April 5, 2020
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  • 6:35 am Inside the School that Trains Umpires
  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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  • 6:28 am How to Play Cricket : How to Throw a Short Distance Ball in Cricket

[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s going pretty well. We get a lot of
freshman guys that are getting some
ample time right now. We think there’s a
few freshman guys that are going to step in and be
major contributors right away. A lot of senior leadership. 14 seniors. So a lot of good things are
coming out of those guys right now. Preseason’s been
going really well. We’ve thrown in a bunch
of different wrinkles for our offense. Our defense is
looking excellent. Every day they’re
pushing us offensive guys to be the best we can be. I think this is the
best defense we’ve had since I’ve been at SNHU. It’s good. We lost some good guys. But we have a lot of
freshmen coming in. We started off with
a scrimmage at Keane. Saw some good things,
some things to work on. And then our last scrimmage
against Northeastern to wrap everything up. Obviously, this last
year was a great success. And we all were pretty
happy about all that. But we also recognize
and realize that this is a whole new season. Everybody in this conference
is getting better. So we just have to
do our work and try to maintain what we
were doing last year and try not to change a
lot of our philosophies. Keep the same things,
the hard work, and just getting
after it every day. Our goal is to go even
further than last year, make another maybe two
games, three games, make it as far as we can. The goal is to win the NE-10. Really set big goals
for ourselves this year. The mindset is to
build off last year. Last year was the best
year in program history. And I think all the guys in
our team are on the same page. We’re not going get complacent. We want to strive to beat that. We’re going for a top three spot
in the conference this year. We had a young
defense last year kind of working together, trying
to figure ourselves out. And then this
year, we have a lot of kids coming back that played
all last year, some freshmen that are really coming
in well on defense. So I think we kind of found
our identity a lot earlier than what we had last year. It’s been the same mindset. We know it’s a different team. We lost a couple key
guys, but certainly know we have a lot of
key members coming back. I think that keeping
these guys focused on the hard work and hard
work pays off and make them understand that part. Starting off, Merrimack,
Adelphi, Le Moyne, it’s very important
because it gives us a chance to set a standard
for the rest of our season. Playing against
those three teams was real important last year. And I think that’s what
led to our success after. We went 9 and 1 after
we played those guys. So really important. It’s good to get
them in the beginning because we know what
we have to work for and what we’re up against
throughout the whole season right after we
finish playing them. We play the toughest teams. So after we play
the toughest teams, we know how hard we have
to work throughout the rest of the season. Hopefully, get to see them
in the playoffs again. This schedule is set up exactly
the way it was last year. It’s a battle. I know we’ll break our season
up into five-game segments like we did last
year and understand that the first five, or probably
three out of those first five, are the toughest games
we’ll face all year long. But the mindset of our players
is that really, let’s battle, let’s put ourselves in position
to compete with those guys. Then the next five games are
the biggest part of our season. That’s the thick of it. That’s the most meaningful
games that we need to have. Because those are the
teams that are battling for that number four,
five, six, or seven spot in our conference. So we feel that that middle
section of our schedule is probably the most important. And that was exactly the
way it was last year. Everybody’s better. So we just gotta make sure that
we prepare ourselves each game and get ourselves
ready for those five. We can’t really look past
any team in the NE-10. Every team is really strong. You never know what’s
going to happen each year. 2015, we came out pretty rough. Then 2016 was a lot different. This year we’re kind
of hoping to get off on a hot foot against
Merrimack first game and just keep it
rolling from there.

David Frank