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My TV Demo Reel

hi I’m Sasha Salinger and I’m here with
Jeff Bosque now you have a poker vlog and vlogs are sort of taking over the
Rio right now a lot of players are sort of you know updating doing video updates
from the poker table tell me how you even got into the idea of vlogging back
in December alright vlog day 1 we are on the way to
play a $400 super stack tournament at the Venetian we made it day 2 Venetian
$400 super stack 58 romaine 54 get paid we have reached the 10 handed final
table my pocket eights be bass King 1.8 million our ace 10 lost to King Jack versus
shorty $11,500 I didn’t know it was a thing until I saw some other guys doing
it and they were getting a lot a lot of views a lot of feedback seemed like a
fun thing to do and it was relatively easy I just have a app on my iPhone
didn’t have to buy any equipment anybody can do it but the editing is the talkest
part do you keep it just about poker or do you talk about your life as well
oh no we go all around Las Vegas to find steak houses the a5 Wagyu Kobe filet
only at SW steakhouse at the win massage parlors other gambling
adventures whatever whatever’s going on they see it today we’re going to
Bellagio to play the $1,090 pot limit Omaha tournament we got third place for
thirteen thousand seven hundred dollars while four handed with half of the chips
in play Wow for the three guys five thousand each and I’ll take the
remaining prize pool they agree we have a deal
and I walk away with just over $10,000 I shove King Jack over a limper he calls
with ace jack I hit a king we’re now three handed and
they wanted to discuss a deal my opponents agree to take seven
thousand each and I’ll take the rest of the money which is just over ten
thousand five hundred dollars we call it a night
shake hands and that’s a wrap folks this guy claims to be William William
William Hung she bangs yeah can I get a sound bite no no we chop it up three
handed three weeks in a row only way they can stop us is by canceling the
tournament next week because of New Year’s so they did cancel the tournament
because it’s gonna be new here’s the Z of aces or kings can we get away from
Queens here of course we can’t get away from Queens we’re all in he snap calls
and shows Ace King off suit let’s hold and I do believe gotcha Covered common
congratulations Alan again what’s up guys jeff Bosque here we’re
here with Michael Haig professional poker player Las Vegas resident you’ll
see him at the live casino playing big tournaments playing PLO cash he does a
little bit of everything Michael it’s a pleasure to have you on thanks for
having me poker tube dot-com coming direct to you
with the interesting interviews you won’t see anywhere else
I learned poker while I was in prison I went to federal prison I know a lot of
female fans out there dying to know how many inches are your biceps it’s great
to meet you can you give the crowd a little background on your medical
success yeah I’m a board-certified family practice doctor I recently just
this year got board certification and obesity medicine as well coming from
Rachel star herself watch Geoff Boesky on YouTube
alright guys thanks for joining we are here with evany Kenny
she is from Florida now in California she’s an Adam and Eve comm affiliate she
is 5 foot 1 inches tall called magic sex and coffee she was a
previous WPT Player to wash she is polyamorous you don’t have to google
that one welcome evany joining us today is a special guest you may know him from
such YouTube videos as Phil Hellmuth check raises me and I have esis and my
biggest pot and biggest win ever all on live at the bike welcome to the poker 2
podcast Brett oh good boy and we are live with Shannon Elizabeth she hails
from Houston Texas originally she now travels the world helping out all the
animals she’s a lover of animals love her people
an accomplished poker player actress all-around great person welcome to the
Poker tube livestream chance hi thanks for having me that’s quite an
intro what’s up guys chef Bosque with poker tube com famous movie star she wants everybody to
place a Sunday at 1 million welcome to the poker Tube YouTube
podcast today we have a very special guest hailing from Russia now living in
Brooklyn New York she was a pro handball player she was on CBS survive her number
32 she has her own YouTube show podcast let’s welcome to the poker 2 podcast
Anna Kate hello and we are live poker 2 presents the
official podcast I’m Geoff boesky joined by none other than Pete Manson le the
man’s the myth the legend welcome Pete what’s up dude today we’re joined by
Phil Collins aka USC Phil though online he hails from South Carolina now
residing in Las Vegas Nevada he’s got over 3 million dollars in online
winnings he’s a November Niner winning over 2.2 million dollars in his fifth
place finish in 2011 he’s known to getting twitter wars with the ground and
any other takers about politics his accounts now suspended but he’s still
talking we got him here tonight welcome Phil Collins hey hey what’s up Jeff
thanks for having me what’s up guys i’m jesse jane and you better be watching
jeff bow ski on youtube oh my god is that check those game holy shit oh
what’s up ladies how we doing how we doing i’m gonna go ski you can call me
the bow skis oh my god you’re dr. stone kill I know there’s no precious
thank you they are rescues sweetie yeah I always thought that was
just so sweet of you this you can still make you know twenty thirty thousand
dollars on your trip or go to zero they know it’s a gamble and I really enjoy
doing commentary I look forward to doing more commentary in the future I’m gonna
play a little game with Jeff Bosque here who you probably recognize from his
YouTube vlog golfing or bowling bowling I’m an excellent bowler highes bowling score 300 what’s best rip
club in Vegas legends room shout out to Stephan Bonnar
I’m at Legends gentlemen’s club with none other than Stephan Bonnar UFC Hall
of Famer and Brenna sparks we have the special appearance by crypto queen you’re a crypto King come hang out with
the crypto queen do you believe in aliens absolutely best date you’ve taken
a girl on Prime Steakhouse and Bellagio the water fountain terrorists thing do
you cook yes filet mignon do you have any phobias I’m afraid of
mosquitoes and stinky Frenchman

