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“Mom and Wii” | Jo Koy : Don’t Make Him Angry

My mom came to my house and uh, you know she… She was playing uh, Wii with my son, ok? And she fell in love with this Wii… Like fell in love with this thing Like she was so… Like she couldn’t wait
she’s like ‘Josep’… She was playing all day with my son She’s like ‘Josep’… She couldn’t wait… ‘Josep’… Josep, come here That’s how my mom points… It’s circle, pull back, and then hip I swear Josep… Come… Come here Come… Come Come here Come here Josep… Um… I was playing… I was
playing, um… That bideo game… My mom will never remember what that… That thing is called It’s called a Wii You know how easy Wii is? My mom will remember all the other
big words to describe it Except for Wii And it’s like an hour of her just… Josep… I was playing with your son… um… The.. The bid… The bideo game… That, uh… That’s… Wow, what… I
forget that… I forget what it’s called… The bideo game… Where you play the games It’s manufactured by Nintendo… You mean Wii? Yeah, the Wii! I like dat game! It is so much pun Josep It is really good! Its… You interact with it… And it really gets my
heart going I get bery good exercise prum it I really enjoy it, Josep Well mom,
let’s get one for you Oh my God, I would like that a lot So she got one… We got her one, right? So I go visit her… I just visit her I… I just discovered, my
mom… Is a shit talker A shit talker… Like, a person that talks shit I had no idea my mom was capable of
doing this We’re playing… First of all, I just go to
visitor, ok? She’s got the Wii, ok? This is like a month later, after she
bought it And we’re sitting on the couch It’s 11:00 at night… There’s nothing on And… You know, I’m watching it And… And my mom’s just sitting there And she’s like ‘Josep…’ Yeah? She’s like umm… Do you want to, uh… Challenge me to a game of Wii? Yeah… All right… She said ‘Oh, okay! This is going to be pun!’ Yeah, ok… So she gets up, and she puts
the game in… In the console, right? And she only has one game It’s Wii Sport It’s the one that it came
with… The free game Right? So she puts it in there, and she
closes it, right? And then… And then she does this… She goes ‘Josep… Uh, go ahead and a
pick one of your games…’ What sport do you want to play? Uh, I dunno, bowling? She goes ‘Oh, that’s my favorite’ So she picks bowling, and then she
selects her character If you don’t have a Wii, you can make your own character She’s made a character… And this character looks just… Like her It’s got… She’s got short black hair,
glasses, a red turtleneck, a fucking mole… And she goes ‘Josep, I made one for you
too’ I go, really? She goes ‘Yeah’ And I pick it… I pick Jo And it’s just a bald fucking guy She goes ‘Hahahaha, looks just like you!’ So now, she’s up first right? She’s got the controller in her hand And she’s looking at the screen… She lines up like this… She’s lining up Like she’s… Kept… Like, she’s lining up like this Looking at the TV And then she
starts walking towards it like this… And she releases the ball She… She… She does that just like the
pros And she hits it like this! She goes pow! Perfect right to left hook… Boom! Strike! My mom goes ‘God Dammit!’ God dammit! Your turn… So I grab the controller I haven’t played in a while… I throw it like this The ball flies up in the air … Hits, the lane, goes in the gutter My mom goes ‘Oh my God, Josep…’ Are you retarded? Shut up… So I take the ball again… I throw it I pick up like, six, right? Now it’s my mom’s turn again, right? Now she’s standing like this She’s pretending there’s an air vent… My mom really think she’s in this
fucking bowling alley She grabs the controller again… She lines up… She walks towards the
screen like this Boom… Perfect right to left hook again Bam! Strike! She claps her hand… Powder! What the fuck!? Where did that come from? My mom goes ‘Josep, just choose another game…’ You’re not going to beat me on dis one My average is 245… You have 6 Lets reset, let’s start all over again Choose another game… So I’m like all right I’m thinking to myself… Tennis That’s physical… We gotta run around in tennis I can outrun… This 63-year old shit talker Tennis… That’s when I go… Mom, tennis! She goes ‘That’s my second paborite!’ So now we’re both in character… Now my mom is dribbling the ball like
this… I’m right next to her like this… I gotta headband on She serves it… Boom! She hits this serve… Smoke is flying out the back of this ball I swing at it… I miss I go, what the hell was that? She goes ‘That’s an ace…’ Read the manual She serves again… Boom! I hit this one… Bam! She hits it back… No way! I go, oh yeah! She goes, oh no way Josep! I go, oh yes mom… She goes, get that one! I go, I got it! She goes, get this one! I go, I got it! And I go boom! And I hit it again And then my mom goes, Josep…. I go, what? She goes… Slice… She said slice… The ball barely goes over the net I start running towards the TV… I dive The ball flies up in the air… My mom goes, Josep… Game over!! Hey you guys! Jo Koy couldn’t make it but thank you for watching the videos but… Oh who am I… It’s me It’s Jo Koy It’s a mask of me Who doesn’t have a mask of themselves? Right?! Everyone does! Anyways… Subscribe Subscribe now And you know what? You get to see more videos like these Right here… And more pictures of me, with
the mask on Without clothes Wouldn’t you want to see that? I would… That’ll be my spot… We’ll call it the G-spot Are you retarded? We see ya… He thinks he’s a ninja Ting Ting!!

David Frank



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