April 2, 2020
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MEN’S LACROSSE: Johns Hopkins Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] And we are underway in Homewood. And Virginia will
get possession. A scoop and score
to start it off! Matt Moore with a
bullet from outside. And it’s an early 2-0 lead. We’ll get back to those keys. But that’ll certainly
help the UVA cause. It’s been a while since the
Cavaliers had possession. And they cash it on it. Jeff Conner, the freshman,
wrapped around the cage and put it in the
back of the net. They’re always tough
match-ups in important games. Behind the back, to cash in on
the extra man, with two seconds left on the clock. Foley does a nice job there of
staying up on Kraus’ left hand. And we’re tied at 5. Right back to Kraus. 15 seconds left
on the shot clock. Bolts in. And we’re tied at 6. Jared Conners in transition. Lays it off. It leads to a goal! Ian Laviano. Got that face-off win. Couldn’t cash in. Instead, Virginia flies down
the field and takes the lead. Ryan Conrad, the
senior, strikes again. This is trouble for
Hopkins, Kraus matched up against a short stick. Dox Aitken, he’s trouble, too. He makes Hopkins pay. And Dox Aitken delivers a
two-goal lead to the Cavaliers. –of that Hopkins defense. 10 seconds to shoot. Right in the nick of time! Virginia finds their
leading goal scorer. Technical thing. That’s a giveaway
to the wrong guy. Michael Kraus makes Hopkins pay. It’s a three goal lead
for the Cavaliers. That is a career high four goals
for the freshman Joey Epstein. Virginia, immediate answer! Behind the back! The freshman Petey LaSalla. Oh, my!

David Frank