April 4, 2020
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MEN’S LACROSSE: Virginia Highlights vs Penn

[MUSIC PLAYING] Live from Klockner stadium,
where Virginia men’s lacrosse is set to face
off with Penn here in the who’s fourth outing
of the 2016 regular season. We finally have some
lacrosse-like weather here in Charlottesville after a
chilling start to the schedule. Before the break, we
got a five on four. You want to push it out. Checking the mid-field,
Pannell will have a go. And he’ll connect Virginia
leads off to the good start. 1-0 your score off the James
[? Kanow ?] [INAUDIBLE] in transition. Here’s a kill. Yes. The freshmen, Ryan
Conrad– go, Virginia. Conrad on the nice move in
midfield and beat Duncan low to make it 2
nothing, Virginia. The Christmas of the
past [INAUDIBLE]. Here’s a shot from Penn. The Quakers are on the board,
a quick one in transition off the pier. It’s 2-1. [INAUDIBLE] Just found some openings. And he he tucks one in, James
Pannell finding an angle. And he has two in the day. D’Amario, the jumping that
he– that depth finds the net. Mike D’Amario gives
Virginia the lead back early in the second quarter. Matt [? Cage ?] and Lukacovic
just muscles his way inside, catching Duncan on
guard in Virginia, now with a 2 low advantage, 5-3,
Lukacovic Checking in tight, feet inside. Go Penn. And the two men up. The back is way in. Lukacovic close, feet inside,
Emery, goal, Virginia. Nice play by McNamara. But [INAUDIBLE]
scoop it up inside. The Quakers tuck
in another goal. We have reached the break. 6-5 your score here,
Virginia leading Penn. Here’s a feed. Check delivered by Virginia
going the other way. This Scott Cooper,
you got to stick going up panel in transition. Lukacovic yes. That’s transitioned across. That’s [INAUDIBLE] you’ve
come to expect from Virginia. It was Virginia and
had lacrosse supporters has won the lack of profession. At the faceoff center as AJ
Fish jumps and fires high. He finds the net. And now the [? Who ?] started
to get a little roll on. He will draw that
penalty and also put another one in Ryan
Conrad, two goals today. [INAUDIBLE] Williams–
Williams with the bouncer. And that’ll go in. Fish circling in. And AJ Fish beats Junkin. Another goal from Virginia,
firing on all cylinders here. [INAUDIBLE] and Penn
[INAUDIBLE] capitalizing on the main advantage today. Here’s D’Amario freed up. D’Amario with the crank. And he delivers. [INAUDIBLE] Scales finding Pannell. And here’s an opening, tucking
it inside as the Lukacovic– And a foul. And a penalty on the play. And he kind of gave [? Tanner ?]
Scales some credit there with the long outlook pass,
which goes, finds Pannell. And then Pannell is able to
capitalize finding Lukacovic, so catching Penn off guard. So 25 on the clock. Williams finds the angle. Zed Williams using his strength,
he puts Virginia up once again with the goal. So we’re going to go
final zeroes on the clock. And Virginia defeats Penn
15-10, picking up its first home victory of this 2016 season.

David Frank