March 31, 2020
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RIT Men’s Lacrosse: RIT v Nazareth 4-25-17

>>12 and 2, RIT taking on 8 and 7 Nazareth. Nazareth onto Burdick on the left side, it’ll be guarded by Hall, give it up quick shot from the outside and a goal. And now stepping on will be Killen, Killen sending it down low to Lee, Lee fires and scores. Vakiener, here’s the shot, leftie shot, and a goal, Braden Wallace, with the goal the senior midi from Oakville Ontario and it’s 2 on RIT. Tigers will clear as advancing is Aidan Milburn, Milburn stepping back beating it here’s Hall, but he gives it up to Lee, and it’s in the back of the cage. Salama, harassed he’ll give it up in the end, this is Cam Isaac, Isaac goes down low and that is in the back of the net Cam Isaac, over on the right side sending it over, Milberg shoots and scores. Vakiener, guarding Vakiener’s partridge. Goal by the RIT Tigers.>>So quick to move this ball around and it’s real tough of this defense.>> Hall fires and scores! Sovocool quick shot in a goal that’s Levick with his first of the afternoon. Vakiener, the Fairport product, fires and scores. It’ll go back here to Gray, Gray back up top, now over Burdick, fires and scores. So Nazareth making a 9 old run by the Tigers. McDonald fires and scores, Milburn cutting right up the center of the field now dishing it off the long hold the goal, on the far side, for the RIT Tigers.>>Quality chances for Nazareth turned aside by Nesbitt,>>Now I would say 7 for 7 there haven’t been any gimmies in that bunch. Now the golden fliers in transition, the shot in the goal so the rare transition opportunity and that’s Anthony Basile. There is McDonnell trying to go down low and, it is in. Leave far side, quick shot, and a goal. Back to even strength so Nazareth over three with a man up this afternoon here’s Levick, fires, scores. Transition is Lee going in all alone and Lee sending it down. Here comes now, the long pole down low this goes, shot, scores, that’s number 10 then tack it with the goal and Killen will step on. Number 7 sending over to the near side gets the feedback from Lee, Killen going all alone.>>Already with a 17 to 3 lead.>>Here’s the shot and a goal for the RIT Tigers. Rick Kronenwet’s the third goalie today for Nazareth, to see action here as the Tigers in transition dishing it down low and the Tigers in transition as Guay will come up with it, Guay gets upended and somehow scores the flag will come down as Burdick took them out low and that’s the second goal today for the freshman MIDI Julien Guay.>>Julien Guay with what could be SportsCenter top ten goal candidate here is the defenseman gets a piece of them also takes him down, bounces the shot off the ground,>>Sending it down low the quick shot and a goal. Back up top. Over the far side, shot and a goal, so Nazareth getting their first goal here>>He ended a game to find out who my selection is going to be.>>And there is Nick Arnold getting the goals. Murphy sending it back to Arnold. There’s a shot and a goal. Murphy will send it over to the far side, here’s the shot and another goal. The RIT Tigers winning that one will be Pogue and a shot and a goal.

David Frank