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Maddie Haggerty | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Volleyball

(soft guitar music) – I think the first time
I played volleyball, was probably outside with my sisters, we’d be out there for like five minutes, then someone, would pick on someone, then we would have to go in. I don’t know, I just kind of picked it up, and started playing, and I was like, yeah, I am not that bad at this, so I kind of just stuck
with it, and turned out, I was pretty decent at it,
so I kind of went with it. (soft guitar music) My older sister Meghan, she was kind of a volleyball
nerd, and I was kind of like, no, basketball for sure;
but I kind of followed her, went to all her games,
went to all her matches, and I was like, I want
to be better than her, so I picked up volleyball,
and started getting after it. I think at growing up, is kind of like, I want to be like her; but then I think when I started
actually, getting skill, and stuff, it was kind of like, I want to be better than her. We were both different positions, so it was kind of easy to be like, oh she’s better than me type of thing. I always wanted to be like my sister, even my younger sister,
I think she’s great, so it’s kind of like,
we all, I don’t know, were role models for each
other growing up in this sport. (cheering) I remember, it was probably winning, a state championship with my older sister, we never done that, high
school was the first time, so I thought it was pretty cool, and so hard, but it was cool
to share with my sister. So we had that in common, and that was like the only
time we really played together, so, I don’t know, something
special to look back on, and we have pictures and trophies. Molly, was instantly,
like super good at it, was kind of frustrating; now she just, she was always like, I just want to play like
you and Meghan, and she did, and she ended up probably
being better than both of us, so I’m glad that we could help her. I don’t really remember a
lot of games that I played, but it is like the road
trips, and the long practices, with the sisters in the car, and, you know ill practice
from three to six, and Molly would have to go after, and it was just a huge long
day of just volleyball. I think its something we all
just played in the big time, because its the best conference out there, and you know, of course you want to be on the
same team with your sisters, but it’s cool seeing Molly
make her own name at Wisconsin, and Meghan make her own name at Nebraska; and me at Michigan state. I think its just something
that, we are all super proud of, of course its awkward kind
of playing against them, because you want them to
do well, but not too well. No, I mean were just blessed we worked hard to get
to here, and it’s fun. (star spangled banner) (upbeat music) Michigan state is my home, it took me a little bit to find
it, but I’m glad that I did, this place just means so much to me. (inhales, exhales) (gentle cries) Sorry. I just, I don’t know where’d
I’d be without Michigan state. I don’t think I would have
stuck with volleyball, if Cathy didn’t believe in
me, my parents, and my family, so this place just means a lot to me. (cheers and applause) I’ve struggled with shoulder
surgery and some back stuff, but I think that, the one thing I learned, is to just stay patient, and its worth it, and there was a lot of
times, where I was like, this isn’t for me anymore, like
I had a good junior career, but, maybe its just time
to throw in the towel, and call it a day, but I think
my teammates, and my coaches, and my family, just kept me
pushing; because it is tough, and sitting on the sidelines
isn’t fun, but it’s worth it, and I know that, I’m going to look back, and I probably would have
regretted not sticking with it, so I’m glad that I did. (inspiring uplifting music) It’s so important when you get older, because you do realize how fast it goes; when you’re a freshman you have
everything coming your way. Just enjoy it, enjoy the small
wins, enjoy the big wins, learn from your big losses,
learn from your small losses. Volleyball is just a game, that teaches you much more
than just the court stuff, but like off the court,
and being a great teammate, that’s the one thing that I think, I’m going to struggle
with leaving here is, the non stop cliche oh I’m
going to miss my teammates, and the people but its so
real here at Michigan state, and that’ll be the toughest part I think. I think I’m always going
to be tied with the sport, I think that maybe one day
I could get into coaching. (sighs) No, it’s been a big part
of my life, it’ll be weird, but I’m happy with the
way I’m finishing it, and what I’ve done up until this point; can’t play volleyball forever, even though I though that was, you could when you were younger, I’ll just play volleyball
forever, but that’s not a thing. So, yeah it’ll be tough,
but it’s time to move on. (upbeat music)

David Frank



  1. ozzy0616 Posted on November 28, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    Go Maddy! So talented and such a great competitor. We'll miss you.