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Nela Ticket (2019) New Released Hind Dubbed Movie | Ravi Teja, Malvika Sharma, Jagapathi Babu

My son Aditya Bhupati,
today is his birthday. Bless him. Son, the biggest blessing
is that God has made you his son. Have a long life. Take as many blessings
as you want today.. ..because tomorrow you will
not remain alive to get blessings. Minister’s son has fallen.
Please someone save him. – Come on eat food.
– No, I don’t want. You should not be
offended with food, son. After the death of your son
he is crying day and night, brother. Don’t cry. From today you are my son Aditya. You make me your son, father and
I will become heir to your property. [Sanskrit shlok] Long live Aditya Bhupati. Long live Aditya Bhupati. After winning elections
with big majority.. ..National Party is going
to make a new Government. Long live Aditya Bhupati. In just some time the oath
ceremony is about to begin. Long live Anand Bhupati. Long live Anand Bhupati. Long live Anand Bhupati. Long live Anand Bhupati. Welcome. You should have become CM. I am not greedy for position. I have
been minister 8 times and MLA 4 times. I get peace of mind by serving people. Greetings. Please have a seat. What have you thought? I just have two desires in my life. First is to establish Anand Gram. And second is to
make my son a minister. What is this Anand Gram? I am running many orphanages
and old age homes in Gujarat.. ..Maharashtra, Chattisgarh,
Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar. I just want to start them here. I have given them food and shelter.. ..but I am not able
to give happiness and love. By selling ancestral
property worth 10,000crores.. ..and then buying 3000 acres
of land I want to build a village. I will shift all orphan
children and old people.. ..of old age home to that village. After that even I will stay there. Parental love to orphans and
will give respect to old people.. ..who did not get
it from their children. This is my dream. That is why the name
of this project is Anand Gram. It will be fulfilled soon.
I am going to announce this today. And my second dream
will be fulfilled today. Look there. I Adiya Bhupathi take an oath I Aditya Bhupathi
swear upon God that.. ..I will faithfully follow
the constitution of India. I will fulfill all my duties
and responsibilities dedicatedly.. ..towards this state as its minister. I swear to maintain peace
and prosperity in the country. – Without any fear.
– Without any fear. – Without any greed.
– Without any greed. – Without partiality.
– Without partiality. Without differentiation
between religion. Without differentiation
between religion. – With honesty.
– With honesty. I will rise above communalism
and serve this state. Home secretary IAS. Who are you? No one knows me. What should I do? Have you worn shirt
of your elder brother? He has taken on rent
from the washer man. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. I have a fear that will I be able to
live up to their expectations or not? This fear shows that you
have realized your responsibilities. Aditya, I am really very happy today. You have become a minister
and I am going to give.. ..people the gift of Anand Gram. We should leave for Press Conference. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Sir, there is prayer in our colony.
Please give blessings before you go. You should never refuse
for a good work. Go. As you say, father. Long live the minister. Greetings. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. Father. Father. Leave me. Father. Leave me.
I have to go to my father. Leave me. Father. Breaking news. Today a bomb blast took place
in minister Aditya Bhupathi’s car. Though he had a narrow escape
in this blast but his father.. ..and former minister Anand
Bhupathi died in this blast. Get back. Long live the minister. Long live the minister. – Long live the minister.
– Brother.. Long live Aditya Bhupathi. Long live Aditya Bhupathi. Long live Aditya Bhupathi. Long live Aditya Bhupathi. You.. Long live Aditya Bhupathi. Did you kill father? Who gives entire property to orphans
when 10-20/- are enough, you fool? I was also there in the car.
What if I also died? If you tell this to anyone
then even you will die. Brother, I am your younger brother. Everyone knows whether
brother sister or parents. May God give you a long life. Long live Aditya Bhupathi. Sir, I have been appointed
as special security officer.. ..from anti terrorist squad. As of now take control
over the situation. – Okay brother.
– Okay sir. Long live Aditya Bhupathi. Some time spend night with me as well. Why are you talking about just
one night? I would come straight. Give me foot massage. We will have to go to
Bangkok for foot massage. Ali, vacate the bed. How was the massage? You will not change. Varley, put cold water on your face. Dandekar, come on do brush. Good morning. – Greetings judge sir.
– Greetings lawyers. Do you know this man? Shine is that which
makes your lover happy. What is he saying? I have forgotten. He is my colleague. I am seeing him for the
first time after my birth. We were born in the same ward. He is saying lies sir. They used to go to LKG together. Are you drunk? Keep quiet. Will you remain quiet? Tell me Ravi Teja. He always used me. From hospital ward to hostel’s bed.. ..this unfortunate man
has always remain stuck with me. – Did I stick to you?
– Yes, hugging and kissing. While having bath
he used to rub my back. He has even pulled my friend’s towel. Yes, yes.. I have seen it. That is the problem. Leaving
Tejaswini at night he runs to Tejas. That is not enough. It has
been 7 years since we are married.. ..but my mother has not
yet become a grandmother. What does that mean? It means nothing has happened yet. My passport size
photo is in his wallet. There is a stain on it. Stains are not always good.
Something bad has happened. Rub it. This is your photo. That is why I want divorce. You will get divorce
as well as 2lakhs. Why did you get them divorced? Before marriage he said
that he does not want dowry.. ..and after marriage
he said he did not want her. Listen, brother. Yes, sister. Thank you for saving my life. Indian women should get justice. This is your fees. The bundle is light weight.
Add some more currency. Next time I will increase. Every time you say next time and in
the meanwhile you have had 4 children. I do not know when he will increase. Take this sister.
Go to Gujarat and see the statue. What is this for? She called me brother
so 9000/- from my side.. ..and 1000/- from
these useless people. Make delicious food on Raksha
Bandhan and I will come for the feast. – Okay. We will leave now.
– What is this? He is orphan from childhood so he
thinks the entire world as his family. By helping people he
makes relation with them. He gives false witness
to make the truth win. He can do anything
to get justice for people. Excuse me. – Excuse me. – I think he has
never sat in Virar local. Brother Narendra,
give us four cups of tea. Yes brother, I will get it. – With less sugar. Thank you.
– Did you bunk school today? Today is Guru Poornima. – Why are you giving money?
– I had taken loan from you. School fees increases
just like nails grow. Sister Sushma, money is for
the child’s fees. Don’t let him drink. – He has stopped drinking.
– Keep the money in the pocket. – Take it.
– Pay the fees. Go and get toast for us. Oh God, I got scared. Baldy, will you smoke a cigarette? I will not spare you. Hey, smoke a cigarette. Oh no.. You got scared once
cigarette touched you. Girls don’t get married that
greedy people like you misuse them. Divorce will take place
once you cross the limits. Will you divorce
her because she does.. ..not cook food like
your mother and sister? I think you have fixed my murder.
I will leave. Kill him.
He should not be able to escape. – Hello.
– Vande Matarm sir. IPS officer, sir. Come on start. Batch number 420,
batch number 9211 IPS, GPS, CPS sir. I am 67 Howard University
2000 solar panel Officer under polythene cover, sir. I think he is God father of police. Then just simply run away. Hey, solar panel,
is you’re charging over? I shall repair your solar panel. Ravi, if you are IPS
then I am home minister. Everyone escaped. -Why are you wasting time?
-I am coming. – I am getting number plate made.
– What is the matter? -Who are they?
– Who are these children? They are my childhood friends. Is zero important or hero? You have great eye sight.
Did you recognize them? I could not recognize them. What is your connection with children? The connection of heart is
the greatest. You will not understand. Heart connection. Everyone had spitted on
the ground after eating tobacco. We cleaned it in the morning but don’t
you have sense of coming on time. Hey, is he your best friend? When Tendulkar came then
didn’t he play with Kapil. Sachin was 16 and Kapil was 35 years
old. Even then they played together. Even we got together. It is very hot, buddy. There is no one like you in Naagpada. I have been standing in heat for so
long so you will be punished for this. Come down on your knees. It has been one month
since father expired. And till now I feel
as if he is with me. Father, I swear on your values. I will kill your murderer mercilessly. From today I will increase
security in my state. There will be a police
officer at every 5 meters. I will get 4 cameras installed
at every electricity pole. Order now and the things
should not be from China. 5lakh cameras and immediately
recruit 30,000 police officers. I swear on you, father. Please be seated. Father, what should I
do that you come back to me. Don’t cry, dear. Keep quiet. Anand Bhupathi, be immortal. Anand Bhupathi, be immortal. Anand Bhupathi, be immortal. – Are you missing father?
– That was acting. We will win elections
in the name of father. We will earn in the name
of police recruitment and have fun. Even I get cheated seeing your acting. We will try in movies
if we do not win in elections. Anand Bhupathi was
a great personality. Report has been ready. – Greetings sir.
– Greetings. He considered people as his children. Hurry up and tell me. Sir, I will construct
a mall on this government plot. 80%of profit is mine and 20% is yours. Shall I give you some advance? Are you thinking of giving me bribe? I would have agreed if you would
have said 80%. Get out from here. What sound is this? – Close the door.
