November 20, 2019
  • 11:43 am Lacrosse w/ Taylor Nissi & Nick Schmidt | Lacrosse
  • 11:43 am The Politician | Official Trailer | Netflix
  • 11:43 am Paradise School Officials Trying To Get Students Back On Track After Camp Fire
  • 11:43 am HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse doubles up Cornell
  • 11:43 am Sudsy Monchik Racquetball Training

We’re going to This is the money car you need to come early in the morning in the parking lot is – You have one time pay for $15 in the bottom turn The comic palette but no I know drone Chuckling guys competition look funny patent troll a signature sign Guys my wife you talk to detail my Roaming around and then may my display here Kenan Yeah, you know old Canada Drones are allowed to fly here in the clear Damn Naruto, you know them doesn’t rule a tropic doing Some type of full-time the centuries it work Oh Name and particular nah, man You’re up Santa Monica Sorry Tuffy My mango boom I’m a tourist Anita Oh Hello That freeway guys that’s one go into Malibu, California Recently two Cups Donita oh fuck. Let me down again boom box work Operation let’s get go away – bah-bah Workers Hurt Philip a stock dyno would be similar like They push closer violin You guys since I’m an owl today And guys resilient Amasa winner matter little more surrender no 66 route, California They’re rights did you guys Make life beautiful offender label the poster and for kids or adults I Nina I miss you Wow you got something big one And guys I’m going to and a potentiometer kanaka maoli In case how five here in Santa Monica And guys and rot 66 Okay, push loads sharp island Welcome to crowded area Santa Monica My baby Stirs you can go upstairs you have restaurants and you can like View the whole entire Santa Monica of the top I Know the ttwo building Here guys do have entertainment every corner has a different kind of new sector playing order singing So these guys is really nice I Mean work walking around So we’re going out the street Out to the town and we’re looking for food to eat Hi guys And the double south No Yeah, come on cooter analyst issue Bishambhar storks You’re very tired I like lamb. Hey guys Got that Naruto I Had a pile-on restaurant guanaco go to my guests went to come in a mall Kanaka high Pursued you know pizza, you know, uncle Donald presentation. Illa, Oh me Okocha and guys and and obito Syrup Marisol on our food black socks Like an hour six food court here is quad flat-pack We can choose here. You have some Bogert Tacos, so it just now it come for her french fries No There are already And guys my soda Vending machine here. It’s a new one. It’s a thousand kind of Brand of solder. I don’t know how to use it and guys up on a fan it’s a brand new for me and guys And guys well chocolate lovers and the American chocolate Yeah may mush marshmallow dip in chocolate And guys This is the mall of Santa Barbara Santa Monica. Then guys my playground Russia And Max is filled by not only his sons – Yeah Wait, wait, wait, wait wait Oh the house of Kelowna, oh Wait, wait go Thank you guys for watching my video This is the end of our tour on Santa Monica so Keep updated guys Baboosh

David Frank