March 28, 2020
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Men’s Tennis Feature: Why Brandeis?

music playing The coaching staff I met at a tennis camp and when I first met them they were really energetic, and coming here, the coaching staff has really supported me academically and athletically. They’ve helped me get through a lot of tough times that I’ve had and I’m able to talk to them a lot and become really close with them, and I think that’s helped our team get closer and has gotten us very good results these past two years that I’ve been here. So I decided to come to Brandeis for the real sense of family within the team. When I came, I saw a bond with every person on the team that I’ve never seen before and to be a part of that now is great and is something that I never expected. My favorite part of being an athlete at Brandeis is the community that you step into when you first enter the team. Our teammates are very encouraging athleticism-wise, as well as your academics They always want the best for you. I think that our coach does a good job of allowing us to balance a social life, academics, and our athletic life. I think that’s a lot different for other schools. So I think that that overall student-athlete experience is like a manageable, balanced lifestyle, which is why I came here. I would say that my biggest highlight of my tennis career would be my freshman year at UAA’s when we played Case Western for the fifth-place match. And they are probably one of our biggest rivals. We always end up playing them in the tournament, and we ended up beating them 5-0, and just being a freshman on that team and seeing how everyone worked so hard to get to that moment that was really big for me in my development as a player on the team because it showed me how much we could accomplish and we accomplished so much more after that but that was really the one time that I feel like I I grew but also enjoyed myself being on the team. Brandeis tennis is a brotherhood. Close. Hardworking. Consistent. Resilient. The greatest experience of my life.

David Frank