April 2, 2020
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MEN’S LACROSSE – Loyola MD NCAA Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] In the country. They are terrific at
double-teaming the ball, staying on it. [WHISTLE] That time, a failed
clear, a poor pass. Ian Laviano, the
intercept in the goal. DeMario gets Brian Begley. Now Regan Quinn faked the shot. Quinn firing high,
beating Stover. Krause against Huggins. There’s the double team. Krause stays with it. [WHISTLE] Moore finds the back of the net. Here’s Quinn. He’s got a goal tonight. Krause got a step. Shot and a save by Stover. Krause to the deck. Loose ball picked up by Loyola. Here come the Greyhounds. McNulty pushing in transition. McNulty– [WHISTLE] Shot and a goal. The continuity of this unit. [WHISTLE] Matt Moore’s second,
beating the short stick. DeMario on the
doorstep for the goal. [WHISTLE] And a couple of late
goals toward the end of this first half. Maybe some momentum going
into the locker for Virginia. That fires up their bench,
those mini-victories. [WHISTLE] Krause with a
mini-victory for Virginia. Inexplicably, they lose
by six Sunday to Cornell. My only thought– [WHISTLE] Dox Aitken makes it a
13-7 game for Virginia. It’s not quite where
it needs to be. You can’t surrender the
ball 20 times a game. [WHISTLE] Aiken with his second. Connors has five goals. Plays it to the wing. [WHISTLE] And Virginia cuts it to four. Laviano– And a past is prologue. We’re going to have to dig up
some grainy SD video from 1990 as Dox Aitken gets his third
goal of this fourth quarter. All the dominance in conference
have a win today against UMass as Aiken gets another. Wow. Baby Face Brock and the
Jays against Georgetown and Kevin Warren, the Crier. Tomorrow. Five o’clock. ESPNU. Matt Moore over to Connors. [WHISTLE] Hang on. 14 to 12. [MUSIC PLAYING]

David Frank