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Saudis Gave Obama Officials With Suitcases Full Of ‘Special Gift,’ Now We Know Sick Reason Why

Saudis Gave Obama Officials With Suitcases
Full Of ‘Special Gift,’ Now We Know Sick Reason Why
While on a tour to promote his new book, The World As It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White
House Barak Huessin Obama’s former speechwriter and deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes
confirmed Saudi officials lavished visiting Obama administration officials with suitcases
full of jewels during a 2009 visit. Here is the passage in question: “After landing in Saudi Arabia in June 2009,
Rhodes writes, US officials were taken by golf cart to “identical housing units amid
the rolling desert”, in a compound owned by the monarchy. “When I opened the door to my unit, I found
a large suitcase,” he writes. “Inside were jewels.”
Rhodes initially thought it was a bribe aimed at him because he was writing the “Cairo
speech”, intended as an address to the Muslim world, that Obama was due to deliver in Egypt
on the next stop on the trip. But then he found that others in the White House delegation
had received similar gifts.” The UK Guardian followed up with an email
from with Rhodes who said he and the other officials who received the bags full of jewels
all turned them into the State Department’s protocol office since you have the option
to buy them but considering each bag was worth tens of thousands of dollars no one ever ends
up keeping the gifts. Rhodes recalled everyone turning the bags in. The Guardian also went on to note that the
late Saudi King Abdullah also presented First Lady Michelle Obama with $132,000 in ruby
and diamond jewelry. A gift which the Obamas turned over to the U.S. National Archives,
as required by law. The protocol mandates that gifts must generally be accepted to avoid
giving offense but the gifts must be either purchased by the recipient or turned over
to the U.S. government in a bid to avoid foreign entities buying favor with our politicians.
Here is more on this via U.S. News: “For the president himself: a gold and silver
watch, estimated to be worth $18,240; a gold-plated brass replica of the Makkah Clock Tower, estimated
at $57,000; and another watch, this one white gold, estimated at $67,000. In total, these items are worth about $142,240
– chump change compared to the money Abdullah dropped on First Lady Michelle Obama. From the king, FLOTUS accepted a diamond and
emerald jewelry set, an estimated $560,000 value, and a diamond and pearl jewelry set,
worth about $570,000. Obama daughters Sasha and Malia received a
diamond and emerald jewelry set and a diamond and ruby jewelry set, totaling $80,000. To
share – and from Saudi Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud – the Obama
family got a model palm tree, several bottles of perfume, eight robes, three capes, a couple
of muumuus, a satin outfit, a velvet gown, and four ornate boxes. Overall bling total: $1,352,240.” More on this via the AP: “After striking an elusive nuclear deal
with Iran, the Obama administration found itself in a quandary in early 2016: Iran had
been promised access to its long-frozen overseas reserves, including $5.7 billion stuck in
an Omani bank. To spend it, Iran wanted to convert the money
into U.S. dollars and then euros, but top U.S. officials had repeatedly promised Congress
that Iran would never gain access to America’s financial system. Those assurances notwithstanding, the Obama
administration secretly issued a license to let Iran sidestep U.S. sanctions for the brief
moment required to convert the funds through an American bank, an investigation by Senate
Republicans released Wednesday showed. The plan failed when two U.S. banks refused to
participate. Yet two years later, the revelation is re-igniting
the bitter debate over the nuclear deal and whether former President Barack Obama was
too eager to grant concessions to Tehran. “The Obama administration misled the American
people and Congress because they were desperate to get a deal with Iran,” said Sen. Rob
Portman, R-Ohio, who chairs the Senate panel that conducted the investigation. And Republican Rep. Ed Royce, the House Foreign
Affairs Committee chairman, accused Obama of trying to “hide a secret push to give
the ayatollah access to the U.S. dollar.” Not so, former Obama administration officials
said, arguing the decision to grant the license adhered to the spirt of the deal, which included
allowing Iran to regain access to foreign reserves that had been off-limits because
of U.S. sanctions. They said the public assurances that Iran would be kept out were intended
to dispel incorrect reports about nonexistent proposals that would have gone much farther
by letting Iran actually buy or sell things in dollars. The former Obama officials disputed that the
momentary access to U.S. banks to convert funds through the dollar constituted “access
to the U.S. financial system.” What’s more, they dismissed the report as another
example of a faulty approach to Iran policy by Republicans and by President Donald Trump,
who last month withdrew the U.S. from the landmark 2015 nuclear accord. “They continue to malign the deal in an
effort to justify President Trump’s unjustifiable decision,” said Ned Price, who was Obama’s
White House National Security Council spokesman, referring to GOP lawmakers.” The truth here is that the Obama administration
needs to answer for their alleged crimes. And answer quickly, this isn’t a case for
letting “History” explain things decades from now. Obama and his associates need to
stand trial if they are found guilty of any crimes.
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    it's that pay off ! For sale out the U S People ! Right Sure they Turn it Over ! Bull Shit !

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    So the Jewell’s ended up in the Clinton Foundation

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    criminal traitor

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    Obama is a sick stupid con artist that should never should have been president.

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    Money kickbacks. Illegal as hell. This will put him in Gitmo fast.

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    Were these gifts given to the government?

  8. Joe Dell Posted on June 8, 2018 at 1:50 am

    Would it be hard for anyone to guess where the Saudi's are coming up with the money to pay for billion's in military arm's, and all this cash and jewel's their buying favor's with.
    All they have to do is double the price of gas and WE pay for it.

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    Obama is the Antichrist.

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    **Other EVIDENCES on top of piles of more EVIDENCES .. but again .. no GITMO !! .. That stinky PREY is guilty as hell but WE need more EVIDENCES, what WE have is not enough to drag that EVIL thing into GITMO**

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    They're the property of America, jail him.

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    Isn't that money laundering? Don't blame those bankks.

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    Hang his ass don’t let that fake liar who’s never been president not having a birth certificate from America an being a traitor,treasonous,murderers, liar,

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    Yeah trump dance with them what did he get?