– Yes sir. You say. You know that 10acre
of land is vacant. Somehow if we get
this government land.. ..then we shall get a
multiplex constructed there. 90% of profit sharing will be yours.
This is my request. Show me the documents. First kind deed after
becoming a minister. Thank you, sir. – Ravi.
– Yes Sakubai. I have kept fish for you. Parcel it. We will eat in the evening. Make fish curry for me. – It is my fast today.
– What are you saying? Brother, what is going on? Ravi. I have been insulted. You were already cheated. So
how much more would you be insulted? My Afghani Pomfret is stolen. Wasn’t GPS fitted into it? – File a case.
– I have already filed. Which one? Stealing of Pomfret Fish. We will make a dish of crab. – But no one is giving witness.
– I will give. This is called bravery. Party from my side if we win. Crab party would also do if we lose. You are looking like a goon in these
clothes. Just put up your moustaches. Play Kabaddi and show it to me. Tell me what you saw. I am getting embarrassed. First tell and then
you can get embarrassed. I am big fan of Sunny Leon
till 4th class. I do not watch any of the movies
on mobile but go to theatre to watch. Look at this. Last late night show. Did you go alone? Will you see this
movie with your family? Such movies should be seen alone? Okay. Tell me further. In the dark I saw a man with
150kg weight of sack was running. Will you be able to recognize him? With closed eyes. The culprit should be presented. Who is he? Hey Thole, where are you taking him? He is a popular beggar. Why is there so much security for him? Are you seeing commissioner sir? Let’s go fast. He stole his cigarette packet. Chains just because
of stealing cigarette. Commissioner sir was earlier a goon. – Who is he?
– Case has been filed against him. Brother, shall we take the case back? Now that we have filed so
it will come to an end somewhere. – I’m dead. – Not much but we will
be thrashed only twice. Be positive. – Your positive..
– Okay. He is the one. What are you saying? Look properly. Say that I was the one. Do I seem to be a thief to you?
Tell me. – He is scaring me.
– Don’t show your police attitude. You speak without any fear. He had hid himself beneath
a blanket in the fish market. By moving around he stole
the fishes and then escaped. He was the one. You must have seen someone else. He is the only one
who stole the Pomfret. – Suspend him.
– Why will I steal? If I make a call then
entire fish will be gone. Now he is trapped. Call up the army and ask
them to take him to the army. Why will I go to the border? – What did you eat two nights back?
– Fish and rice. – Which fish it was?
– Pomfret. – I got it from uncle which was
supposed to be parceled. – Yes. I just got carried away. Sir, I bought it from there. These are the feathers of
the hen that the fish ate that day. And the bone of the
hen from its stomach. You have annoyed the
animal rights department. Section 304 kidnap, section 332 stealing
and section 332 again for murder. Ravi Teja. Keep quiet. Not you but I am the judge.
I will charge him with sections. Okay sir. What more proof do you want? Where are my finger
prints on this? Tell me. Your teeth marks are present on this. Since the crime has been proved the
court charges Pratap of fine of 500/-. The court gives him order to join gym,
reduce belly fat and then join duty. Open! Open it. Hey sir, will you eat
Biryani without chicken. No. Come on,
commissioner sir is calling you. Why is he calling me? He is sitting with
a thick rod in his hand. You go. Be positive. May I come in sir? I never became a thief when
I played thief police in childhood. But in old age we a stigma
of fish thief has been put on me. I have been insulted. Take some money and sort the matter. So you are trying to bribe me. I will not take but
will not spare you. A complaint has been filed.
Why did you steal the cycle? Why are you trapping me? Sir, just for a pole your sir
is trapping me in false theft case. This is not an allegation but truth. I did not steal the cycle. Even I had said that
I did not steal the fish. Please. Will you close the case? – Give me 25,000/-
– 25,000? With so much money I can
get married with pomp and show. Speak according to my status. – 50,000/-…I will give 500/-
– Speak! Okay then give me. Give. Give it to him. Sign there. Let me become a star. I am not taking your autograph. You will be responsible
for any cycle that gets stolen. – Sign it.
– What if I don’t do? Prison for 5 years. I was just asking
for general knowledge. I will do it. Nowadays people will
do anything to become rich. If it was possible then
I would put them behind bars and.. Even he must not know how to read.
I will make a design. – Durga Pooja was very nice..
– Very good. Are became policeman with
recommendation or quota. Are you doing sign
or making Howrah Bridge? Thieves and uneducated people put
thumbprint so even you can do that. Good idea. This is all the more difficult. Is this thumbprint
or punching machine? Hey, will you make hole in the file? Enough. Leave it. Why do you do break dance? I want to break your record in height,
weight, position and bribery. Why are you behaving
like a police officer? It has been transferred
from you into me. Shall I take blessings
of your stomach once? Take it twice. Sir, I am not able to hug you. Because I eat a lot of fish and curry. You should get an opportunity to
become my father-in-law in this birth. Have a long life. I will throw the girl in the well
but will not get her married to you. What is hurting me?
How did the purse become so light? Where has 5000/- gone? The money taken as
bribe does not stay long. – Will you have coffee, sir?
– No I don’t want. Till I do not take revenge
from him I will not drink coffee. I will drink tea. Excuse me sir. Just see this footage. Connect it. Who is he? He is a terrorist who got
blast done in Poona, Goa and Gujarat. – His name is Anwar.
– What has he done? First you watch this footage. Oh my God. What is this? Home minister has
killed Anand Bhupathi. – Have you told anyone else about this?
– No sir. Don’t tell otherwise
he will kill us as well. Leave this footage with
me and go on a leave for a week. Till I do not call
you will not come here. Okay sir. Brother, home minister Aditya
Bhupathi has killed father. What are you saying? I am saying the truth brother. I have
seen footage of the bomb blast day. I have proof of it as well. – Where are you now?
– I have just left from office. Gautami, what happened to you? Where are you? Answer me. Come on catch hold of her. Wait. Where are you going? Wait. Catch hold of her. Don’t let her escape. Gautami. Gautami, what happened? Gautami, why don’t you speak anything? Answer me. Who are those people? Run. Hurry up. Hello. I will take
care of your sister. Do one thing.
Come to Mumbai immediately. Okay. Sir, she is dead. So my reward, sir. 10crores for 10seconds of video. The value for money has really fallen. Why did you deduct
2.50/-from my account? What is this Thule? You should
have got milk on the way back. That is not allowed in police station. Why did you call? Now will you put allegation
on stealing Vitamin D from sunlight.. ..or stealing polluted air? Tell that I am not coming. If you do not come then
complete army force will be sent. I will give you some money
as bribe and say that I am in Karachi. He has already given
me money to get you. Make them drink fresh tea. Are you going to
commissioner sir’s office? We will live in a live in
relationship with a beautiful girl. With great difficulty
you gathered 2000/-and.. ..that also you spent
in buying tickets. Till when will you
keep helping people? If you help others then
we get the reward for that. Help is like a bouncing ball. Do you watch tennis? One player hits the ball from one
side and the other from other side. And then the game is finished.
This would be called help. It is not we who eat food but help
stomach by putting the food in it. That is why never stop helping people. Now even if I have to sell
myself I will be next to a heroine. The thing is that Me Too is
tagged here then you will be shot at. Sorry, sir. Hey, what is it? Do you know who he is? – Does he know who I am?
– He is an IPS officer? Sorry sir.
Unnecessarily I raised my voice. Sorry. I will polish your shoes. By mistake I banged against you. For many days we
had not stolen anything. – Get lost.
– Sorry sir. Let’s leave. He is an IPS officer. He will put you behind
bars and thrash you. Let’s leave. Sorry sir. Driver, can’t you
put the brake slowly? Doesn’t the bulb of signal get fused? Wow! Her earrings are beautiful. When will she dance with me? What happened? – I have fallen in love.
– Wow! As soon as he stepped
in Mumbai he fell in love. For the first time I feel
that the signal should not get green. For the first time my suppressed
heart is feeling excited and restless. Biwi, red Dupatta, goddess of
cleanliness in this polluted atmosphere. I love you. She did not answer. Hurry up auto. Follow her.
Put the auto in fourth gear. Brother, mine is of three gears. Follow her. Drive fast.. Come on move. Please God help me. Move fast. Hurry up. – You hit her. Thank you.
– How dare you? Didn’t you see? I had closed my eyes out of fear. What if we had died? – Let’s go and get your bike repaired.
– Get a side. – Hey baldy, get down.
– Baldy? Get down. You.. Don’t you know how
to talk to an auto driver? – Look, what have you done?
– What have I done? You have broken number plate. Get a new one put.
Who has stopped you? – The scooter has got injured.
– Look my scooty’s condition. You keep this one
and get me a new one. Everything will be done in 150/- 150/- how can everything
be done in 150/- This auto is too irritating. I am taking your auto to police
station. I give you four days of time. Get a new one for me
and take this one. Understood. If someone wants a
ride then ask him to sit. Very strong girl. Come on let’s go. Wait. Give me the fare. – Hurry up.
– Wait. Where are you running? You are troubling an old man. – You will have to suffer.
