April 7, 2020
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Playing Golf in Difficult Course Conditions : Playing Golf: Trees

O.k. I’ve hit let’s say either a not so good
shot but sometimes I’ve hit the ball great and it just takes a bad bounce and lands up
against a tree and so in this situation, you may be entitled to a drop. But most likely,
you’re just going to have to get up to the ball and figure out a way to pop it out of
there. So sometimes these types of lies are where strokes can mount up because there’s
no good way. I can’t take the full swing, it’s up against the tree the trunk of the
tree so we can’t hit at it. So trees are something that can cause you a lot of trouble and they’re
best to be avoided. Whether you’re trying to hit through them it seems that the branches
and the leaves really can knock down a lot of balls. So trees are best to be avoided
but if you do get around trees or in trees every now and then you’ll get a nice channel
to get out of them and you’ll have a shot. But a lot time all you have to do all you
can do is just try to take this ball that’s behind the tree and just pitch it back onto
the fairway. So that’s all you can do and it’s one of the unfortunate things in golf
but it happens even to the top pros.

David Frank