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NTRP 4.5 Versus 5.0 Tennis Tactic Analysis

hello Fabio this is coach Jeff doing a
tactical video analysis of a two sets that we played a couple days ago and I
know you insist that I go all out when we play and that’s what I did and and I
think it could be educational because I do think that you and you could have
more competitive matches if you worked on the stuff that we go over in this
video. I know I said initially that you have nothing intrinsically fundamentally
holding you back but actually after editing the video Fabio I did see a
couple things fundamentally with your strokes that you could do better to help
you just allow you to hit a bigger ball which is part of what this video is
about so you’re according to you you’re a 4.5 which I believe and I consider
myself maybe a 5.0 plus even if I am not playing competitively at the moment I
still can strike the ball pretty well so yeah I think you said it yourself you
know the ball I hit was pretty big it kicked up it really struggled you
struggled to handle the ball and that’s a bit that’s an important comment
because really when you do go from one level of tennis to the next it’s usually
not that people become smarter tactically although that can help the
biggest difference is the quality of the ball the speed of the ball not targets
getting smaller not tactics getting better but just a bigger ball coming
faster and and that changes everything it makes you have to recover sooner anticipate earlier move faster obviously
prepare earlier and I think you know having that topspin that I hit the ball
will actually take off a little faster sometimes after it hits the ground so
you can’t be you can’t prepare rhythmically like a lot of people do you
have to get your racquet back in front of the rhythm you have to
have a 2-part swing and there’s an unforced error by me I’ll certainly give
you unforced errors now I will say and I’ll stick to my guns on this that one
of the reasons you didn’t do as good initially as you just had too much
respect for me I feel like you had too many balls
you’re trying to hit away from me Bobby let’s go back to this one return
here though I just want to show you as far as a fundamental issue I think we
should go back and you should take some time to look at your forehand ground
stroke I’m granted you were probably just
trying to block this back but even if you’re blocking a ball back one notice
how your center of gravity is falling backwards so if you’re just blocking it
back you shouldn’t be falling backwards so you have opposing vectors you’re
gonna see this a lot with yourself your center of gravity is going backwards
while you’re trying to swing forward but also this racquet face being in this
position kind of slightly tilted up you see you try to save it with a really
strong forearm flip here at the end you won’t see me do much of that because
that racquet face needs to be in a better position here kind of closed or
tilted down to the ground so that you don’t have to do this forearm flip
creating timing and whatnot on the return of surf so I’m gonna look at that
racket face behavior underground strokes so even here you know this this whole
rhythmic playing thing so this ball I hit Fabio it’s never not in your contact
point you could hit it now now now you can even hit it when it’s at its highest
now if you wanted to but I think either you’ve been trained to or you have this
perception that you have to have this perfect contact point so you get so far
behind the baseline again your center of gravity is falling backwards this was
not a hard kicky Ball Fabio this was an easy ball but you’re just constantly
letting the ball play you and it’s not to pace the ball it’s because you do it
even on slow balls Fabio it’s it’s more of a mental state of just being in the
rhythm so now look at the opposite eye I’m still finishing my follow-through
here I’m still getting back to the center and if you were hit now I would
just be settling back in where I’m going but look how much
it gives me to just kind of get settled in read your racket do more data take in
more data and information I might have not even be able to run around this
forehand so the this the type of manner in which you prepare Fabi I’d like to
see more in front of the rhythm you know and just little things you talk about
the speed of the ball let’s go back to this shot this is important you had a
pretty big nice big ball over here okay but look how you’re just in the air
falling you’re hitting but your body’s just your Center of guys nothing you’re
not hitting in a way that anticipates having to get back to the middle
so you’re still airborne dropping you take one steps two steps it’s just gonna
take too long for you to get back and since I will not prioritize my contact
point I will just hold my ground and take the ball earlier I have lots of
open court over here to hit my next ball to which is gonna make you struggle and
now I’m just gonna keep control the point from here on out so preparing in
front of the rhythm five but not getting rhythmic having footwork and hitting
wide ground ease in a way that allows you to get back to the middle of the
court and again I think the biggest struggle though when it comes to
different levels is the serve I can just hit a big serve which your brain
probably isn’t adjusted or used to yet but I’m serving well this match other
than a couple double falls so that’s just that’s just tough now your serve I want a critique as well