– What happened? Madam! What has happened? Are you trying to woo me? Wait, I will overtake you. This is Nalasopara where
poor people take shelter. Ask address from that fool. Brother, just tell
me where this address is? Tell me about this address. No one tells address in Mumbai. – He said it is on the opposite side.
– Opposite side. You can play Pubg later. Come on. People look innocent
when they want house on rent.. ..and shout when
they have to give rent. Hey, you put Sari in my way. – I have put it to dry.
– Okay. Look, I have dried it forever. You wear branded slippers and
you don’t have money to pay the rent. Sir, I have respect among friends.
Don’t shout. You do not have any status
and are feeding other people. One day I will leave
cockroach in his Lungi. Are you making dosa
of your underpants? I have to go and fight case in court. My underpants are
wet so I am drying it. Do you have only one? If I win the case then
next month I will buy four. – Sell your pant and buy.
– There is hole in pant as well. They are eating like hungry dogs.
Take a breath in between. If it gets stuck at
a wrong place then it.. ..will have to be removed
by operating on it. Why are you staring at me? I will
thrash you and you will be set right. No sir. Be careful. Tell them that I am the landlord. – They have come from Hyderabad.
– Shut up. Tell him that I sell lemonade
at the railway platform. If you try to be smart
then I will thrash you. Send two glasses after idli.
Less salt and more sugar. Leave it. My mother has cooked it. She says that if I eat properly only
then I will be able to catch the goons. I wanted to become a
police officer from childhood. I came from village yesterday
and my purse got stolen. I just had 20/- so I bought Idli. Are two idlis sufficient? Leave these idlis and eat this.
It is made of clarified butter. Even you have it, buddy. Sir merit list of police selection. – What?
– Merit list, sir. Keep it on the table.
You take out your list. Sir! Call Pakkaya inside. Pakkaya. Greetings, brother. I am strong
so want to become police officer. Do you want to become CI or IAS? Even IPL would do for me. – But he does not have a degree sir.
– I have money. Do one thing. Make a fake certificate
in his name from Vilaspur University. Okay sir. It would cost 25lakhs. I am not bothered. Where do you want the posting? At a place where I will
get good amount of money. For that you will have
to give 25lakhs extra. – No problem.
– Right. Police are recruited in this way.
Burn this file. – I will meet you in uniform.
– Okay. – Yes sir.
– Give it to me and I will burn it. Tell that it was burnt
in short circuit and burn it. – Hold it.
– Rahul. Coming, brother. Ravi, how can you speak
lies with so much confidence? I have read status on what’s app. If you want to speak lies
then speak with confidence. Confidence or over confidence. I will go and fight the case.
You all don’t fight with each other. Move further. Move.. I am tired. Wow! What a built up? He is looking
like a maid carrying a tray of tea. Kettle is placed in
the middle and cups around. Son. Tell me sir. I did not call you but my son. I think he did not listen.
Tell me what you want. What is the time? 5.. Why did you come to the court? Where else should I
go if I don’t come to court? Police is not ready to
write a complaint against you. If we do not get support
of court then we are sure to die. What will you do by living? Our country has a tradition.. ..that we should massage feet
of elderly people and not their neck. What if he gets
defeated from the goons? He is Ravi Teja. Impossible. I had told you.. Hey, let’s leave. Raju Yadav, please be present. – He cannot be.
– Raju Yadav, second call. He is busy on call, sir. Last call for Raju Yadav. Call drop, sir. If people get sons like you then we
neither need police station nor court. You are dearer to me than my son. There is loot everywhere from
government offices to public toilets. You will have to do something, son. Hey, don’t be kind listening
to senior citizens. – Keep quiet.
– Hey, be positive. Brother, if every young
man of this country is like you.. ..then no girl would be helpless. Looking at you it seems
as if you are close to us. I was asked to send
a like and I send a slap. Brother, senior citizens
have come to meet you. Greetings, son. What are you all doing here? We think of you as our son
so we come to ask for your help. Fathers do not ask
for help from their sons. Give me order. I put my money which I got
after retirement in housing scheme. But instead of houses they
are constructing mall there. Bank manager is not giving us money. Dear, police is not
registering our case. The builder stops
us from going to court. Where will we go in this age, son? We have no money and home to stay. Only you can help us, son. – Keep it, son.
– Where did you get it from? This is money of my pension, son. These are very less. Son. – I just want blessings.
– Yes, son. There he is in blue shirt. Hey, ask them to leave. Hey, what is this nonsense? Get up. Should I let your nose bleed? How do you smile
when you meet your wife? With neighbor. Give them with such a big smile. Give. What are so many old
people doing in the bank? Do you talk to your
parents in this way? My wish. Learn some manners. Learn. You saw the world when your parents
held your hand and took you to nursery. Now make them sit on your shoulders
and take them to pilgrimage. There is heaven at
the feet of parents. – Hey manager.
– Yes, Ravi. Keep giving the money.
If you stop then you will die. Thank you, dear. – Brother, I have given to everyone.
– Finished. Good boy. Are you happy now? All happy. Son, even you take some money. I cannot take money from you directly. That day is not far when I
will get married. Keep them for now. – Give it to me in cover.
– Okay. I saw you’re what’s
app four times at night. Hey, sir is calling you. Come on. Sir is calling me?
I hope he will not bite me. – Tell me sir.
– Sir is calling you. – Sir means commissioner.
– No. – DSP.
– No. – DIG.
– No. – DG.
– No. – OG.
– No. Then you may go. Home minister has called you. Come on. – Home Minister.
– Yes. Greetings sir. – Hello.
– How dare you thrash my brother? I will kill you. Oh God. I shall go back to Gujarat. – Let’s go friends.
– Ravi. – What happened?
– What did you say to him? Nothing. Were you threatening
him by showing your finger? Why would I give? Then why were you flying
kite in front of him? Didn’t you hear the dialogues?
So let’s start from the entry. Greetings sir. – Hello.
– How dare you thrash my brother? I will kill you. If I knew that this man
with beard was your brother.. ..then I would not have done this. The entire city works
according to you. How could I thrash your brother?
How did you even think in this way? For everyone dominance of home
minister prevails but not for me. You are my role model.
You are my master. People keep your photo in
pocket but I keep it in my heart. Will you see? If you ever have doubt on
me then you will not be spared. Make your brother understand.
Make him understand. I love you. Even you love him. I would be worst
if you doubt me again. Please. Okay. Please, please.. – Great.
– Change your express mode. What is they understand? If educated people like
you could not understand.. ..then how can uneducated
leaders and public understand? Just look at their reaction. See. Public will spread the rumor.. ..that a person came and
gave warning to home minister. Everyone will come
to know about this rumor.. ..and what will happen
because of this? Everyone will be scared of us. Self marketing. – Business prosperous.
– That side. His body language
is not matching his body. I think he has become crazy because
of some deep wound in childhood. If home minister comes to
know that you were fooling him.. ..then he will not spare you. Hey, my wife. The scooter is running
faster than you. Hurry up. She is either a washer
woman or does ironing. I think she sweeps the hospital. She has stethoscope in her hand.
She is a doctor. Bye. – Hi.
– Hi. – How are you?
-I am fine. – Are you taking Vitamin D?
– You are just saying anything. Your mother has sent a photo.
Your future husband. He is smart,
stylish but is not a doctor. I want to become a doctor today. Dandekar, go and fill admission form. Doctor? – Is this his Mercedes?
– Of course. Go otherwise the seats will get full. – Have you accepted the offer or not?
– I have not thought about it yet. If you have not given it a
thought then I will accept the offer. Get lost. Let’s go. It is time for the lecture. – Okay, bye.
– Bye. Come here. Did you like
that Mercedes fellow so much? No, no I was just saying like that. My choice is different. He should have his top two
buttons open and has power to punch. He is the one whom I would like. Why did you praise him? Aunty told me to convince her. Shweta did not come to know
and aunt’s work was also done. I will open my own clinic in Naakpada. Will you give us a
seat or shall we kill you? Dear, these people are
thrashing me for a seat. Son. Father. One more father. Even sahara wouldn’t
have a family bigger than his. Father, I do not want a seat. Can you give me permission
to wear coat and walk in the campus? Walk the way you want, son. I am not going to walk
with a coat like a compounder. I will have to wear pant as well. Pant coat is fine but will
you take her out in rickshaw. – What if I get Mercedes?
– That would be great. Get a side. Is it going to take
place in college campus? My patient is in PCU. – Oh no.
– You.. – Secretary,
– Yes doctor. It is doctor’s coat. Thank you Dr. Metropolis. This coat does not suit his face. – Hey, is doctor’s coat white?
– Come on. Do you need any injection? Doctor, please read again. – I have already read it.
– Don’t do this. It is matter of my life. Stop crying. What is the matter? I have HIV+ve. If it is positive
then why are you crying? Be positive. Be happy. Excuse me.
Were you Miss India last year? She smiled so she will get trapped. Where is your patient? Where has that patient gone?
Where is he? There. Orthopedic ward. Then go and treat him. I also give 5 years of
warranty after fitting the bone. Come on show me. – That patient..
