March 29, 2020
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School officials monitoring bat colony near Middleburg High

well earlier this week during a basketball game a number of bats made their way inside the gymnasium ooh well the game was cut short in the gym was cleared without internet it was for Jax reporter Zach lastwe joins us now live from outside the school along County Road 220 and Zach as a school elaborative him just how they’re gonna solve this problem well in a statement they said they will continue to monitor this situation but they will be taking all extra precautions to ensure the safety of all people and all bats while school was in session on Thursday a pest control company was on location at clay County’s Middleburg High School the school’s coordinator of communications confirmed with me they were on campus to offer advice on how to move forward with its current bat situation the school released a statement saying quote the district’s maintenance team is currently trying to locate where the bats are entering the building and if there are any bats actually residing within the ceilings of the building according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission this incident was never reported to the agency Katie teats is a bat monitoring coordinator with FWC she says as chaotic as it might have been Monday night inside the gym people were not in danger now as the school continues to explore options to remedy this situation they say they are complying with all state and federal regulations when it comes to removing these bats as some bats are a protected species I also know a wrestling tournament that was scheduled to take place here at Middleburg high school this coming weekend has been moved to take place at Orange Park middle school that’s according to a wrestling coach part dissipating in the tournament we’re live this evening in Middleburg I’m Zach Lashley channel for the local station Zach when they were discussing this did the Commission mention what people should do with a bat maybe gets inside their homes well joy first and foremost you’re going to want to remain calm you’re not going to want to panic and know they are probably more frightened or more scared than you are you’re going to want to turn on all lights inside your home bats are not blind believe it or not you’re going to want to close the doors to adjacent rooms and open all exterior doors and windows to the outside also do not chase the bat as it in time will probably fly out on its own and if the bat does not fly out on its own you can try capturing it gently but never handle or touch a bat barehanded the commission also says less than half of one percent of all bats contract rabies so it’s a very small percentage of you actually contracting rabies from them all right a lot of great advice that glasha way reporting live for us tonight Zach thanks

David Frank