April 7, 2020
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PRESNEL KIMPEMBE | Off Pitch | Vaincre la Mucoviscidose πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

I’ve been involved in the Virades for two years because I’m a dad. Meeting children like I’ve been able to today is something that is very important to me. You get to know them and you get to know their illness in the process. I decided to work with this charity. Gianni, how are you? You good? Yeah Feeling good? Yeah Did you prepare all your questions? Did you write them or are they all inside your head? I have everything. Ah ! That’s good How did you get the idea of becoming a footballer? At first, I didn’t want to be a footballer. I was into sports but I was more into combat sports like karate or kung-fu I started playing football because my brothers played football so I got interested in it and I wanted to try. And now we’re here. What about you, you like football ? Yes but when I play with my cousins With your cousins? Which foot do you use? Left or right? Left. Left? Then check, you’re like me. And which class are you in? Year 6 Year 6. Is school going well? Yes. Do you like school? So-so So-so? Do you have good grades? Yes But the most important thing is the behavior it’s just that you have to be quiet, if you’re quiet it’s okay How did you do the groin? How, I would not know how to tell you, but it’s an injury that footballers often have. It is a wound that we have at the pubis you see just below the abs, and I had the two orifices that were a little too open and I had to operate to close them. And I had surgery I stayed in the hospital one day the time of the operation and after I had to start the rehabilitation I spent 4 months like this but now look I’m doing well everything is fine, life is beautiful, I’m with my friend Gianni, everything is fine Is your boy in good shape? Yes now he’s fine because he had a complicated period too he was born premature. He spent 4 months at the hospital at birth, it was a difficult time for his mother and for me and today he is doing very well He will be two years old in a few weeks on October 5th And if you see him he is a battery, he is very tonic, always excited he never sleeps and otherwise he is very well thank you Do you go to the hospital too from time to time? Yes for my exams, for example I’m going on Wednesday because I gave a bacterium in my lungs And I’m going to do an ECBC to see if the bacteria is gone or I still have to continue my areosols for a month. And is it going well? Yeah. You’re feeling good? How often do you go to the hospital? Not very often. How often? Once a year or so. No? Three times a year. Do you know what the virades are for? Yes. Would you explain it to me? It’s to help researches removing muco. To find a cure for it. Will you be there? Yes, but only in the morning because afterwards I have circus classes and my Uncle’s 50th birthday after that. Are you going to run? No I’m just gonna walk but my sister is going to race with my father-in-law, Cédric, and after 2 kilometers she’ll be like « Dad, my foot hurts ». Your sister? Yeah. And do you run with her sometimes? Obviously yes. Who runs faster? I do. And who runs for the longest time? She does. I knew it. There will be plenty of activities like zip lining, magic tricks, she has not told me everything yet but I already know that there will be zip line, will you come ? I would have loved to but I can’t make it because we have a match this week-end against Bordeaux, at Bordeaux. Do you get in trouble sometimes? Yeah happened to me before with the Nintendo Switch. What do you do? It was time to sleep, I was asleep at my grandmother’s and my Switch was right next to me so I turned it on in the middle of the night. And you played, quietly, hiding? I did the same at my sister’s birthday so I got grounded. For a month. A month without Switch? Without Switch. How did you manage? I got myself busy with other things, like Legos. You should not make fool things. Just a little. I know how much you won yesterday,
1-0 Ah the Lyon Game, you watched that? No, but my dad tells me the scores every morning. Who scored? Neymar Okay that’s good. And last week against Real Madrid
3-0 Do you remember who scored? No he did not tell me. Di Maria scored two goals and Meunier one. Do you like Di Maria ? Yes He’s left-footed like us, did you know? Yeah after every physiotherapist session, we play football and Sophie scores I try to score goals but even when she’s on the computer I try but she comes back to defend her goal quickly She scores more goals than you? That’s because she’s taller, when you get tall when you get taller you’ll score more goals. Sometimes I manage to block her shots, but sometimes I don’t. Do you know how to do it? No You stay firm on your feet and when she gets close, you tackle her. You need to tackle, if you don’t she won’t get scared. When you tackle her, she’ll calm down a little, okay? Next time you do that alright? Sure? Sure. You put your metal boots. When will I see you again? I don’t know. Should we see each other in the 95, in our place, or at Parc des Princes? In the 95 In the 95 ? You don’t want to come see the stadium? I’ll invite you to a game at the stadium with your mom, Sophie and your cousins. It’s for the Virade Earlier I did an interview with Presnel Kimpembe, who is the sponsor of la Virade. He’s really nice to give money for it. We spoke about when he started playing football, how he got the idea of becoming footballer and he asked me a few questions If I liked football, I said yes with my cousins. We set up an appointment. Saturday, 28th of September, come run with us at Les Virades de L’Espoir, I invite you. If you can’t make it, give something to
virade-cergy-pontoise It’s important because the funds raised are used to improve research and the daily lives of all these sick children.

David Frank