– My foot banged. – Don’t do over acting. I’ll see.
– Okay. I like fighting girls. Whom should I ask to treat?
Whom should I choose? Come on treat him. His? First I broke his bones
and now I am being asked to join. Epilepsy attack. If you want
to stay alive then do less acting. Is the treatment done in this way? His mouth was stinking. – Will he be relieved of pain in
this way? – I gave him that pain. Patient is in real pain.
Tie him properly. – Hurry up.
– What are you doing? Wow! He is looking like pyramid Mummy. Quiet otherwise you will
get divorced before marriage. Sorry, it is my fault. – Don’t chop off his hair.
– Quiet. Get lost. You cut very well. Are you a tailor? Useless. It seems as if the
chick came out of an egg. Doctor, I am treated
and have become fine. Doctor, you broke well
and treated it also well. I have become well.
The doctor is great. There is magic in doctor’s hands. He is not a doctor but a magician. Buddy, you will become
a dean very soon. What kind of treatment was this? Laser, teaser and breezer treatment. I learnt it today.
Come on secretaries. Is he a doctor or a barber? – Brother, come here.
– What happened? We gave money but did not get a house. To whom did you give? The one who roams around
in silk lungi and kurta. We gave it to him. Okay, you gave it to Silk Smita. Come on let’s go and get him. Why are you irritating me? Why
did you wake me up in the afternoon? What is this? Have you come
to collect money? Shall I thrash you? Have you also come to collect money? I will not give them money.
What will you do? What will you break? I have full control
over this building. I give tax to municipality. – How did you like this?
– It is very hard. – Keep my dignity intact.
– Okay, let’s do a deal. Hi my Silky.. Stop it. Are you giving it to
me or distributing to public? Hi. -Get the money down.
-You come up. I will go if you do not have time. – Is she mine or yours?
– Public. The currency is very crisp. Do not count the amount is full. – Stubborn people.
– You look so beautiful. She is just mine. Make a film. Champakali came on
time so you all got saved. Otherwise I would have killed you. What does he think of himself?
Just turn around. Come, come here if you have courage. – Whom are you talking to kill?
– No one’s buddy. I was just acting. I wanted
to become hero but became a zero. – Sit comfortably.
– Did you understand the scene? Have you seen the movie
‘Bhag Bhootni Ke Aandhi Aayee’. – Were you a part of it?
– I was the hero. – Was it released in the theatre?
– It was removed on the first day. – Will you narrate the story?
– Understand it in long flash back. Entry on two legs. My legs. Heroine is having shower in bath tub. I have to scare her. I scared her in such
a way that heroine.. ..went into come and
has not returned yet. – What was the name of the movie?
– Kaala Bhootiya. The movie was made
without the heroine. You seem to be Bhappi Da
fan as you are wearing gold as well. Party from your side in the
evening and I will get the snacks. – Get drunk.
– Cheers. – Does sister-in-law drink milk?
– Yes, that is why she is so fair. Filmy brother,
tell us about your story. – I caught a train to become a hero.
– What an opening? What about her? And she was running to become a heroine. That time after seeing Madhuri’s dance
people’s heart used to beat a skip. And seeing her dance people
used to call her by some other name. Who is that masterpiece? He had come here to become a villain. – From here comes a twist in the story.
– Tell us. I got their setting
done and got them married. Who are you both? She is my secret wife. Yes. Tell me have you made love or not. Since long I am in love.
One day a great director came. – You mean that of Hollywood.
– Yes. – Yes, great. – He said that he
would sign me for Titanic 2. Wow! What a great movie it was?
What happened next? That was my launching pad
but the problem was that.. ..I was to be launched from under the
water and I did not agree on this point. You showed so much ego
then weren’t they offended. You are right. They threw me out and completed
the movie on just the ship. Did you get any movie after that? I packed up my things
and went to the village. Why did you come back? – Does this city belong to you?
– Does it belong to you? Hey you flirt, keep your mouth shut. Set your Sari right. – Continue.
– After that I worked with Imran. – Murder.
– You are very intelligent. – Did he sign you for that?
– I left the movie after interval. There was a sexy heroine in
that then why didn’t you do the movie. Heroine was hot but I had
the habit of moving so could not do. Stupid, what if it would have hit her. You will eat only that tablet
which I give you. Go away from here. – Give me a tablet too.
– That tablet is not of your use. Let’s go. – If you will not give me tablet then..
– I shall thrash you hard. I think there is some problem.
Stop the car. Excuse me.
Please get a side. Get a side. – Hey, he is from Nalasopara.
– Yes. Aunt, what happened? He was standing here
and suddenly fell down. Stop it. Rather than helping
him you are making his video. Get lost from here.
Uncle, come. Be careful. – Where were you going, uncle?
– My wife is not feeling well. Doctor said that she is anemic.
That is why I came here to buy apples. Why did you come so far?
Don’t you get it in your area? In our area we get one apple
for 50/- and here we get 2 for 50/- Don’t your son and
daughter-in-law stay with you? They stay, son. Where did you go? – I felt dizzy and fell down.
– Where were you since morning? She was so worried about you. Is there anyone else staying
in this father’s house? Everyone is there. What happened? 3crores deal. Sell your father to me. – Does anyone sell his father?
– No one sells but I love your father. I will not get such wrinkled
father anywhere in market. I want your father. Did father have any connection with him? – Youth is always crazy period.
– I don’t think he will be able to buy. – Let’s try, brother.
– They are calculating market rate. – Are you fooling us?
– Swear on both the sister-in-laws. – Will you take only father?
– Are you interested in coming too? Mother will feel lonely. Give 3.25crores and take mother as well. I just want this old
man who has a steel body. But 1 and get 1 free.
Mother is absolutely free with father. No. Just tell me the value of father. Sorry.. Nothing for mother
and 2crores for father. Money is locked in this.
Shall I open it? – Even you do collection of father
and mother. – From childhood. He is giving a better deal than you. I just need father and that
too in 4crores. Father is mine. Discussion break.
We are getting good rate for parents. – After selling them we will buy a flat.
– The rate should increase. – But how?
– We will take another day’s time. The scheme is available
for a limited period. Give us one day’s time. – Are you sure?
– Sure? Mom and dad wait for another day. Tomorrow your father will be my father. Moti, get lost. Innocent people,
they will buy your father for low price. Train him well and
sell him at a higher rate. – What is he saying?
– I cannot understand one thing. How did father’s rate
increase like that of property? I will tell you the
secret but will take 10% Your grandfather has
property worth 10crores. Your father does not know
that his father had earned a lot in betting hiding
it from your grandmother. Get lost. Do not boast. Who is sitting there? – Beggar.
– So you got cheated. He is an income tax officer. He will see whatever you do here
and give the information to Ravi Teja. Because of this your
father’s rate can fall. Hello. Do you know how
much we love our parents? We will make them eat
whatever we can. Get lost. If you give information
then I will kill you. – He is calling you.
– I have to go to Lokhandwala. Mother, come inside I will serve
you food and cold drink. Father, come I will massage your body. Let’s go inside. Mother, I have brought
new Saris for you. Father, we have brought
pant and coat for you. Eat fruits and be healthy. – You go and make delicacies for them.
– I will make sweet dish. I have brought T-shirt
for father from Fashion street. Look at the color. Absolutely red. Who can look after you better than us? Speak loudly. – Who can look after you better than us?
– Well said. Neighbors, learn from us how
you should take care of your parents. Where is your sister-in-law? – Brother..
– Do the search operation. Who will take the test drive? – Dr. Pattiwala, settle the matter.
– Okay. – What is the problem?
– What kind of doctor he is? He gets the car for test
drive and then gets down. – Okay. Can I take test drive?
– Of course. – How is the steering?
– Absolutely smooth. – How does the AC work?
– Absolutely cold. -Does the horn work?
-Very loudly. How does the brake work? Absolutely superb. Do you have air bags in the car? It has bean bag and not air bag in it. Great. When does it come out? – After it gets banged.
– What if it does not come out? -It will come out.
-What if it doesn’t? It will come out.
The cost of the car is 60lakhs. Quiet. Do an accident
and then I will believe. Slip of tongue. I will not buy the car
if I do not see air bags. I will thrash you if I see you again. Why are you following me? Because I wanted to. You
are going there where my patient is. Where is your patient? Patient..cardiology. – Your patient is there.
– Yes. You are an orthopedic doctor. I am an all rounder. No.. What is written there?
Do you know A, B , C, D.. – ENT.
– What does that mean? Ear, nose and throat. He can handle three organs
so can’t I handle two organs. Why did you stop, baby? What do you say?
Will I be able to woo her? – Keep trying.
– Okay. Hello. Where are you going inside?
Wait here. I.. We will save on the delivery
charges as she is a doctor. I am trying to attract
your sister-in-law. Patient’s medical report
is showing good improvement. Who are you all? She is my sister. We want
to shift her to another hospital. Hey, take her. Baldy, have you gone mad?
She is still in coma. Quiet. Hey, this is not a cart that
you are pulling and it is moving. Do not interfere in our treatment.
