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Men’s Lacrosse: RIT vs Springfield 3.5.19

>>As getting things set up over on the far side of the Tigers. Now to the top Andrew Powlin, sophomore, out of Penfield. When it goes inside, shot, the goal! There’s Shawn Nally, the senior captain. Scores his first of the season. The Tigers level this one at one.>>[ANNOUNCER] Andrew Powlin.>>But let me tell you something – Powlin gets the assist by the way – let me tell you something, Lex, I think the guys would rather be playing in here where it’s 72 and sunny instead of outside where it’s 23 degrees and snowing right now here in Syracuse.>>10-4 on net!>>Shot and a goal for RIT! A blast for over on the far side by Spencer Bell, the freshman.>>I think Finerty took that one right off the melon. Could hear it all the way up here.>>Here’s Isaac, score! Cam Isaac with the goal for RIT. His team leading 7th tally, the Tigers are now rolling. Going up 3-1, scoring the last three goals in a row. There’s the whistle and Barnable will get things started. Moves it down to Isaac. Isaac swings it down, goal line extended. Back up to Isaac. Isaac takes a look. He’ll go back to Barnable, back to Cam. Cam wants to go with it, can’t. Went back to Barnable. Barney takes a look over on the far side, Currie dunks it down in the goal! Shawn Nally right on the edge of the crease gets the man-up goal for the Tigers. The Tigers restore a two-goalie. So off the draw, the Tigers control. Matt Pogue with the ground ball. Pogue will bring it across the front. Swung over to the far side. Wheeling it around, here come the Tigers. Pogue with it. The pole takes a shot – scores! Matt Pogue with his first of the season. RIT going on six minutes here without a goal. Walking through is Isaac. Isaac hanging on. He’ll force the defensive follow and scores! Going against the grain, Cam Isaac running away from the goal, fires it around his own body and scores that one for RIT. Goal number two equals goal number eight of the season for the Webster native and the Tigers are up by five. We’re just under nine and a half left here in quarter number two. Montemorano with another win out there as Brown brings it down the far side Brown now cuts towards the center. Brown, shoots, scores! Off the draw win by Montemorano. Brown takes the pass, races down the far side, cuts to the hole and scores the goal for RIT. Great play by Roberts to cover up for his keeper. Roberts got the line. Oh, but there’s Dawson Tait as the Tigers taken away Dawson Tait rolls in and scores his third. The hat-trick. The hat-trick for Dawson Tait great move by the junior and the Ottawa native picks up his third of the evening. Isaac rolls around, stop, shot, goal! Way up top, just under the crossbar. Cam Isaac gets his fourth. Pushing down the far side his Gebhardt. He’ll hit the brakes. Walk it back to the top inside Henderson. Shot, a goal. Beautiful given goal – give and go to Henderson on that. It was just well-executed. Offside again by Springfield and they pay for it. They pay for it by another goal. Conor Bollin the freshman out of Webster Schroeder scores that one for RIT. Tigers with possession taking over there is Traynor. He’ll deal it back. Taking a look now is Mozrall. Mozrall, inside, shot and a goal! Awesome. Well done in their scoring. His second of the evening is Connor Bollin. Bollin, the freshman out of Webster Schroeder. Mozrall should get the assist on that. It was a great feed smack dab front of the goal. 30 seconds on the shot clock. Three minutes, forty seconds left in the period. Hutchison, shot and a goal. Beautiful underhand shot. Beautiful underhand shot by number 19. His second third of the season there for RIT. That will do. The Tigers will move to 3 and 0. Jake Coon picks up his 171st victory. 171 victory in 170 first 171st victory in his career. The RIT Tigers now move to 3 and 0.

David Frank