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Men’s Lacrosse: RIT v Vassar 4-22-17

[ Music ]>>Couln’t take advantage of that opporturnity, we’ll see what RIT can do now with Lee getting it down low.>>Lavick, make that, no! That will be number seven, Killen with the goal for the RIT tigers, and it’s a quick 1 – nothing lead.>>Takes it behind the net. Shuster, now feeds it right out front to Lee! And the goal. Helping out on that play. Tigers on the break, in front, and the goal. It’s three to nothing. Feed down low, big save made. and the rebound, and the putback up and in.>>Killen will join the attack. Swinging it back, down low. Shot by Lee and that is where he likes to set up his offence. Second today for the all-time leading score for the RIT tigers.>>Definitely do not, most are already turfed.>>Yeah. There is the quick shot. And another goal here for the Tigers. This one goes to Aidan Milburn. Lee who has two today, the feet in front, and the goal there by number seventeen, his second today, by Brendon MacDonald.>>Coach said they need to cherish their possesions and get good shots, and goal. Flag comes out. As Vassar gets their first of the game.
>>Amd that’s Levick doing the work as he will now swing in front to Lee. And the shot and the goal. Those two have been doing it for years and years and years. And the Tigers now up by seven. Lee camping out in front, number 45, already has three goals this afternoon. Levick fires and scores. Tigers, a commanding 9 – 1 lead.>>Yeah, I mean, absolutely. If they can get you a goal, it’s usually a pretty good momentum changer.>>And there is a nice goal right there he’s picking up his second today back to back as we begin the second. Chad Levick. Moriarty. Moriarty fires, and scores. Second today. Tigers keeping it in the box here. Quick shot and a goal. Very sneaky there. What touched our third today, Brendon MacDonald. The shot and a goal. Right off the whiste, and that’s Sovocool with a goal for the RIT Tigers. Calling for, here’s Moriarty. Rips and firers and scores. So the Tiger defence, late in getting over and that the third today for Liam Moriarty.>>The tigers a delayed penalty, here they are in transistionthe shot and the goal. So the assist coming from Wallace, and the goal by John Hill.>>Draw tha’s one. Here’s the feet, Levick dishing it off in front that’s Levick finding his man, right in front, all alone, gets hit right at the end and that is number 10, Ben Tackett. Back up top, Lee. And now sends it over and shot and goal. Gripping it and ripping it, Braden Wallace, the midi with the goal. It is now fifteen – three.>>And the face off run by Lowery. Lowery dishing it off, quick shot and goal. There is the first.>>There he is, Michael Mullen with the goal for the Vassar college Brewers.>>Far aside, shot, ooh and somehow that snuck in.>>That’s the second today for Michael Mullen and that cuts the lead to ten. Mullen in front, shot and the goal. So Mullen setting that one up. This looks like a different Vassar team here. A nice defensive stand for RIT. And the feet in front, and that will be a Tiger goal. DeStasio fires and scores, the feed going the nearest side to Billups, his second of this quarter. Tosaya wings it back. Milburn now to the far side, quick shot and the goal. Into the box this goes, the feed down low off the iron in this shot, the rebound put back in. Swier. Hitting it back. Swier in front. Swier shoots and scores. Point to number 23, Houston-Read. He will score. I’ll be patient and slow up here as with- one fifteen remaining and a quick goal. One less per year. And there is a goal in transition, that is the long pole for RIT. That’s number 9, the junior Austin Wolf. Austin Wolf with the goal. That’s now 21 for the Tigers. [ Music ]

David Frank