Even we know how to treat. Take the patient. If anyone makes me angry
then he will not be spared. Pack up for him. To impress the girl
he is thrashing him hard. But she will not agree. She will accept him for sure. Get lost. Get lost from here. – Why didn’t you go?
– Sorry sir. I think you are pass
out from Dongiri medical. I made a mistake. Oh no. She is fair complexioned
and she is mine. The man of dreams has come. I made place in her heart. Being in opposition I ask
the CM that doesn’t he know.. ..that Home Minister is
spreading hooliganism in the city. CM will have to give an answer. If we do not get the correct answer
for this then he will have to resign. – I did not get this done.
– I know it. You should know that I am a CM. I will have to take strict
action if I get a complaint again. This is first and final warning. Hey, what did you say? All the time you
boast of your position. Did your parents name you
CM as soon as you were born? If you are at that position then
you are CM and if I sit then I am CM. That’s it. What? I will kill you if
you threaten me again. – Vikram.
– Yes, brother. That CM has given me warning. Instead
of him I want to become the CM. – How many MLA’s do we have?
– There must be 20 people. – We can bribe 50 more.
– Okay. As soon as we get everyone’s
support make an announcement. Okay. Is it that easy to become a CM? Is it that easy?
He thinks and he will become CM. Hey fool, politics is such a job
that anyone can do in this country. Come with me. I have called you here
seeing your capability. – Thank you, sir.
– I am going to become a CM. – Sir.
– You will have to support me. If you support me honestly
then I will make you DGP. Thank you. Greetings. Greetings, sir. Brother, in 25 crores they will support
us completely and whole heartedly. Only 25crores? You will get it. Okay sir. Till I meet the governor.. ..make arrangements for all
the MLA’s to stay in Karjat farmhouse. Okay sir. – He is so..
– What happened? Can I also become CM by doing this? You can become Bakuda
but if I have so much money.. ..then I will make its
FD and enjoy the interest. By selling the property in
Bombay we will get 12,000crores. We will show 2000crores in white
and will take 10,000crores in cash. Collect money from
Karjat farmhouse tomorrow. Sir, we have received information.. ..that a truck with 10,000crore
cash has left from Karjat. With that money they
want to bribe our 50 MLA’s. If this happens then
he will become CM. Let him become CM. I don’t want
unnecessary feuds to save our post. Sir, you will have to do something. If that Raavan becomes CM
then he will make the state Lanka. You will have to do something. What can I do? Shall I go
and lie down in front of the truck? Sir, there is a person
who had threatened home minister. He can do this work. Contact him. Talk to him
without telling the details. – Sir, we need your help.
– Tell me what is to be done. We have a transport company
whose one truck has been stolen. Someone else was driving it today.
He is refusing to hand it over. If you get the truck
then I will give you 20,000/- Hey, do not give money.
I don’t need it. This is not elderly
people’s money. Take it. Hey Salman of poor people. If you keep rejecting
money then what will you earn? – Take it.
– We should not take money from him. Stop talking nonsense Ravi.
No compromise in business. Be positive. Be strong. Wait. I will trap him.
20,000/- is not enough. – Then how much should I give?
– 21,000/- final figure. – Sir..
– Thank you. He has given new notes
so we will work in a new way. Tell us where the truck is? Sir, there is the truck. Don’t worry.
We will send you through what’s app. – What is it brother?
– You are stinking. Come on put some perfume. Look ahead. This has auto pilot. Turn, turn the car. Overtake him. Brother. Brother help me. The fool is calling me brother.. – ..and making me emotional. – Brother
please, hurry up and come here. Please help me. If you can’t take care of your leg.. ..then why did you
put your leg on my way? – It’s paining me a lot.
– Speed increases and accident occurs. Take out your leg. Thanks, brother. – Hello.
– Sir, our truck has been stolen. What did you say? Truck got robbed? Who dared to do that? The same guy who threatened you. Who threatened me? – Give him the phone.
– Okay, sir. – Hello.
– Hey, who are you? First you speak. – Hey, I am the home minister.
– Greeting sir. – That truck is mine. – Your name
was not written on the truck. And your guy did not mention to me. Now you know. Return me back my truck. This will be cheating. What? What nonsense are you talking? I had taken a contract for 21,000. Who gave you the contract? Ok forget it, I will give you double
the money. Return back the truck. Sensex can fluctuate but not my words. Are you drunk? Do you even know,
what is inside the truck? Even if it is empty,
how does it matter to me? Next time give me the
job of truck kidnapping. That means you will
not return the truck. I always finish the
job I have started. Hey, are you going to return
the truck, or should I come there? You can come if you are free. Will you release the truck or not? If you don’t understand Hindi
should I explain in Gujarati? Hey, you are inviting your death. The invitation card of your
death has already been printed. I will give you such
a death that even the doctor.. ..will deny to do the post mortem. You save petrol.
I will come by truck myself. Don’t you know,
I am a contractor of death? Hey, reverse. Go away. You barge into my
house and beat my men. Are you not sacred of death? After watching the demo,
do you think I am scared of death? First you killed my brother and
then pretended to tell sorry to me. You are dealing with a crocodile. I told you in code word, the
day I lose it, your soul will wander. That day I beat up your
brother so that I could reach you. It was all planned. After all who are you? We both have the same father. Orphan. How we both are related? The relation between brothers. I was raised in an
orphanage of Hyderabad. And you in an orphanage
of Maharashtra. He raised you as his own son
and made you attain these heights. And you killed that very saint. I kept forgiving you,
thinking you are a kid. You are still rotting as an orphan. And I am now higher
than the Himalayas. Tomorrow when I will
sit on the chair of the CM. The whole state will bow down to me. This is my status. Your status has been infested
by the bugs of arrogance. I will sting you there.
where you will be helpless. I cramp the snakes
who raise their hoods. This is not the cramp of the stomach
which can be healed by medicine. If anybody tries to shake my kingdom
of sin, then I will bury him alive. Come on,
if I get buried without revenge.. ..then land itself will throw me back. Your men, your weapons, your kingdom.. ..your destruction,
but the time will be mine. The money has reached,
where it was supposed to be. This is my funda, they money
should reach its rightful owner. Robbing people’s money and enjoying,
is your business. Write your Will.
I have fixed the date of your death. Your end will be before the weekend. On weekend I am going to
Mahableshwar to eat strawberries. You can do whatever you like.
I will meet you at the echo point. And don’t book Ola, for returning. Because I will make your
grave there and color it white. Both our father’s
name is same. Orphan. He raised you as his own son
and made you attain these heights. ‘My son, it’s his birthday today.’ – ‘Please bless him.
– May, you have a long life.’ ‘You can take as many
blessings you want today.’ ‘Because you will not remain
alive for blessings tomorrow.’ What are you doing son? I am passing my time by playing Ludo. – You can play too.
– Will you do something for free? If I file a case saying that
this office belongs to me. Then? Is it a joke?
You have to prove it in the court. – Correct. Can you claim after that?
– Yes. If the case is correct than right. And if the case is
false then behind the bars. We will make the false case
as a base and send notice to everyone. Then the fun will begin. Okay use your fingers and
start writing on the typewriter. Notice, okay will send. Sir, somebody has filed
a case on our hotel. Case against us? Who is he? – Someone called Ratan Matka.
– Who is Ratan Matka? The one who is polishing the shoes. The cobbler has filed a case? – Sir.
– Yes. The place where we built a mall.. ..his owner Shafi has
sent an order from the court. – That we must vacate the mall.
– Who Shafi? Sir, look out from the window. – The auto driver?
– Yes, sir. Does this huge place belong to him? – How can I know sir?
– I don’t think so Raju. Might be, sir. Who is Padmavati? Hey, I have ivy gourd,
gaur beans, yam, and bitter gourd. Mahindra, now a days there are only
property related cases in the court. Yes, it’s very strange. And in all these property cases.. ..the home minister has
50% partnership everywhere. And I can vouch that home
minister will lose this case. There is someone who is
targeting the home minister. Your land has been claimed. If the land belongs to you,
show some proof to prove it. Here are the papers. Survey number 100 and 101,
belongs to us. The survey numbers
that he is talking about.. ..the government has already
issued orders to return the land.. ..and give it to the poor. Sir, this is a copy of that. Sir, the sale orders of that
land are in the name of my client. You can inspect it, if you wish. Your honor, this land either belongs
to the government, or to the poor. It is a crime to
buy or sell this land. It has been mentioned in the government
papers, and this is the proof. Bring Ratan to the court. Lord, I am stitching
shoes since childhood. My ancestors too did this.. ..and maybe the next generation
too will die, doing this work. This land was vacate some years ago. Then one day the
government officials came.. ..and said there would be
houses made for the poor there. Then wonder what happened,
a hotel was built there. I knew something was going wrong. But who listens to the poor? One day a man came,
he showed a dream.. ..he said our life
was going to change. I have no relation with the land. I will keep stitching the shoes
till hands and legs are working. But I am thankful to him,
who thought about us. All these property have been allotted
for the development of the people. These government land will be equally
distributed among 200 poor families. This order of the court
should be followed immediately. I bow down, prostrate and greet you. Did you hear the news? You have just lost the lands,
now the roofs will fly too. This is the wrath
of Ravi from Charkop. Why are you silent? Are you in coma? Should I directly give
you the third attack? Okay let me give you an antibiotic
to surpass your bypass surgery. Gautami, whom you hit, is my sister. She is in my protection. ‘Take her away.’ Many have lived in your house of hell.
