April 9, 2020
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  • 6:35 am Inside the School that Trains Umpires
  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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  • 6:28 am How to Play Cricket : How to Throw a Short Distance Ball in Cricket

Carter we are boardingcalready, let’s go
we’re finally boarding sure check this out someone’s like hiding in the back of
this plane to comment if you see that person ran underneath the jet engine
just laying there oh I’m so ready to get out of here I hope this plane actually
ends up taking off and we land at the right Airport this time skies look clear
doesn’t seem like anything there storms but I think we’ll be good but just in
case smash that like button for good luck this is a small plane so small
we’re slowly cooks to each other oh yeah I think right here for this pack
– whoa can we get home and see baby otter and milli oh my gosh and we got to
check up on the pods here’s this it’s gonna be crazy my mom said she found a
lot of stuff in the pond we got to get home we got to check all
this stuff out hey Sharers look down at the far side of the pond you can see
them in the shade hiding by the trees take a closer look
come on Sharers let’s go around to the other side oh my gosh I think that was
the pod monster I need Steven and Carver to get home
come on Carter we gotta get home let’s go let’s go hey how are you faster than
me what Oh Carter oh I got to get on that thing Carter’s on the speed walk
huh walk faster let’s go let’s go let’s go
let’s get home let’s go home oh we made it home home sweet home yeah
finally it’s good to be home oh my gosh we haven’t been home for so long to pick
up the house it looks awesome oh yeah share the love house we are home
there’s the pond way down there oh and I see some stuff in the pond you see that
white thing in the pond yeah I saw something down there might be a ditch it
might be it might be a fish we have with the 80 point fish we gotta go check out
to those who get otter Millie let’s see what they’re up to I haven’t seen them
for so long otter Millie where are you let’s see
let’s see otter Millie where are you I don’t want
to scare them I got to open the door quietly oh it’s locked
oh there’s otter otter hi hi oh here Millie let’s see let’s see
otter Millie otter Millie where are you where are you come on come on where are
you hi baby hi otters got a toy he’s looking to play hi hi hi hi hi it’s good
see you it’s good to see you hi come here
hi baby otter hi you talk good you see you might be the others but so good you
do good boy good boy oh wow we got home just in the nick of time check this out
storm clouds are rolling in and that’s what caused us to get diverted to
Pittsburgh and then get on the wrong flight end up in North Carolina it’s all
because we had storms last times the shares we are still on the plane but
apparently there’s sundar storms so we have to go to Pittsburgh so I’m glad we
just made it home now let’s go down to the pond okay there’s a lot of koi fish
out I really want to see the baby koi fish sure this is so cool I’ve never
seen baby koi fish in my entire life I don’t think oh wow and the koi fish are
really out check this out you can see them from here all of those I think
that’s all koi fish I hope that’s not a monster in the pond I’m pretty sure
those are all koi fish I see one two three four five so far that’s crazy
chitta pond let’s go check out these baby koi fish whoa oh wow and you can
really see cold look at this one whereas there’s an orange one there there was a
black and orange one that went underwater has he a closer that kind of
gets scared but there’s actually a lot of quite fish I can see a bunch way over
there too and then over here I think we have a baby pool something was in the
water look at that something was in the water oh oh whoa sharers these koi fish
are huge look how big those fish are they’re like bigger than otter Milly
combined oh they are huge I don’t know what jumped in the water there but those
koi fish are big like I was saying sharers over here we have a baby pool
this is where otter and Millie first learn to swim here it is this is a baby pool and
somehow it floats as we put noodles around it but they’re supposed to be
baby koi fish in here I don’t know where we got these plants from I think we
bought their plants at it like a pet store thing they’re supposed to be baby
koi fish in here oh no way you think that’s the baby koi fish those tiny tiny
tiny little things what I don’t know sharers do you think that’s a baby quote
actually yeah I think that is the baby koi fish wow those are really really
small they’ve got a long time to grow I thought the fish were gonna be like at
least this big and I would be able to see like colors on them but they’re like
babies they’re like microscopic tiny little baby koi fish they are so small I
wonder how long it’s gonna take them to grow up to be as big as the ones in here
look how big those ones are like that one is big that one’s big all those ones
are so big and these are so small they have such a long time to grow okay these
are baby koi fish are a lot smaller than expected whoa okay thunder storm cloud
is rolling and like I said I’m glad we got home when we did otherwise we might
not have made it home also where is that camera that I had set up by the pond
sharers I had a camera it was on this tree and it’s supposed to be set up to
catch the monster in the pond that camera is gone which makes me wonder did
the monster in the pond take it or where could it have gone let’s just on another
