March 29, 2020
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Recreational Volleyball: “It Allowed Me to Meet a Lot of Good People.”

I have been very thankful to have the opportunity
to be involved with the YMCA here in the Scott Depot, West Virginia area. The YMCA has allowed my family to be part
of youth sports, which allowed them to develop their skills as they got older. It allowed me to be a coach, which allowed
me to interact with my kids, teach them the things that I learned as a kid, and it’s not
just me that utilizes the YMCA, but so many people in this community are thankful that
the YMCA provides opportunities to strengthen families and strengthen communities. I have been part of the volleyball program
at the Tri-County YMCA for eight years and although there are many workout facilities
in our area, I found that the YMCA is the only one that has programming not only for
myself, but for the rest of the family. It allows our family to have access to sports,
such as the youth soccer, volleyball, and the aquatics center. It also provides a great environment to be
socially interactive with friends on our team and other teams. It’s a fun family atmosphere that everybody
can enjoy, and it’s a good competitive sport. Go daddy! The adult volleyball league has been something
that’s been important in my live for several years. It’s allowed me to meet a lot of good people. He’s a great teammate to have. He’s very enthusiastic and athletic out on
the court. Brian is Mr. Positive. He’s always the first one to be excited when
we win or when we lose. And something that’s extremely important to
me is that my kids get to watch me win and lose and they get to see how I react to each
of those, and part of that is how to imbue both of them with good character. I like to watch daddy play volleyball because
it’s fun. At the end of his games, I get to go out on
the court and give everybody a high five. So after playing volleyball at the Tri-County
YMCA for several years, I’ve become an advocate in the community. If you ever want some great exercise and some
camaraderie, just come on out. It’s a great evening of fun and fellowship
and just getting out there and being active. And I can promise you that you’ll have a great
time and a lot of fun with new friends, old friends, and like I said, great competition.

David Frank