You are finished. Ravi is still alive after
making a loss of billions And you are relaxing on the chair. Massive ego is not
good for your health. What is this? You all are
blaming me as if I am a criminal. Okay let’s play a game. Speak the truth and win a gift. Tell me, how am I? Bengali guy? You are a sincere leader,
you will become the CM. You have all the
qualities of a leader. You have a personality of a film star. The leader is angry,
feed the fritter in sugar syrup. Even the moon has scars but you don’t. Sir, you do have a bit of ego. – You tell.
– You are very smart. If you are calm now, that
means you are thinking of the future. Oh, mother! He said I was egoistic. Do I have ego? No, sir. – Bengali guy?
– Not even E for ego sir. You will be the CM. I have learnt E for
elephant and not E for ego. – Am I right?
– You have learnt the right thing. I can stop his talks by a bullets. But now it’s a matter of ego.
Find his sister Gautami. I will kill them both together. It’s him. Hey Rahu. – Does this jeep belong to Ravi?
– No, its Teja’s. – Oh, I thought it’s Ravi Teja’s.
– Yes his. Okay now be alert. He has come. I can see pomerian
doggies in the mirror. Let me throw bones to them. Aunty, where is the
pomfret market here? – I don’t eat Pomfret.
– Okay. Okay. Brother, where is the fish market?
Oh I will find it myself. I will go to the left, to
the right and then to the center. Oh. Let me ask them. Uncles. I have seen this hairstyles somewhere. Have seen this. What about this? What a new look. Haven’t seen it. Yes. Your resume please. – I sell oil outside the Shani temple.
– Oh, God! – What about you?
– I re sell the same oil to him again. – Good!
– And your resume. I bring God Shani in people’s life. Oh wow, then we will do
double business on Saturdays. That’s amazing. Where is the fish market? Come we will drop you.
We are going there. But we have quit eating nonveg. Hey why are you winking? I am killing mosquitoes with my eyes.. ..but do you remember
your job or you have forgotten? Oh, I remember now. – What?
– We have to spy on him. Oh mother, we are dead. – Come. Come.
– Okay, let’s go/ Let’s eat fish together.
Okay, let’s go. – There is a call.
– Hello. Hello. Where are you? I am going to the bazar.
They want to see the pomfret. Okay you are great. Come on, let’s go. Sit in the car. – Did you find him?
– Yes, I found him. He is with us.
You think we are mad. Hang up. Okay. – Hurry up and sit, petrol has
become expensive.- Okay. okay. – Thank you, I will buy the pomfret
and come. – Okay, love you dear. – What is it? Mad fellow.
– Where are you guys? – At the fish market.
– Why did you go there? His sister wants vitamin D. Have you gone mad? First we will do his make-up.. ..then will give him
vitamin D injection.. ..and then protein shake.
Then we will get him, come on hang up. Idiots. They won’t improve. Why are you waiting here? We have brought 5
truck of fish online. – Where will you go now?
– To the flower market. – Oh, flower market.
– Yes. – I also have to buy flowers.
– Really? Whose father is getting married? 4 garlands of jasmine.6 garlands
of roses. And this for the door. – Where are you now?
– He is buying flowers for his sister. Will she wear flowers
in the state of coma? It’s coma not full stop. The flowers remain fresh, if not today
she will wear them tomorrow. You fool. – Did I say the right thing?
– Bigger than this. – Now what is left?
– Bought the pomfret. Bought fruits, bought flowers too. – Should I buy bangles?
– Bring a bracelet too. It will all be useful. He is back. – Do you know Pali hill?
– It’s next to Jubilee hill. – Where Jack and Jill had gone.
– Do you have work there? Yes. – I understood. Naughty boy.
– Okay, let’s go. – Khan brothers live there.
– Yes, come my darling. Stop, stop. – Your sharing jeep is excellent.
– Do the payment online. – I have a doubt.
– Is CP at home? – No, he isn’t.
– Okay, fine. – Hey, Ketu!
– Yes, Rahu. Isn’t this the commissioner’s house? Oh yes, he tricked us and
has entered the commissioners house. – He is very smart.
– Let me call him. Sir! – Speak. – Brother, keep my reward
ready and listen to the news. Raviteja’s sister Gautami
is at Bengali commissioner’s house. How is Teja’s sister in your house? At my house? Hello, Susanne. Is madam at home? Who are you? I am your master’s daughter’s husband. Cut this from the middle, fill it
with spices and cook it deliciously. Now you can go. The son in law has first
time stepped inside the house.. ..yet there is nobody
to welcome him. Wife. [Sanskrit shlok] Find out who is it. – Hello.
– Listen, had anybody come home? You daughter’s future husband. What nonsense are you talking?
Hang up. There is a misunderstanding.
I am going and will check myself. Oh, God! Kabaddi, kabaddi.. Kabaddi, kabaddi.. Should I make you wear? Let me make the pleats. Will have to play snakes and ladders. I am climbing the stairs. – The dice rolled 6.
– Hey! The snake bite. This is your loose end of the saree.
Love will grow slowly. Which perfume do you apply? Soft, silky,
blossoming, you are my rose bud. The dice rolls 6 again. This time the snake did not bite. Game over. – You don’t have the license.
– Silence. – Insurance.
– Bumper to bumper. – Permit.
– Lifelong. – POC
– Valid. I will come tomorrow at
the same time with a red saree. – No, papa will be at home tomorrow.
– Hey! Oh Mother, I am dead. I am dead. Let’s go. How are you related to me,
that you have come here? I am your daughter
only future husband. You will love commissioner’s daughter? Why? Does commissioner’s
daughter have thorns in her? Doesn’t she have desires? Or is she down trodden like you. I don’t remember,
but I have heard this line before. – Sir, it’s a dialogue of
a south Indian film. – Hey! If you say filmy dialogues here.
I will shoot you. You think my legs are India gate? – Sir, he did not get caught.
– Shut up. I will throw the fish and hit you. What is all this? Ali, what happened? He hit a lot. Quickly, bring an auto. Yes doctor, tell me. Gautami’s injections are over. Hurry up and bring them. Yes, I will bring them right away. After all what had happened?
Why did they beat you? Exactly 10 minutes
after you called me. Some people came here
searching for your sister. I did not say a word. After the call? Oh no. Why are you banging your head? Our calls are being recorded. Move away. He was called from AVR hospital. Which means his sister is there. The hospital from his house
is at a distance of 10 km. And we are at a distance of 5 km. His signal is travelling
towards the hospital. – What happened Ravi?
– We have to take her away. Have you gone mad?
It is risky to take her. It is more risky to keep her here. Brother, the girl is here. Come on hurry up, go away. Speed up. Faster. Come out. Hey, let’s go. Stop! Bring her out. – ‘It’s risky to take her.
– It’s more risky to keep her here.’ He duped the home minister. What madness is this?
You risked your life for her. Don’t you care for me? You were impressed that day
when I risked my life and saved her. What happened to you today? Earlier you lived for
others but now I live for you. I love you a lot. I want to live with
you for births together. You have to stop these brawls. Everybody in this world
lives for themselves. But to risk your life and
live for others is called life. This is me. Nobody knows whether
Gautami will live or not. But why do you want
to kill me when I am alive. Is her life more important than me? Shut up. Even if I had 100 lives,
I would still sacrifice it for her. Even if God of death came to fetch
her, than I will fight with him alone. She was the first one
who made this orphan a brother. I will not leave her. I lost my parents as
soon as I opened my eyes. Instead of turning the
pages of books at school.. ..I was picking up
papers on the street. Where the sun set, I used to sleep
there on the lap of mother earth. ‘Hey, wake up.’ ‘Get up, come with me.’ Even today,
there are good people in this world. Who, help others. This was embedded in
my heart from childhood. And I decided that I would
offer my life for others. One day near the railway tracks
I was picking up the scattered papers. Dear Gautami, please be quiet. – Don’t cry, dear.
– Don’t cry. – Stop crying. Come to me.
– Don’t cry. – Don’t cry. Come we will play.
– Go, go to your brother. – Give me your hand.
– Go. Go, dear. Oh she won’t come. How do you cry?
Should I cry and show you? Hey, she is quiet now. Okay, say bye to brother. – Take care dear.
– Okay. Mother! Mother move away,
train is approaching. Move. Mother! Mother. Please take care of her. Quiet please, why are you crying? Good kids don’t cry. Come, I will make you swing. Go to sleep its night now. We will play in the morning. Doctor, doctor please check,
my sister has high temperature. She doesn’t have fever, son.
She is hungry. Ask mother to feed her milk. Hey you don’t worry about the money,
just get me blood. – Do you understand?
– Yes, I have. Sir, please wait. Sir. Please listen to me. Stop, sir. – What happened?
