March 28, 2020
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My First High School Volleyball Team Tryouts

[Captioned by Mary V. at Y Translator]
You know what the limit
is for this league?>>164.>>I know.>>I’m so light.>>You gotta pack on some more
“moo-scles” my friend.>>I know.>>The last time we told everybody
that we were fake and produced, and I’m still paying for that.>>Ready?>>Just go get some huge spikes. I don’t think they’ll let these guys
in the store with no shirt on. All right. Well.>>You guys. I have to show you something!>>…No– no, you’re fine.>>I’m gonna get some blooper reels.
>>Four minutes.>>Four minutes?>>Let me show you. [Laughing] This is so cool! The last time we told everybody that we
were fake and produced and I’m STILL, paying for that because
I get emails every day saying, “I haven’t subscribe because
you’re not real and I thought, you were–” It was a total joke. Anyway. But we are doing something very,
very exciting that we can’t wait to share with you. We’re filming a music video. [Laughing]>>Roll one, scene 4A, take two.>>And action! Awesome. [Laughing] I’m gonna have you slouch
just a little bit more… Maybe we should send him
to acting camp when we send Eve. Shari is getting ready to
go to a volleyball tryouts. She is trying out for
the high school volleyball team. Are you nervous?>>No.>>This day has been years
in the making. Years ago, I told Shari
that she should try to volleyball. She should just try to play it and
I think she would really like it. And she mocked me and she said,
“No, volleyball’s a dumb game.” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then she tried it on
like a little City League Club, and she fell in love with it. Well today is the tryouts
for her school team. And she’s going to try to be the libero. She’s like the shortest person
in the school but we’ll see how it goes. Ready?>>I’m not sure.>>Just go get some huge spikes. Time for serves! This one’s gonna be rough. Because Shari’s the
shortest person on the team. I don’t even think she could come within
six inches of the top of the net. I want to know how it went.>>I’m definitely rusty because
I haven’t played in like over a year, but hopefully there’s potential!>>Yeah, the serves were a little
rough but I thought you did good. You were like… When they asked everyone
to do the spikes.>>I actually got it over.>>Yeah I was nervous because
she can’t even come within six inches of the top of the net, but..>>But you know what?
I got it over. And some people didn’t
and they were taller than me.>>So me and Garrett
are going to weigh-ins, and we had to change our pants
because… [Laughing] ‘Cause the pads are too heavy. So umm, I think we both know
what our underwear looks like. So umm, yeah.
30 minutes of goofin’ off. We’ll film it.>>Pistachios!>>How are you guys doing? I don’t think they’ll let these guys
in the store with no shirt on.>>You don’t go in the store!
You go right here! All right, well. So uhh, the weigh-ins are
at Dick’s Sporting goods. And which is cool, it’s nice that the store
supports and sponsors these kids. But there’s like four other teams
here right now so this is crazy. There might be some junk
that goes down. No. It’s Utah, but… Might be a little friendly trash-talking. Oh man this is crazy! There are so many teams at this,
it’s not just the eighth graders, there’s… There’s tons of different
grades here as well so, this such a cool environment. Just a lot of team spirit
and friendly rivalries. So today has been a lot about sports,
and the sports that our kids are doing. Comment down below in our vlog
and tell us what sport you like to play. Chad, what do you weigh?>>110 exactly. I haven’t change a little bit. I have to change a bit.>>110. Man.>>What? That’s light– You know what the limit
is for this league?>>164.>>I know.>>I’m so light.>>You got to pack on some more
“moo-scles”, my friend.>>I know.>>Gotta gain some weight.>>I want to see what the other kids are.>>What were you?>>So it’s a weigh-in tradition. We’re going to come and get
some burgers, fries and shakes. It’s going to be fun. We need some dinner. We gotta pack these boys up
because they’re too skinny!>>Hey!>>Okay. We’re going to sign out. Thanks so much for watching guys. Have a great night.

David Frank