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Munich boss admits players duped officials during Liverpool game

 Niko Kovac has admitted his players may have simulated feelings of cramp during Bayern Munich’s 0-0 draw at Anfield on Tuesday night  The Bavarians came away from their Champions League draw with Liverpool surely feeling relieved after shutting out the Reds – who failed to find the net despite having 25 attempts  Munich earned a late free-kick inside Liverpool’s half, but instead of lumping it into the box to try and carve a late opportunity, Bayern passed it backwards to see out the stalemate For all the latest Liverpool news click HERE  Kovac’s side seemed happy to settle for a goalless draw early on and put up an impressive blockade  Javi Martinez who was defensively astute for the Bundesliga champions, appeared to suffer from cramp late on, as did winger Kingsley Coman    But Kovac speaking to Sky, via Goal, in a post-match interview revealed it may have been a time-wasting tactic: “We all know what it’s like It’s nearing the end, you’re trying a little bit of time, and Javi (Martinez) has (a) good running performance, so he could not have had a cramp  “We also had the King (Kingsley Coman), who suddenly had a cramp, but it was not one  “You have to bring in calmness, they’re good, they have the experience,” Kovac admitted    Liverpool fans may feel aggrieved if the Bayern Munich stars did deliberately waste time as the Reds pressed for an opener  But if Jurgen Klopp’s side manages to wrestle into the lead during the all-or-nothing match on March 13, Liverpool players will do what it takes to manoeuvre their way into the last eight

David Frank