– Doctor said, he will not survive.. – ..if blood is not transfused into him.
– Sir, I will donate blood. How much blood do you need? What will I do with a kid’s blood? – Go away from here.
– Don’t say that. My blood is very good.
Please check it sir. You can give me less money. My blood is very sweet.
I eat chocolates. Hey, kids don’t donate blood.
You go away from here. Please take it uncle,
I won’t tell anybody. Son. Come here. You don’t worry,
you will recover very soon. – Do you know them?
– No, uncle. Then why do you want to donate blood? I want money, that’s why. And why do you want money? My sister has not eaten anything since
two days. That’s why she is crying. If I get money,
I will buy milk for her. – Is she your own sister?
– Yes, uncle. No, uncle. Her mother banged
into the train and died. I have promised her that
I would take care of her. She is my responsibility now.
I have to take care of her. Give it to me. Come on drink it. Drink it my dear. Come on. Come on. It was fun. – Look there.
– Who are they? From today these kids
are your brothers and sisters. Hit. hit. I am very happy to
find such a big family. – Hey, come on run.
– Come on, run. Go. – Father.
– What happened, dear? She has passed. – Pay attention and study.
– Thank you, father. Son, I want you to take
responsibility of this place. You focus and work whole heartedly. I am going to Delhi for two months. – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Bless me father.
– God bless you, dear. Take out the expensive gift. Become a photographer
when you grow up. Smile, hey move. – Yes.
– Is this fine? No! – Shift the children from here.
– Bless me, father. What happened dear? I got a job of a
news reporter in Mumbai. Wow! – That’s awesome.
– Thank you. – Congratulations.
– Hey! – Brother, are you not happy?
– I am okay with the job.. ..but I don’t like
you going to Mumbai. Hey, don’t talk like this. How can I live without her? – Please! Please!
No. – Please brother, agree.
– How can I live without you? – Please for your sister.
– Agree. The sister who tied the protection
thread on my wrist on the festival. It’s my responsibility to protect her. Everything is fine, sir. If my sister survived,
then it is because of him. ‘Gautami.’ ‘What happened Gautami? Gautami.’ ‘Why are you not saying anything?’ ‘Please answer me.’ ‘Who are they?’ ‘Hello! Hello!
I will take care of your sister.’ ‘Listen, come to Mumbai immediately.’ I reached Mumbai
immediately after he called. He came to pick me at the station,
but we had a fight unknowingly. Then after calling, I came
to know my sister was at his house. And then we shifted
Gautami to a hospital. You are an IPS officer.
Please do something. I can’t do anything. I became an IPS officer
to serve the people. IPS. We are just pawns at
the hands of the politicians. System has made us their slaves.
We are loitering around their chair. We can’t do anything more than that. Their days are numbered. I will go to each and
everyone’s house and beat them. I will kill them in such a way that even
post mortem can’t be done on them. Don’t talk like kids. He is the home minister. Before you enter his house
you will depart from the world. Whatever you do,
you have to do it smartly. Now you will be Arjun
and I will be Krishna. He gave me all the secret
information about the home minister. Like a responsible police man.
He helped me. He has started a lonely
fight against the demons. Without bothering about his life. He is a gem at heart. Sorry. It’s okay. There is still no call from there. – We are waiting. – Sir,
reporter Gautami has been discharged. I have spoken to the Raghu ram,
MD of the hospital. He also doesn’t know
where she has been shifted. Find her anyhow. I will be behind the bars if,
she survives. Do you understand? – Rahu!
– Yes, master. The drinking gang has come.
Where is the drunkard? Where is sister-in-law? – The starters have come.
– Why have you called us brother? Without lying,
put some light in your life. – I get honest after free drinks.
– I know it. It will ruin the liver. Keep it short. And get her drunk! Let us begin. I went to the beach once. There I met Ramesh Sippy. He wanted to me act
in the sequel of ‘Sholay’. – Your point being?
– Coming. What did you say? – A sequel to it. Tell me the scenes. Thakur gets new arms
and takes Basanti out on date. And Basanti drinks a sugarcane juice. Nice. Gabbar marries the aunt
and has a family of his own. Surma Bhopali and
Sambha are in buisness. He will ruin the movie.
I am telling you. I must make additions
to turn the story good. – Quite an effort, I see.
– Did you both ever work together? We did. We got many offers. From a famous director. – The movie was ‘Front door.’
– I wanted it to be ‘Two sided.’ – ‘Two sided’?
– Yes. She will perform well. Stop with the double meaning.
I am telling the truth. I did not mean that.
What I meant was her act and her dance. No one can beat her at dance. – This fatso is going to dance?
– Shut up. He is angry. Shut it or I will make you suffer. – Begin.
– Which song? The serpent. Get on it! Why do you lure them here?
Let us go out of here. I knew of it. You will
be drawn to the aroma of liquor. Would you like to
be beaten first or later? You did not tell us that
here is a party going on. What sort of a friend are you? – We have food as well.
– He did not tell me! Why did you not? In that case we must check the goods. Come on now. Time for test. – Cheers!
– Cheers! You there! How much do you make a month? Do I make what? I am asking for the money that you make. No salary, wages or annual package. He gives me something on my birthdays. A medical insurance? What do you mean? A medical insurance!
Assume that I beat you up pretty bad. I had heard of an
insurance of car and house. What about this? There is one. – Swear on my life.
– Dear God! No security over your life? A guard is to keep us safe. I have suffered to work for my leader. – I was on the hospital. For how long?
– Six months! – There you go!
– Six months! You will be left to die here. Where do your kids go to school? Why will they go to school?
My son works on a tea stall. His son sells balloons. And the fatso’s son
sells tickets in black. He earns the most. – Is that so?
– Yes, Brother. So you did nothing for
the safety of your kids? What safety? What is your job profile? Killing for Mr. Aditya.
Land grabbing for Mr. Vikram. How about an idea for
a buisness of your own? Tell us. Seize the land that you
took for the Home minister. That is a great idea. We will earn huge money on it. Silence! Sit down! What is it? You call that an idea? We drink there every day. He lets us drink once
and you all follow him now? He will leave tomorrow
and leave us out to dry. Did you remember the
forms that you filled? Sir has made us sign some forms. Listen to me. That is the
document of running a brewery. – Mukesh, Ani, Ratan, Vijay!
– Sir! The shops by your names are yours now. I will have it given to you. I will not leave. Get away from here. Oaf. Everything is keep safe. Leave from here! Leave! Brandy, brother! – Cheers!
– Cheers! – Let us seize the land that we see.
– Do it. And even to this side. Who put up this board? Get it off! Move! Do not touch the board. – What is the problem?
– We have come here to arrest you. No one arrest me.
I have accelerator bail. – What is that?
– You there! – It is anti-septic bail!
– What he said! You think you can take control
of the land by showing a paper? Silly man!
This is carpenter style. – What?
– Buddy! – It is corporator.
– Like he said. Step aside. You must leave now. Or else I will file a
case that you tried to rape me. – Rape?
– A rape case? Yes, right here! You are doing it! Look at this! Look! He is silly!
I must leave. I cannot stay here.. ..and be displayed on social media.
Let us go. Sir! Sir! – We have the MLAs, right?
– Sir. He has bought all our
men and taken our land. He thinks of my calm as my weakness. Get the doctor that
looks after his sister. – Come on now!
– High five! Down low! Malvika! – Hello.
– Put the speaker on. Rather than serving me you follow him? You kept supporting him
and you wife supported his sister. We were left in dark. Listen to me well, both of you. If you support him again you will die. Listen up, you orphan. If you seek help from someone
they will die before you. The kids suffer because of you. ‘Listen up, you orphan.’ ‘If you seek help from someone
they will die before you.’ ‘The kids suffer because of you.’ Chotu! Stop! Save my son! Help him!
Save him! – Get aside. Let me do something!
– Dear, stop! This is not right! Listen to me. Do not hang! Save my son! Chotu! Do not do this! Listen to your mom! Guys! Chotu! No! My son! Save him! Chotu! My son! Are you not ashamed?
Your mother raised you for this! Chotu! Why did you do this? Why did you do this? Why did you want to die? No point in living for me. Mom wanted me to be a cop like my dad. She wanted me to be
a cop and serve the nation. Mom always said the same. What else could I
do as I was not selected? I worked so hard to be a cop. Why should I live anymore? Don’t say like that. So what if you cannot be a cop? Your life is priceless. Do not ever try such a thing again! – Swear on my life.
– Yes, Mother. Calm down. He will be a cop. – Try again.
– No use. Wait here. Four of my friends committed suicide. Media calls one as pneumonia,
other being cheated by his lover. The third was crushed by truck. The fourth jumped in the well! This is all shown by media. The very system is corrupt. Dear!
