March 29, 2020
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Marines and Japanese officials meet for a baseball field ground breaking ceremony in Iwakuni

In March of 2012, the government of Japan purchased the land of Atagoyama. The land
is designed to accommodate military housing and a sports complex. Marine Corps Air Station
Iwakuni and Japanese government officials presided over a groundbreaking ceremony to
start construction. Iwakuni Mayor:
It is a great pleasure to have everyone here today to celebrate the ground breaking ceremony
of the baseball field. Reporter:
Japanese and air station officials share mutual excitement about the future sports complex,
believing it will strengthen the bond between the two nations.
Iwakuni Mayor: I hope the facility will be used by the citizens
of Iwakuni, and also offer an opportunity to interact with Americans.
Reporter: This complex isn’t just for show. It meets
all the criteria for genuine sports competitions. Iwakuni mayor:
The baseball field will meet the standards to host official high school baseball tournaments,
which allows us to enjoy games here. Head of DPRI:
It will have places for cultural exchange such as a tea ceremony room in the cultural
center a place for cooking classes, indoor recreational facilities, outdoor recreational
facilities, it’s going to be a great meeting point between the cultures.
Head of DPRI: What really struck me about this is the rep,
how many folks are excited about these facilities and the way that we are improving the execution
of our relationship with the Japanese, we are tightening the partnership we are becoming
much more good neighbors we are developing bonds with the host nation that are going
to pay dividends well into the future. Reporter:
Reporting from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, I’m Corporal Justin Glandon-Hall.

David Frank