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MKT 358 – Chapter 7 – Part 1

Welcome to chapter 7 talking about the sport product so this is the first in a series of chapters that deal with the four Ps of the marketing mix this one obviously is the first were covering its sport product and so we’ll talk about sport product and what that means so first of all we have to define it so the sport product and any product for that matter consists of two things and so oftentimes people say well the product is what the customer buys off-the-shelf well that’s actually good meaning there’s a difference between a good and a service and those two or what we or combination of the two what we define as being the sport product and that these are designed in a way that’s going to benefit our three-sport consumers our spectator our participant or our sponsor and so we’re gonna break down in this chapter the different types or reasons why or ways we can look at the goods and services and specifically looking at quality of these so first of all let’s take a review and this more rhetorical question but what must sports markers create with customers in order to sell the product goes back to this term utility if you remember utility we talked about in chapter one is the want- satisfying power of a good or service in other words there are the four different types of utility no matter whatever product we’re producing and the customer buys their buying it for purposes of satisfying some sort of want or need and so therefore a sport product should satisfy some sort of need or some sort of utility provides some sort of utility for the consumer one way that we do this is we looked at the sport product and what we call the bundles of benefits and so let’s take for example what the bundle benefits would be if we are a Parks and Recreation Department looking for or a private select baseball club for Little League the bundles of benefits could be a lot of things it’s other words it’s what the product does for the customer what they get out of the experience so in this example I might say I want to get my child involved little baseball because for purposes socialization another one might be for physical fitness want them to be physically active or might be saying you know what I want them to develop some motor skills that would benefit them later in life or develop their skill in the sport of baseball so that they would be better or maybe i’m just looking for an activity is family-friendly one or all our combination of all of these things what we call a bundle benefits it’s what we are producing for our customer and for this circumstance Little League baseball so one of the first start with and these first few sides is looking at goods and services and then our products and and how those are categorized so first of all what’s the difference in a good service well we’ll look at that the good is defined as the tangible physical products that offer benefits to the customer and so good will be those things that you can touch feel see smell there’s lots of things that go along are involved in defining a good the services on the other hand were usually the opposite and that they are intangible non-physical products and so we’ll talk about some examples of the two so first of all and this is an activity i want you to complete as this part of the is part of the class is to define both a good and a service and then from there I want you to create and you want to do this in groups of three even though the side says so want you to as individual come up with five sport goods and five sports services list those out and then come up with three products that can be both I’d like for you to pause the video and do this now and come back to it before we go to the next line so hopefully you pause the video if not thats that’s a make sure you do that go and do the activity but look at this idea of the goods and services continuum in other words we look at goods and services they’re not necessarily one or the other all we might see some things that would be considered pure services or pure goods such as a tennis ball that’s there’s nothing really service-oriented with that that would be a pure good we do say a combination of the two as we go so on are pure good side we look at the tennis ball hockey puck baseball bat I soccer cleats those are things that you would use for sport participation and the services related to that would be if i use the good combined with a service of tennis match or tennis instruction hockey puck in a hockey game or baseball bat baseball instruction sorry please you get the point we would see that kind of in the middle of this continuous are are the spectator sporting event known as the activity that are spectators are involved in have both goods and services attached to them in other words you can leave the game we’ve talked about this before you leave the game with memories and that’s what makes sports marketing unique and that is the service side at the same time there are some goods that you might take with you so what are some of the differentiating how do we differentiate goods from services one of them is the tangibility so ability to see feel and touch the product you can do that then it isn’t all likelihood more of a pure good so goods are tangible services are interchangeable and so we look at it there are some goods that might say you know without the unique characteristics of the unique tangibility of the product it would be like any other product and so some things that come to mind when i’m thinking of okay looking at a good that might be unique because of the tangibility of the product I first thing comes to mind is under armour so looking at under armour and their dri-fit nobody to that point when they created this never really thought about moisture wicking material most of the time people would work out and just normal t-shirts and I and nobody really said you know because of the tangibility the uniqueness of the material used that’s what makes that good marketable and competitive in the market another video i want to show you this is 9450 and I think about the unique tangibility of this product and how we’re