April 6, 2020
  • 6:35 am THE REFEREE 2/2
  • 6:35 am Inside the School that Trains Umpires
  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
  • 6:28 am how to increase your concentration on ball while batting | Batting Technique | Cricket |
  • 6:28 am How to Play Cricket : How to Throw a Short Distance Ball in Cricket

What did you do ? What did you do ? No but I said 3 x 3 and you did only 200 (Swimmer) : “I’m sorry” Shut up ! OK ?
4,20 16 Full ass ! I will fuck you out if you fucking around with this ! What are you doing? Swimmer : “You didn’t said anything”
Philippe Lucas : “I didn’t tell you because you stop before the end” And you want me to give your times also ? Let’s go again ! Start on 2:15 Look at this fucking camera !
World champion of my balls (South French expression) Start on 2:15 so be ready ! 10 sec ! Philippe Lucas : “2×2 start on 2:15”
Swimmer : “Ok ! I understand ! So What ? you are at 2:13 ! What are you waiting for ? A bus ? I’m fed up training assholes ! I’m not kidding ! And you ? What are you doing ? (rude way) 3:24 ! 3:24 ! Come on you go to Olympic games ? What will you do there ? Driving the bus ? Hey ! I’m talking to you ! Now it’s Over !
Let’s add some rythm ! (inaudible)
On throw in, on melee we will go first ! And it will restart ! And it will restart ! And we will respect them ! And don’t make any fault ! Is that clear ?
I don’t know what to talk about ?!? We made nothing ! So what do you want to talk about ? Tell me ! Throw in ? Melee ?I don’t know !
Because we did nothing ! Dominguez ! when we make him a pass to […] Dominguez take the ball ! Turn around and Shoot the ball with his left foot And we are not able to put some pressure there ! Fuck ! For whom is it taken ? Clause ONESTA speaking to the substitutes players :
“So, don’t try everytime you come on field 10 minutes” To make your best match performance. What for ? Your status will not change in one day anyway. Christophe, you pissed me off When you discuss with the referees.
I swear that next time I saw you discussing, with your very bad english speaking with referees, I swear ! You get out ! And will not go again on field ! What this guy is doing ? Referee : “1st free kick, 2nd penalty”
Coach : “Ow !!” He is breaking our nuts there ! What this guy is doing? Coach : “Who is he ?”
Referee : “It’s a doctor” Coach : “Ok, but he is not allowed to do this !”
Referee : “This guy is injured”
Coach : “He is injured ??” Ok, i am sorry then. You have to look at yourself There is nothing to hope !
It’s a miracle to be at 1-1 A Miracle !
A Miracle ! When we have the ball ! We need 4 touch before passing it ! Fuck ! It looks like this is the first time that you play together ! Don’t think too much about Wednesday guys ! Because with things I see on the field too night ! Fuck off ! I tell it ! To everyone ! No kidding ! Minimum ! There is not the minimum ! There is no comitment in duel ! On every play there is almost a goal ! What the hell is going on ? We turn our ass… We don’t go… a ball… We stop. Arms on hips after 5 minutes What more ? What more ? Come on ! Are you pro ? Or amost amateur ? DO you think this is the best way to be great? You are going wrong guys ! I tell you ! I tell you ! Because your head will not recover so easily If you don’t want to… Just tell me ! Oh ! No need to say anything ! It shows ! So move your ass ! I want respect when I will get out of here ! I am what I am ! I am maybe an asshole ! But what I do, I do it all ! I just ask you this ! No ! I don’t want that !
I want you to get there ! Don’t crack ! No ! No !
This is not what I want ! You know what I want ! If we die ! I wanna die with you ! I got the balls to die with you ! I tell you ! I can die with you ! There is some old guys ! But this is not a question of old and young ! I can die with anybody here ! Players maybe not ! But I can ! I am sorry,
To not tell you again on the last timeout to make the fault
If we have only 3 points ahead On goal average
I apologize ! I had FORGOTTEN! That I need to tell you EVERYTHING! Like if you play basketball since this morning !! This is incredible that no one of the 5 Who can have the idea to do it ! And waiting for the punishment

David Frank