October 21, 2019
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  • 4:17 pm Breaking: Bruce Pearl still refusing to interview with Auburn officials and legal counsel
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Dude, where are you at?? I’ve been waiting all morning, you’re making me look ridiculous… No, I look ridiculous because I’m sitting here waiting for you to get here Would you just hurry up? What did you say? Nice of you to join us.. Sorry about that.. Oh yeah, I don’t wanna hear any more about your doctor’s appointments, about your so called “great granddaughters” recitals I’m almost over this we’re not gonna keep playing if you keep this up. Well I hope your game is as good as your conversation. I hope you fall while you search for your life alert button… I’m revolutionizing this game like talkies transformed cinema! Your serves are like latte foam art, it’s
useless and annoying. Ready? Pin that to your tweeter! Unlike your bout with mesothelioma, there is no financial compensation for this suffering! At least I still have full mobility in my knees… Game. Alright, there’s no way you’re going to beat me 3 out of 5, there’s no way… How long have you been playing? This is my second week. try and concentrate on the ball, your
generation is like a bunch of ADHD goldfish.. I’m gonna break your hip! I’m going to treat you like you’re
healthcare and drop you for a pre-existing condition You know, statistically speaking, you’re more likely to die sooner than I am. That’s… Stan? Stan?! No, no NO!!! maybe if the ball were gluten-free you
wouldn’t be so scared to hit it. I’m sorry did I violate your safe space? There’s no way you’re gonna beat me 4 out of 7. There’s no way… You’re a bit grouchy today, did your job outsource to a robot? I told you, Stan. I’m a rising social media influencer. Oh that’s right, you’re unemployed. My mistake. What?! That’s not true. Did you get a W2 yet? No, I got a W3. As in WWW dot youtube dot com/cowdizzy something or other look I’ve still got one job prospects
available than back in your day tell me Stan were you were you a butcher
a baker or a candlestick maker? That’s big talk for a man whose generation
continues to be exploited by us. You know what, you couldn’t even open the PDF document if it wasn’t for us! Just serve the ball, Bucko. I’m about to go Uncle Drew on your gazukus. There’s no way you’re gonna beat me 5 out of 9. There’s no way.. This is a real life game to five. Stan the man, vs. Cowdizzy, let’s get it. Hey gang, thanks for watching this
is Stan the man Gregory he’s alright at racquetball
so make sure you follow him on social media…he doesn’t have any social media,
show him some love in the comments It was a pleasure playing with you… And you have some excellent observation skills. thank you very much appreciate that all

David Frank