David Frank



  1. Jeff Boski Posted on July 17, 2018 at 7:39 am

    This is my demo reel that I was told to make by a few people in the TV network industry. Please give me feedback on what you think I should add or remove to make this appealing to major TV networks. Unsure of the exact market I am targeting, but I tried to add highlights of the vlog with some variety. Feel free to suggest your favorite moments from past vlogs! Whoever gives the best advice will get a $55 ACR live cage Sunday ticket. Thanks!

  2. RhinoSavage Posted on July 17, 2018 at 7:46 am

    Bo Bo Bo Botorious

  3. rbrbirbi Posted on July 17, 2018 at 7:46 am

    How about clip of you sticking it to the trooper? One suggestion would be to show more of your wit…and maybe more whimsy.

  4. chris kramer Posted on July 17, 2018 at 7:46 am

    I like the editing and think it is a decent reel. I kinda was hoping to see the debate with Mr.Stinky somewhere in here. That by far was one of my favorite videos.

    If you quit poker it will be a bummer but it is completely understandable and I wish you the best of luck at whatever you pursue next and am sure you will kick ass at whatever it is.

  5. Andrew Hamilton Posted on July 17, 2018 at 7:49 am

    Jeff, I really enjoyed all of your vlogs. I've got my figures cross, if not poker, you return with some sort of vlog, like Vegas night life trips, restaurant reviews… Take care! Lot's of luck in whatever is next for you.

  6. acardioxc Posted on July 17, 2018 at 7:53 am

    "I'm afraid of mosquitoes and stinky Frenchmen." – The Boski

  7. melbxs Posted on July 17, 2018 at 7:54 am

    I said I'd share some monetization ideas with you. Here are my thoughts … probably the rants of a diseased mind, but yours if you want to experiment with them. Happy to help develop them further if you so wish.

