April 4, 2020
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Meet Sue Everden, Head Volleyball Coach

many individuals that I’m recruiting and
their parents asked me you know wow you’ve you’ve you’ve got a pretty full
career what keeps you going what drives you volleyball is power finesse and a
lot of intelligence six individuals on a very small area have to really know what
the other individuals going to do without a lot of talking it just kind of
happens volleyball is intense
it’s exciting part of the reason that volleyball is my coaching sport is
because it is such a high energy fast fast-moving sport there’s nothing like I look at the recruiting aspect as a
stepping stone for the rest of their lives those individuals that want that
special experience that is very much tied to their academic aspirations yes I
have four seniors walking out the door but I have four first-years coming in
the door and so it forces me to stay in that moment to see people come in grow
leave go out and do just awesome things in life but to be a part of that four
years what could be better than that nothing absolutely nothing

David Frank