April 7, 2020
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Defense minister and two cabinet members Tuesday
Philippines 4-3 to American carriers are patrolling the South China Sea at the invitation of the
US Navy. According to a spokesperson at the US embassy
Molly Koscina Philippines, the US Navy has invited Delfin Lorenzana Defence Minister,
Finance Minister and Minister Carlos Dominguez Vitaliano Aguirre II Justice of the Philippines
visited the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson with 3 other Filipino security officials. US Ambassador Sung Kim Manila, who was also
present on the Carl Vinson USS, joined the Philippine officials watched the takeoff and
landing of F18 fighter jets on the deck, before meeting some naval commander Noodle. Carl Vinson USS – load 95,000 tons – was then
on a mission to patrol the South China Sea. The US Navy said operating 3-3 aircraft carrier
deployed to the South China Sea above is to ensure freedom of navigation and overflight
in this important waters. “We’ll be here” – Rear Admiral James Kilby told AP. “We will
continue to demonstrate (South China Sea) is a maritime route where all boats can go
back and people can participate in trading activities”. The visit by officials of Manila on 4-3 shows
the commitment between the Philippines and the US military despite Rodrigo Duterte Philippine
President threatened to “turn back” to ally Washington to tilt toward Russia and China.
Beijing not to comment on this surprise visit. USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier is nuclear
energy, can carry about 5,500 military personnel. It is part of a group of 12 ships attacked
American warship squadrons and 9. Patrol on China took place amid increased
sedimentation and illegal land reclamation in the South China Sea, as well as the deployment
of weapons and build a runway on the island illegally there. Mr Ernest Bower, senior adviser at the Institute
of Strategic Studies and International (CSIS, based in Washington), expressed concern about
the real intentions of China, such as whether this country has prevented sailing South China
sea or not. Also, many people wonder whether the US has
also served as a counterbalance to China in the South China Sea or not under President
Donald Trump. However, Mr. Bower believes that security officials of Mr. Trump can maintain
a tough stance on the territorial dispute.

David Frank