 new guy all sorts of trouble stack out on the right
gianna see it’s an annette shoot come back boys all right sets number seven
number two is gonna be a lot different I’m gonna be way better and set to get
outside boys there’s a dick from the Libero who’s ready to hit it this right
side guy has bounced it Wow great dig acts like this left side guy he can hit
it deep yes I hit deeper and I went by the Libero is that number 17 Moreau so
the Libero would have dug that but it was one of my better guys that’s the
first time I’ve seen skill mattering nice all right serve it over to that guy
this guy I didn’t have a lot of power he’s out of it though stack over there successful blog come on love that get
that garbage out of here right back in your face Punk I’m determined let’s go
deep corner on this guy pound it he’s out of it stack over here again
good take libero what a great back bump set pounding it right side guy love you
let’s go keep it going keep it going let’s be aggressive with this back
corner surf hits hot setter all sorts of trouble he’s out what oh they’re guys trying to play
these like swiping at it look Oh brutal well sometimes you get unlucky
with the successful bla I mean unsuccessful blocks nice pass
old reliable whoa who’s hitting that it outside get outside boys go try look at
these idiots what are they doing what a bunch of idiot blockers well done guys
thanks for your help yeah you’re bad yeah like your fault
idiot great pass well set obviously right side this guy’s gonna count it
what set this guy oh it’s dip to the other rights I got yes that number four
is really good love that guy all right let’s get an ace Murrow you
got that great sir Oh oh man that was dumb pass up nice pass
bounce it buddy dig why do I even bother blocking if that’s gonna happen look at
that I just gave him a place to like hit it through so dumb now it’s for all
after all that it’s at the right side guy found it buddy
yes no block just kind of straight middle please go ahead I totally screwed
that one up yeah not a great way to come out of the timeout great pass set the
middle died yes blow soft and short from the middles
that was my worst players but that guy probably hits a hundred percent pounded
deep corner pound that shit buddy yes come on let’s go
those free points I’ll take them cuz this is a fucking struggle jeez where
are they going fine why is he in the net I will take it but like that is so
stupid the guy just pounds it in the net you stupid I’m going down on everything
I hope yes I did not leave that on purpose they were folding up let’s push them to
the edge boys yes thank you alright here we go the same thing same
thing powder on these guys I’m pissed yes wait where we left off come on down
that corner find it nice trouble go down on everything yep I’m on that but they seem to be super effective on
the tip but I can’t score a tip to save my freakin life out-of-bounds great miss
thank you all right here we go let’s try to float down the line screw this guy
take him out get out yes that’s a mistake they’re folding up I wonder if
the developers put in a fold-up mechanic if they did it’s working great there’s a
dig it’s not the left-side guy pound it right there Wow
shit ass like these guys make amazing digs
I would much prefer this game to have the block be kind of realistic and the
guys don’t make many digs cuz like if you pounded on no block you’re never
gonna get dug maybe one out of ten it would be 120 you get done take that guy
out stack on that no where are you going free ball set this knife deep line gosh
what a dig he’s like the best defenders ever there’s a dig set that middle guy
he’s ready that was pretty quick yes big win boys come on come back in the
first set is huge yes appreciate that the Canadian thank you hey oh we got a
couple more opportunities finally we get a chance to recruit a middle blocker in
a three-star libero whoo well we got this Center let’s see what we got from
this two-star setter in addition it looks like they have the strong points
in the following stats float smash what is that please tell me if you know what
that is tell me what the hell is a float smash alright so the little barrel of
three star that would be great alright guys well that’s gonna do it for this
episode of spike volleyball I’m wondering if I’m just kind of fooling
around and that’s why it’s becoming tau 4 if the games actually getting tougher
because that was some close matches which is making it exciting I’m still
winning which is great feeling great having fun with this game except for
pellet at 5 to 10 points per match that happened then are like the net flippers
the clicking the stuff that misses if that stuff’s removed I think this is a
pretty fun game also I’m debating whether or not I should do a review of
this game I wrote down a ton of gameplay should I do an official review I think
probably at some point I should do that right yeah I’ll probably get on that
anyways thank you guys so much for watching and sticking all the way
through to the end of this video I hope you guys are enjoying this series I mean
it’s gotten a ton of love a ton of support if you got any comments or
thoughts or if you liked the video hit that like button let me know in the
comments below I read them I try to respond to them as much as possible let
me know what you think I want to hear your thoughts I would really really
appreciate that and of course if you haven’t already subscribe if that
subscribe button too yes my game we’ve got all sorts of volleyball video game
related content on this channel if you enjoy that kind of stuff welcome thank
you for joining the yes guy community and hopefully we got a lot more fun in
the future anyways thank you guys so much for watching and we hope to see you
next time on yes guy gaming Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Xbox one Yes Guy Gaming

David Frank



  1. Vinicius Silva Posted on February 26, 2019 at 11:02 pm

    where is the buggy multiplayer

  2. Thongchai Sae-Lao Posted on February 27, 2019 at 3:31 am

    So many bad calls, its so frustrating

  3. FELIX1970 Posted on February 27, 2019 at 5:51 am

    No 25 points set? It needs an update. Hurry! Nice videos btw…

  4. Jean Júnior Posted on February 27, 2019 at 2:16 pm

    Is possible play two people's?

  5. Brodie Posted on February 27, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    Does this game allow CPU vs CPU play in any of its modes?

  6. Alberto Chan Posted on February 27, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    wow you are still playing! It is getting annoyed. They need to update this buggy game