April 6, 2020
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Raleigh Parks Tennis Director David Bell Discusses the Green Tennis Machine from reBounces

Great system. I think that the short amount to
time that you need to spend on it, make sure that you have
somebody indentified that will take care of the balls on
a regular basis just like anything. but it doesn’t take much time to do it,
assign somebody to do it. You get a much higher quality ball,
and I think any club could use this. Well we’re here at the Tennis Center
in Raleigh where we have 23 courts. We have a system wide,
112 courts, at 25 locations. But this is primarily where all
the instruction and league play are held throughout the city. I’m David Bell and
I’m the Tennis Director for Raleigh Parks Recreation
and Cultural Resources. Absolutely I had to
watch the testimonials, and see what people
were talking. I thought maybe it was only
for the largest of operations, but found out that you could do it
with any size operation. It’s going to help your average ball
be a much higher quality bounce, and get a lot less complaints
about dead balls in my cart. Most of our balls are not new ones,
so we’ve now been able to raise the standard of our average ball
is now a much better pressurized. We don’t get the complaints
as much with bad balls. Those are easier to sift out
when you only have a few, versus whole carts
full of poor balls. Now we have whole carts of
really well pressurized balls. We bought practice balls
for the ball machine and for our teaching and for our junior league play. So what we’ve done is eliminated
all the practice balls, because with the
[Green Tennis] Machine we know the ball is going to last longer,
felt to be higher quality. So now we buy a premium ball,
and don’t buy the practice ball. We can re-pressurize. So now our ball machine,
junior leagues, and our teaching carts
are all filled with a premium ball that is well pressurized. So it’s a much higher
quality bounce. That’s less than 10 minutes. It’s pretty easy with the bags
go in and the bags come out. The hose goes on,
and you turn on the pressure and get the needle at the
right spot and that is the end of it. Had our first pressurized
batch came out. We took them out with
a group of people and we tried to
bounce them around and find out what was different. After 5 or 10 minutes,
we forgot about the fact that they were repressurized,
and just started playing. So that was great.

David Frank