April 6, 2020
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Men’s Tennis – Stevens Singles Invitational 9 23 17

[background music] Mark Goldberg: Today we’re here for this Steven’s tax invitational. It’s a singles only Mark: tournament flighted, and there’s six
flights our top two guys are competing in Mark: and so on. Erin Matthews had a great comeback win, he was playing an upper classman from Mark: Stephens tax. Lost a close first set and ended up prevailing in the third set. Mark: Roberto strong as always, Vishal Walia had a good battle at one vs Mark: Stevens, Josh in his first match came out strong, Mark: and I know again some top from bottom work we’re looking pretty good right now. Mark: We have a lot of youth, and with youth unfortunately comes unexperience but it Mark: also comes a lot of excitement and
potential. So you know we have five Mark: freshmen and five sophomores so the majority of our team is upperclassmen so Mark: we’re really building towards the future. Mark: You’re on the court there’s no subs and it’s just you out there, but you do have
a team backing you. And you know we Mark: always like to say that we’re more of a family than a team. And you know we Mark: really really try to show that so you
know we give full support when our guys Mark: are on the court everyone attentive to them and you know as much positive Mark: energy as we could pass along some off the court. We shoe those guys Mark: we’re there for them and pull
back them every step of the way.

David Frank