March 31, 2020
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MEN’S LACROSSE: Virginia Highlights vs. Richmond

[THEME MUSIC] Hello, everybody, and
welcome to Robins Stadium on the campus of the
University of Richmond where today it’s a must-win
men’s lacrosse match-up for the Virginia Cavaliers as
they come to the state capital to battle the Richmond Spiders. –Richmond lacrosse has
played between Virginia and the Spiders. Good shot right there. And there’s a shot and
a goal, and getting on the scoreboard early on for
the Hoos is Ryan Lucovic. Chance for the Hoos. They look inside, nobody home. Now they’ll start picking
it up offensively. There’s a shot, save, pick
up, follow, and a score. And Virginia takes a two
to nothing lead with 2:31 to go here in the
opening quarter. One-on-one on the right wing. Going right. He’ll fire. And that is a great
save by [INAUDIBLE]. Chance for the Spiders. This is Palmer leaning in and– Great save off
[INAUDIBLE]. again. Matt Barrett really looking
comfortable, as comfortable as I’ve seen him all year. Chance for the [INAUDIBLE]. There’s a shot and
a goal, and it’s riffled in by Matt Emery, the
sophomore midfielder with 7:09 to go here in the
second quarter. They’ve got a match-up to
Mario with a short stick. Path inside, shot, and a goal. And that was beautiful. Coholan with the goal. Four-nothing
Virginia at halftime. –different player. Cavs with the ball. There’s a shot and a goal,
and the Cavaliers now lead five to nothing. It’s Zed Williams. –for him against a short stick. There’s a chance. And there’s the shot and a goal. Kind of snuck up on
the goalkeeper AJ Fish. [INAUDIBLE] for Virginia, very
happy with his team’s efforts so far. Another big play by Barrett. Big save by Barrett. Virginia’s very, very patient. Spinning is Lucovic
behind the cage. He’ll fire and score. A nifty move by Ryan Lucovic. [INAUDIBLE] Brown. He’ll fire. And that is a save. Here is Fish, near side. Goes underneath and over the
top of the stick of Buonagurio. Good goal by Fish. Now Chetner, he’ll
fire at Barrett again. Big save. Here’s Matt Emery. He’ll fire and score
from the left wing. [INAUDIBLE] left-handed
goal by Matt Emery. The Virginia Cavaliers have
their first three-game winning streak of the
season, and that will do it as they come to
Richmond and knock off the Richmond Spiders. Our final score, the
Virginia Cavaliers nine and at Richmond
Spiders nothing.

David Frank