    The Boski Business – productized vlog offerings

    "Bink with Boski"
    – simple equity sale @ $1.50
    – single buyer for under $200 (online)
    – multiple shares for over $200
    – buyer(s) immortalized in video by the great man himself
    – shoutouts given to friends and family
    – proposals of marriage/ fornication delivered
    – signed photo of the great man

    "Give the gift of Boski"
    – funds the tournie as per above
    – tribute to the gift receiver creates an everlasting reminder on YouTube of the gift given
    – only 50% of tournie winnings go to gift receiver
    – a richer experience for the gift receiver, buyer completes a profile template and provides photos
    – gift receiver is immortalized in a thumbnail, is profiled by the Boski and has best wishes bestowed
    – gift receiver gets a piece of merch and a signed photo

    "Challenge Boski" ($1000)
    – a challenge is set and shares are sold to finance the challenge
    – challenge is performed only once – fully funded plus margin
    – eg: skydive, swim with sharks, play in trooper Thursday, etc.
    – this product leverages the desire of subscribers to live vicariously through the Boski lens
    – challenge is made into a 20 minute video and buyers get credits as backers and receive a challenge-specific Boski portrait signed by the great man. (Eg: Head in the jaws of an alligator)
    – challenges are nominated and voted up on Twitter polls, before funding its sought- this makes it likely that the challenge will be funded.
    – Challenge Boski expands the reach of the vlog and creates TV type opportunity.
    – many challenges would be comp'd by the promoter

  8. melbxs Posted on July 17, 2018 at 7:55 am

    Needs more Stinky

  9. ANACONDONK Posted on July 17, 2018 at 7:57 am

    Can i have your virtual autograph before you become famous and unapproachable

  10. Dan Hettich Posted on July 17, 2018 at 8:07 am

    I dont think you should worry about "appealing" . Keep doing what you are doing. When you first started the vlog, you were crushing. How were you playing then vs now? You continue to put out good shit. You do a great job! I wish you the best. Cheers!

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    add more good music, good music make the vlog 10 time better, and you have a good test, send some of your vlogs to ABC , CBS , FOX, also CNN is looking for a new ANTHONY BOURDAIN, you are wanted in the TV industry, if they cant find you, then you find them, GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS

  13. Gordon Brasher Posted on July 17, 2018 at 8:29 am

    Hey Jeff you make good in 2016 we all have bad runs just keep trying or do something else just as good with the passion you had for poker

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    aww the good old days of the boski deep runs, another one is coming soon my friend

  15. Bรถrns Posted on July 17, 2018 at 8:45 am

    Only the best for you Mr. Boski.

    Enjoyed every single Video.

    Best of luck whatever you do.

    European male age 30 till 99 ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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    Simply the best poker vlog on YouTube, coming right from the heart of Famous Las Vegas. Top entertainment from our host Jeff Boski, not just world class insight into MTTโ€™s coupled with the driest sense of humour on the โ€˜net, but also great food reviews from the best restaurants on the โ€˜strip. Add to this great tips from a local resident on your trip to Sin City !!! Youโ€™ve spoiled us all Jeff, thank you so much for the entertainment so far ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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    Jeff – I'd personally try to have something focused. So, one reel might be you interviewing people. Having said that, if this is the route you want to go, then I would put maybe six months into putting out really high quality content that you can then use for a reel. At the moment I can't help think that someone wouldn't know exactly what you are looking to do.

    I would get rid of the girls saying "Jeff Boski" – the reel should be focused on you and what you are doing. Every second in the reel should be aimed at demonstrating your talents and personality, as that is what you are trying to sell.

    As part of your plan I'd have more than one channel on YT. That would allow you to explore where you excel. So, for example, one channel would be focused on interviewing Las Vegas personalities. Another would be food based. Maybe base another around things to see and do in Las Vegas. A great example is the "Living In Las Vegas" channel. The couple who have done that channel have around 25,000 subscribers and don't do that many videos compared to some other channels – but give people videos they seem to want.

    Another thing I'd do as part of this is spend some time looking at other channels that work and learning from them. One example that springs to mind is Greg Carlwood of the Higherside Chats. His introductions to people he is interviewing are second to none.

    With six months of producing content I think you will then have ample material for something to help you achieve your goals.

    I hope this helps. Good luck with achieving your goals.

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