using technology in the sport industry to improve not only professional sport but also in this circumstance participants port looks like to use the 9450 app and the sensor ball when using shot are so we’re going to go through a couple of situations here where you can see how to set it up how quickly you can use your ass to get it started and some choices you’ve got to make on the court to get the right data so you can get that field for the perfect shot so first of all and connect involved the app with drilling a few times it’s connected we picked the right distance today we’re going to shoot at 20 feet and it’s important to pick from the distance that you want to shift from it’s going to give you the right data and always make sure you have the players heighten the app you got those two things set you can shoot anywhere on the court doesn’t matter where you shoot you can shoot off the move or you can do more of a stand-up spot-up type of situation today it’s just going to be spot up here we go we’re using a two-man passing situation which is great for really learning the player can just focus on shooting this can be done with parents and the kids player to player coach player you want to shoot on your own you can do that to you just put the phone in your pocket put your bugs in it will all work in this case I’m going to put the phone in my pocket i’m going to give the shooter some feedback and how to make adjustments to get that perfect art what it feels like so here’s the past ready to shoot gets shot 38 degrees now the ball went in strictly shooters can still make it but he’s going to be streaky through 38 degrees is a little flat I want you to get your knees bent jump to the rim see if you can get that arc up a little bit there’s the past 43 you can see just a couple of adjustments so that players learn a couple of things that they can do the results are dramatically different increased the shark by five degrees with one simple instruction now you want to make him repeat it to the exact same thing learn that technique so you can do it in a game situation see if you can reveal already one has come down a little bit come down a little bit so now you want to get that players like do it repeated two or three times one more time get them knees bent but back jump them on your shot releases high 43 that’s good that’s what you’re looking for when you’re using the shot art function in the skill training part of the app is to let the player feel what it’s like to shoot the perfect shot every time and the results are going to get with your players is your kids with your teammates is just amazingly fast and then repeat the heck out of it so you can do it in the game ok so on Stratos backup so obviously we’re talking about the unique changeability that makes that a good so unique is the ability of 9452 use technology to improve skill that could be a combination both the services provided but also the ball and the software that’s provided being a good eye and so we’re talking about this group to tangibility determines whether it’s a good or service another one a way to turn between the goods and services the standardization were also known as consistency so if I can’t repeat the same level of quality and the purchase and whatever they’re buying if I can do that over a long period of time then all likelihood that it is a good in other words if I can produce a hat and that has the same level of quality had after had after hat every now and then you might see one that’s messed up for the most part you’re probably going to have a good meaning that is good or it might be harder for services so you can see the two images I’ve got on the screen on the left is the superintendent or the field manager for the wimbledon in 2012 goes to the wimbledon tennis matches i believe right before the olympic games this picture was taken before that that the tournament thought and then the picture on the right is near the end of the olympic games on the same field you can see over time more and more people use this field meaning a service we see that there is eh it’s harder for them to have the same level quality is when the first match occurred and so we think about it it’s really difficult for sporting events to ensure every participant of the same condition on the first and last day of the tournament because things change field conditions the availability of different goods that enhance the service and so on so forth so understanding consistency we know that it’s easy to make a consistent product high quality than it’s a good if it’s hard to do that then it is a service person ability and so this is our another way to look at it if we can store the product and have inventory then all likelihood that it is a good if you can use it again then it is a good in some respects some goods you can so for example foot food is an example but the preparation of food would be a service and so you can’t sell tickets yesterday’s games an example of the parish ability of the service that is the sporting event I and so thinking about Paris ability if you can use it again you could store it up and it’s a good if you cannot it as a service last thing i want to talk about what time are differentiating goods and services is severability so the ability to separate the producer of the product from the user so in other words the ability to separate the good of the service that product from the provider if you can separate the good from our the thing that you’re buying from the producer than it is a good so in other words you can sell your product in other stores without you being there then i’ll likely is it good if you have to be there as the product is being consumed IE athletes on the field about the athletes on the game or skill instruction and so or personal trainers those are all examples of the produce the provider has to be there producer has to be there in order for the service to occur and so we see that that and minutes anyway in many ways in this morning event scenario there’s not a separation between athletes the entertainment and the fan and so we have to be aware of the separate ability and the nature that that it brings among services

David Frank