April 4, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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MEN’S LACROSSE: Brown Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] With Kraus and Moore out front. And Kraus scores! That’s a point in 38
game consecutive games for Michael Kraus. Kology’s 13th caused turnover. Beautiful pass to Laviano,
off the feed from Matt Moore. Virginia ties it up. There’s Moore. Oh, a little hesitation
to find Laviano. And Virginia goes in front. Kraus, scores! Second of the day
for Michael Kraus. Moore, finds Conner. Beautiful movement by Virginia. It’s Conrad putting it home. Moore trying to find Laviano. It goes to Kraus, and he finds
an angle, somehow, some way. A hat trick for Michael Kraus. Yet to score in
this third quarter. Kraus, to Moore. And now they’ve got
one on the board. –continue to run their offense. Obviously, a challenge
against Phil Goss. Aitken scores! 0 for 3 today on the man up. A crucial one right now. Aitken will rear back and score. That’s the shot that
you need from Dox Aitken if you’re Virginia. Virginia just looking
for some space. Double again on Kraus. Laviano, one-time. Virginia back within 2. –has not been able to
get his normal complement. Laviano scores, top shelf. A laser to beat Goss. Sitting on a hat trick,
but has been quiet in the fourth quarter. Moore, scores! Virginia within one. And Matt Moore’s got his second. [? Not going to look at ?]
that violation. Double team comes. They swarm Brown. Virginia on the move. Brown unsettled. Kraus, one-on-one. He fires and scores! We’re tied at 13. And now Herring. It’s Kraus. He scores! Virginia comes all the way back. Kraus with his fifth. And UVA does it for a
third straight game in OT.

David Frank



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