October 21, 2019
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Men’s Lacrosse: NCAA Quarterfinals-RIT vs York 5.16.18

>>The top two teams in Division Three Lacrosse meeting in the NCAA quarterfinals as number one RIT hosted number two, York. First quarter belonged to the Tigers, on the man up Kyle Killen scores. That’s number 77 on the year for him and RIT led 4-nothing. The Spartans had some opportunities in the opening quarter, but Walker Hare was huge in the net for RIT. Coming up with some big stops including that one right there to keep York off the scoreboard. On the other end, the Tigers offense was clicking. Killen to Ryan Tandy, Tigers shut out York in the first quarter leading 6-nothing after 1. Second quarter the Tigers extended that lead to 7 after Kyle Killen picked up his third goal of the first half but the Tigers offense would go cold after that and the Spartans would take advantage scoring twice before half-time including this one in the final 30 seconds by Hunter Davis. It was 7-2 RIT at the break. Third quarter, York would cut the lead to 4. Gunnar Reynold scores. The Spartans were right back in the game. The tiger offensive drought lasted for nearly twelve and a half minutes before Quinn Commandant found Aidan Milburn on the give and go for his 33rd on the year. Tigers back up 8-3 less than a minute later. It’s Commandant from Jay Vakiener, his 29th on the year put the Tigers back up by six. But once again, York made things interesting with just a minute 30 left in the third quarter. Dillon Hannah scores. It was 9-5 RIT after three quarters of play. Fourth quarter, the Spartans would strike again as Matt Winter scores and all of a sudden York was back within three. But RIT would answer Aidan Milburn bouncing 1 through for the goal to give RIT a 10-6 lead. The Tigers will put the game out of reach thanks to Kyle Killen who led the Tigers with five goals on the night. He now has 81 on the season. RIT advances to Sunday’s national semifinals following a 12-7 victory over York.

David Frank