April 2, 2020
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RIT Men’s Lacrosse: 2016 All Access

>>You guys are matched up. Alright? The problem of this is that we’re going to end up with two shorties in both our attack. Alright? But we’re gonna have to deal with it. The day before our pregame
practice is more just to get the sticks working,
stretch it out, but then to fine tune our scout. Making the changes we need to make, really work through the X’s and O’s. Two hands! It’s more about prep,
It’s more about making sure that we’re
ready for the opposing team. Go to the end, scramble. That’ll do it. You’ll have some cameras in our locker room for our meeting. You’ll have cameras on that
pre-game tomorrow, and on the field tomorrow, it’s
televised and we’ll have this going on. You can’t let this be a distraction to us. Okay? You do what you do,
you go through your routines, you get yourself ready to play,
okay? Don’t let anything distract you. You come out here ready to play
tomorrow.>>Yes.>>Okay. You understand? Now bring it in here. Tigers, Tigers, 1,
2, 3, Tigers. Four hours before game time we try to get food in our system, two hours ahead we will arrive
at the locker room. The guys have an hour to
get themselves ready to go, and let them do their thing to prepare. [Music]>>Welcome to the Tiger Stadium,
where today in a Liberty League match-up in men’s lacrosse,
No. 2 RIT taking on the dutchmen of
Union.>>Come out today, support the heck out of each other all day. Alright? Let’s go. Tigers, 1, 2, 3, Tigers! [Cheering] Come on, let’s go! [Cheering]>>Dan LoBosco with a
goal for RIT.>>Josh Harris, he’s on the
ten man ride.>>Nice pass turned over to
Hossack, and here come the Tigers in transition. Shoots and scores.>>Good job!>>That’s a Fairport graduate,
Kyle Sterzin. Stauffer shoots and scores.>>You gotta go hard man! Better than that!>>Going down low, Nesbitt
making a save.>>Nice save by Nesbitt, RIT with a short handed opportunity.>>Nesbitt is going to get an
assist on that, how about that? Nesbitt to Lee the touchdown
pass if you willl. Over the top. It’s RIT leading Union 9-4.>>Listen, you played a great
first quarter nice and sharp. Okay? Everybody feeling all good about
themselves, and then at second quarter you shoot
yourself in the foot. There are three great transition
opportunities that we don’t capitalize on. Bobble passes, just unforced errors we’re killing ourselves
on that quarter. You just clean it up and play
with the same intensity you did in the first quarter,
and we’re gonna be just fine. Okay? But if you play stiff,
not loose, and try to be fancy and
flip balls and stuff like that, then you’re gonna get them
right back in the ball game. We gotta come out here with some confidence and have a great third period. Do not come out of this half-time flat, let’s come out flying. Alright bring it in.>>Let’s go boys, set the tone
in the second half. In transition, ditching it on,
feed down low, quick shot and a goal. Beautiful play. Sterzin –>>Don’t want you leaving your
mate, I want you to stay right on the wing, if you leave him by himself
then we’ll deal with that, ok?>>Through Tosaya Tosaya the underhand shot, Nesbitt is playing way
out here, mid field,>>Heads up!>>Now the Tigers got a little bit here that causes a turnover, the shot and a goal. Lee’s 5th today, no. 45 ground ball on the far side,
Tigers still at the possession, feed in front and a goal. That is Dave Shuster. and a transitional
goal, for RIT. Great win for RIT today,
A Liberty League win, and the Tigers move to 12 and 0 on the season. 19-6 our final score today,
from Tiger Stadium.>>Good game and good luck guys. Thank you. Good
game to you guys.>>That’s a great win for us today. Okay? We came out, we took care of business, that’s a Union team. If you give them some life
they’ll come up and bite you. Okay? And there’s a very good chance
that in a few weeks, you may be seeing those guys again. Very good chance. So, you know, respect them,
understand that. As we learned last year,
with two big wins early, they’re very capable of coming out and changing things up and being prepared, more ready,
the second time. Or the third. So, again, just keep that in
the back of your mind. Respect them, okay? But I thought we just came out
and did our job today and took care of business. We wanted it more. [music]

David Frank