October 21, 2019
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Racquetball Strategies : Racquetball Game Plan Preparation

Alot of players take for granted putting together
a game plan which is enormous. A lot of players just come into these matches and just see
what happens and just rely on their skills, or rely on what they practiced, or rely on
the fact that they have been drilling and drilling for days and days and days and come
into these league matches or tournament matches. But, if I am watching a player that I know
that I have to play in that tournament and they are known for hitting these bomb drive
serves. If I know I am going to play against this guy who is hitting these huge drive serves,
I have to have my game plan on how to handle that. One of the best things you can do, is
whether leagues or tournaments, doesn’t matter what level you are on, write down some of
these things that you see these other players, that you know you are going to play, write
down their weaknesses, write down their strengths. Know how to go into these matches prepared,
especially if you have a tournament. A lot of people just go home after their matches.
The smart players watch the match that is leading into theirs. These two players are
playing, I have already won my match, I have to play the winner of this match. I am going
to sit here. I am going to watch both of them play and I am going to prepare a game plan
and when I play them, I will be prepared. You can count on that.

David Frank