tree or something I don’t think I moved it I thought I always thought about
putting it here because well let’s see what is that nest the nest is definitely
still up there there’s a nest the nest is still there I
was gonna put the camera on the tree there to see if we can catch the monster
climbing out of the tree at night but the cameras not there either so I don’t
know where the camera went I wonder if the monster in the pond found the camera
and like ripped it off hmm okay well the good news is we have baby koi bad news
is I don’t know what security camera is I also don’t know where the monster in
the pond is so we’re definitely still on a hunt for the monster in the pond but
right now the ponds looking good the koi fish are alive they’re happy they’re
healthy I don’t see any monster in the pond right now also just rain so there’s
no like footprints for the monster in the
pond on the table like we’ve seen in the past you can kind of see little claw
marks still but those aren’t fresh which reminds me why we were gonna actually
order supplies to help us catch the monster in the pond and a lot of boxes
came when we were gone there’s this storm literally turn the day and tonight
it is absolutely pouring down rain it’s literally flooding everywhere check this
out it’s like nighttime now whoa that was thunder that means there’s probably
gonna be like somewhere whoa okay this storm is gonna get crazy I think we
ready don’t lose power let’s go and we’ll go on the front door this time to
get to the garage Wow this storm is getting crazy oh did you see that that
was lightning that was lightning and sharers every time there’s a storm whoa
that storm is getting loud every time there’s a storm otter and Millie gets so
scared look at them they’re just like cuddled up with Carter they’re so scared
otter it’s okay it’s okay baby otter it’s okay Millie it’s okay hey it’s okay
it’s okay Wow yeah it is absolutely pouring
outside let’s um let’s see when this storm is gonna pass this is crazy so I
really want to show you all the packages I got but this storm might actually get
them wet and ruin them if they’re still outside ooh hang on huh whoo what’s this
email it was an email from Jack he says dear Stephen first let me say that I’m a
huge fan of your videos to sharer fam rocks
oh yeah Jack you rock and then he says I’m emailing you regarding your pond
monster after doing some research I read up on an interesting critter the North
American porcupine the belief that they can shoot their quills is a myth by the
way anyways porcupines although mostly ooh it’s lightning porcupines although
mostly land critters are great climbers and have been known to build nests in
trees well that was loud daughter you scared
are you scared it’s okay I’m reading up about what the pol monster might be says
porcupines are great climbers and have been known to build nests in trees okay
there are also good swimmers they can climb trees and they can swim well
interesting hmm could the monster in the pond be a North American porcupine let
me do some research on that and get back to you shares this is what a North
American porcupine looks like common if that kind of relates the monster in the
pond I don’t know but major shout-out to Jack
for sending this email I’m going to do some research tonight on it and sharers
comment if you think it could be a North American porcupine let’s head outside
real quick and let’s look at the packages that we got in the mail while
we were gone I’m going to show you all the stuff that I got to capture this
pond monster I think it’s gonna work oh I think we lost power
Oh otter I think we lost power uh uh let’s go see if it’ll let’s go see if
the power work in the garage oh yeah we got a lot of stuff check this out so
sharers we’ve got uh more inflatable baby pools I’m thinking what we can do is we
can blow these up so they lay on top of the pond and we can put food in these so
we can catch the monster as it’s like swimming in the water and just to make
sure we have enough food let’s just say check out these three boxes let’s open
one up and check this out let’s see I think this is it oh yeah
check this out here sure this is koi food that’s right 25 pounds of koi food
and I got three giant boxes of the coif roots of shares that’s 75 pounds of koi
food plus giant inflatable swimming pools I think we’re gonna have enough to
catch this monster that’s right we’re going to bait the monster in by putting
so much food all over the pond and just getting stuck and bitter is this it’s
gonna come in it’s gonna eat all the food and we’re gonna catch it red-handed
although we do know that the monster scared of the dark so when we do this
it’s gonna have to be late at night we’re gonna need like flashlights we’re
gonna need it I need the final security camera that I bought I have no idea
where it went I think the monster I seriously think the monster took it we
might have to wait until 3:00 and the Cash’s monster Oh another 3 a.m.
challenge with the pong monster at night with food oh this is going to be crazy
ok sharers um so we got the food we got the pool and to find the camera we need
some more weapons and some crazy things even crazy awesome ideas comment it down
below we’re back at home and we’re locked were loaded we’re ready to cast
this pom monster once and for all so come in crazy awesome ideas down
below let’s get ready to cash this pom monster hit that subscribe button
internal post notifications you definitely don’t want to miss any vlogs
will see tomorrow so until then sharers you know what to do
stay awesome and share the love peace woo!

David Frank



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