He has worked so hard to be a cop. And yet he was not selected. I worked so hard to
put him through school. So that he becomes a cop. But corruption has ruined his dream now. If you keep dying, corruption will rise. Did your mother raise
you only to see you die? Be ready for uniform
you will look good in it. You.. What happened? How did your son die? He was cheated by his lover. You are not a shallow
man to raise a weak son. Tell me the reason behind it. You are right. He was not cheated by his lover. He died since he could not become a cop. My son was a champion. The long jump record was 3.5 metres. My son jumped four metres
in the police section. The record for high jump was 1.2 metres, My son jumped 1.4 metres high. My son completed 800 m race in 150
seconds and the record was 170 seconds. And the bribe was Rs. 50,00,000! My son failed. Do you know why? Since I am an honest man
and I could not pay the bribe. Thus he died. And every office of
government is corrupt. My son was killed by them. They have killed my son. I saw a hope when I saw you. That you can do something. I did come to meet
you but as I came closer.. ..I thought of my daughters. They have already lost their brothers. If I die by the hands of Home minister.. ..then who would look after them. Who will care for them? Just a minute. ‘Tell them that the file was burnt.’ ‘Now hold it. Coming, sir!’ Here, it has 50,000 lives! If you have courage.. ..then stop them from dying.
Unlike my son who is dead. The system is corrupted. In the next 72 hours 50,000
young men will be cops.. ..without paying any bribe. I give you my word. Rise, keep moving and do
not stop till you reach your goal. Swami gave this message to the world. The young must come up and rise. – This is my message to you.
– Keep it to yourself. Practice what you preach. – What are you saying?
– You are all liars. Can you prove you are telling truth? This man claims to serve people.. ..and yet ruined the
future of 50,000 young people. He is a foul man. Tell me, are you all right? What I am about to
show you will shock you! The evidence of fraud
found in police recruitment. The gears of your mind are stuck? The merit list of hard working
lads to be selected as cops. These young boys are
children of poor people. Daily wage workers
and people who do odd jobs. There is no brat in this
that comes from a wealthy family. You have cheated us!
God will never forgive you. Yes. This man has cheated us. I did not get a job because of him. I ended up paying
to be here for his lies! Can you prove it? Do we have the CI of Dhobi Talao? – Yes. Please come on stage. Greetings. How are you? Did you get something to munch on? He sounds like a criminal. Not a cop. – Education?
– Highly qualified. University? Rajawadi medical police university. – Year of graduation?
– When was it? The year of Mumbai floods. Duties of a cop? Beating poor people, extorting thugs. What if you catch a thief? Taking half the loot.
And then letting him go? What did you study for your degree? Police subject. Third degree. – Presiding Professor?
– What do you mean? You do not know? What is stronger a buffalo or a brain? Buffalo! We have lot in our village. How many stars on a uniform? – As many in the sky.
– You have passed. This is a CI. Rs. 25,00,000 for the
job and same for posting. And that bribe caused a poor man to die. This is the flawed leader of the nation. I see now. My staff is behind this. I will have an inquiry.
You will a report in three days. I thank you for exposing this racket. If you need anything you may call me. You did promise a
committee and a deadline. But I will decide a deadline for you. The party’s name is dragged
in mud after this racket. If there is no answer in three days.. ..then you must resign. Understood. Now leave. I want to be the CM. Buy the MLAs you need. It is about my ego now. It is fine by me even
if it is for 30 days. I will pay for all. It will be done. Hello. You gave me three days. I gave you the same. I have bought all the MLAs. I will soon be the CM.
Prepare for my welcome. Gautami! – Gautami!
– Brother! Anwar. He killed father. I will find him even
if he was in underworld. You would have found
him had he been alive. He is dead? He was killed. He was leaving the
city after the blasts.. ..and he was killed in encounter. Home minister wanted him dead. And hence it did not reach media. And then I found out
about the Home minister. So it means that there is no way out. Do not lose hope, Ravi. We will take your sister to CM,
and Governor. Then there will be an inquiry. And if we do this, he will never be CM. – Sir.
– This is our final chance. Yes, sir. Reporter Gautami is awake. Where is her brother?
He is with the IPS officer. They are trying to reach CM. Kill them before they go there. This not my order but my ego. Oh no! If we have many such
people in our nation.. ..then it will be saved. Dad, do not go to Teja. We will. Now he is more dear to you folk? Yes, he is my son. You were our kids and yet you left us, He loved as if we were his parents. Is this why we raised you? He is our son. Remember this well. Time flies fast. Once you reach our age,
your kids will do the same. Then you will know our pain. Come, my dear. Give them the offering. You will be a part of my family.
You will be marrying him. Forget your boyfriend. Or else there will be death. Doctor! Look at him! He is awake! Hey, a lot of people
are waiting for you outside. Easy there! Here. – We brought these mangoes for you.
– Have it. Give that to mother. – Dad.
– Mother, take these. Ravi, you have always said
that the world is your family. And I never understood
that but today I see it. Good deeds made you a
man who calls the world family. This is life. You are simply great. Ravi, we were troubled by your habits. We thought you wasted
your time on strangers. But you were right and
hence they are here for you. I never thought that orphans
could have such a family. Forgive me – Come on now, Dandekar. You are great. We lived with you for so long. Now we will live like you. Come on. Aditya will the CM of the state
in the next four hours. We cannot harm him after that. We will ruin him before he rises. Anand Bhupati was a saviour of orphans. His death is shown as an accident. The truth is something else. Tell him without fear. My name is Gautami.
I am a journalist. I was covering the oath
ceremony of the new government. – And then there was a blast.
– Hello. Put him on the phone. – I was checking the footage
of the news. – Aditya. If your sister does not stop.. – And then I saw..
– ..Malvika will die. I have heard that first love is great. I am not so cruel.
I will give you a chance. Bring your sister and come to me. Come on. What is it, Ravi? I must go or else
Malvika will be married. And if you go, he kills Gautami. No harm will come to any of them.
You have my word. I am sorry, friends. The press meet is over? Listen, go to the farmhouse. Buy all MLA’s with twice the money. All right. [sanskrit chants] Put your hand forth. [sanskrit chants] Why did you let him in? He is smart. He got the media with him. – Got that.
– We cannot do anything now. Once your daughter is married.
Then we will deal with him. Yes, sir. – Hello.
– Put Boss on line. Okay.
It is home secretary. It is urgent. – Hurry up.
– Sir. Ravi’s friend has reached farm house.
He is buying the MLAs. Do something or else
you will never be CM. We will pay you more than that. A sale compared to which
everything falls pale. Rs. 300 million to every MLA. He is paying them
from the money of truck. They are all changing sides. I will pay in cash.
Who is up for sale? Cash on the spot. – Come in the queue.
-Sir, come here at once as the tide turns. Stay there, I am coming. He is turning the tide. He is buying the MLAs to his side. Nothing is above my ego. If he moves, kill them both. – I will handle there.
– All right. Let us go to farm-house. Come here. I have money for you. – Where are you going?
– Taking a shorter route. ‘When the MLAs are being sold out..’ ‘..Home minister will
come to check on them.’ ‘You must change their route
and put our drivers in their cars.’ ‘Good idea.’ Leaders like you have
made the nation suffer. You have hurt my ego! Shaken my kingdom! I need power! Power is bestowed by
people when you help them! Not by robbing them! How much money do you want? Unlimited! More than everything! I wish to sleep on money! I want to become the richest man! You brought nothing
and you will take nothing. Serve the poor people. Their love is true wealth. I can buy anything with money! When I fire a bullet from this gun.. ..all your wealth will be useless. – Where are you?
– I am close to you. Look to your right. – Come down here.
– I am on my way. – How many men do you have?
– 49! But we will kill you! I see a villain in you.
Let me give you an offer. – Let me give you an offer.
– Tell me. I will give you two crores. – Take them all to pilgrimage.
– You think I am a kid? What is this going on?
Fool! You know who I am? I am the brother of the villain! You think I will let
my brother die for money? In that case, I need a sum of Rs.
100 Crores. – What did you say?
– A 100 Crores. Are you drunk? I learnt from you. You are minister. You enjoy in Bangkok. And you make the money.
What do I get? The beard looks good on you.
Keep it intact. Send me the money. Let us go. – Why did he do that?
– He is your brother. – He betrayed me.
– You did the same. He sold out his brother for money. You killed your father for money. Why did you do that? What should I have done? I was in rage. Worried that I might die without money! Vikram was small. We somehow survived by
eating leftovers from people. I hated the society. We are both orphans.
We have no one in this world. We stand in that society. You wanted to buy them with money.
I won them with love. Look around. My investment.
It multiplies day in and day out. Who do you have? Learn to win people by love not by fear. Money earned from evil does not stay. Your wealth is zero now.
Nothing. You are bankrupt yet again. You have done great many sins. Your sins are upon you. If everyone here slaps
you you will be dead! So tell me. How will you go?
Direct? Indirect? You are going to die. People hear you and think
that they will be at ease. But by asking for votes you hurt them. Brother. I will be yours and so will they. Just accept your crimes
in front of a court. It takes a bigger person
to admit their flaws. ‘Aditya Bhupati confesses
that he killed anand Bhupati.’ ‘This court sentenced Aditya
to seven year imprisonment.’ ‘And all the property
of Anand Bhupati..’ ‘..goes to Anandgram
orphanage and old age home.’ Come.

David Frank



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