fundamentally but I want to wait till you’re on this side of the court so I
can show you a little better but we’re gonna keep our eye out for again
rhythmic play backing up too much having your footwork and ball striking out wide
be done in a manner that recovers you back to Center sooner and that’s really
it just you know spending less time observing as the match progressed I think you know
you got more calm and settled and just more more eager more open to rallying
you know I think you certainly hear Fabio I gave
you a short return and you did exactly what was what should be done with it you
head to the open court I probably would have come in behind that ball Fabio you
did a nice aggressive ball all I can do is go back to the middle I can’t I can’t
direct this ball so you could have been volleying if you’re standing right here
you could have had a good chance of volleying that to the open court so I
would always be thinking about you know if you if you had your Paul opponent
vulnerable sneaking in even the most stereotypical baseliners like Rafael
Nadal will will be at the net if they smell blood so let’s look at this one
again there’s to me there’s reasons why you know you just are so what long out
wide yeah see I would have been right now I would have been landing with your
right leg not your left leg so you can change your footwork where you
prioritize this right leg and it’s planted and landing it’s if your weights
on your outside leg and it helps you to to be back Center faster but since you
step with your left leg on this and now your right leg and now your left leg
again and then a little shuffle you know this is just all unnecessary Fabio
because of the the way you timed your footwork to hit that wide ball now I
like that you’re using crossover steps to recover back that’s important but I
just feel like those wide balls you can work your footwork a little better so
that you can get back to the center now before we go over your serve I want to
show you the difference so my serve I do a pretty good job collapsing this link
right here so you see my racket drop back behind you see my elbow link
completely clapped here and I kind of stretch out my kinetic chain and I want
you to keep that in mind because we’re gonna go when we look at your server I
wanna show you how your arms a little stiff and you’re still not using that
elasticity in your body as well as I think you can another unforced error for me so we got about 14 minutes left I always
think it’s interesting you know we played two sets we were out there you
know probably longer than an hour edited down not including this time in between
first and second serves and missed serves we only played you know 19
minutes of tennis and that’s an age of the sport here again let’s check it out
how can you of how could you have timed your footwork and struck this ball
better see I think you should be planning that leg and hitting I just don’t think this legs should be
flying across like that now this leg lands you know but also
part of us the the rhythm thing you’re playing into the rhythm like you know
you want to be thinking hitting this ball earlier and I know it’s certainly
easy for me to say and you’re thinking yeah I’m doing the best I can with
getting the ball but just take into consideration the idea that maybe there’s a way to move to the ball a
little more effectively that allows you to recover back sooner because it’s all
about time the higher level tennis you get you get less and less time to
recover to the ball so we’re gonna just keep watching here a few more minutes
until we get to uh you serving on this side cuz I just want to critique your
serve technique we have a few good points here yeah a lot of motion that
backhand to Fabio I’m gonna go back to that friction sensation closing that
racket low blow the ball really getting lots of compression lots of rotations hitting the ball hard is much more often
a technical issue than a physical issue and clearly with yourself being a very
fit man there we’re gonna look for technical issues now now see how this
arm your elbow never really collapses here so it just looks tight your arm
kind of stays straight you kind of have a stiff arm to the ball this racket
needs to pass over your head drop more I need to lengthen the swing and that’s
gonna load up this kinetic chain more so you definitely have you know another 10
15 maybe 20 miles an hour more on that serve just from a fundamental change and
I think your ground strokes is while you get in front of the rhythm I think your
ground strokes you have more power and you just by making sure you close that
racket face low and this isn’t bad now like I took it on the rise and I
wondered weren’t doing this at the beginning of
the match so it makes me wonder did you just start taking the ball on the right
so you realize you had to because why these guys pushing me around or maybe in
this one too it kind of messed you up right tried to take it on the rise but
you haven’t trained yourself to be in front of the rhythm so you see the ball
coming your backhand so you kind of drift into your turn Fabio now you have
your racket somewhat back after the balls almost to you and then just
learning to take the ball on the rise it’s a skill that has to be practiced
well if you do it you can see how it keeps you in better position it takes
less time away from me or it takes more time away from me rather now watch a few
more points here Fabio I hope this helps let me know if you have any questions

David Frank



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