April 5, 2020
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Senior Rachel Gaston Nearing 1,000 Career Kills

We’re here with Rachel Gaston Bridgewater
College volleyball Senior rachel gaston. You guys been having a
really strong year so far, 17 and 1 halfway through the season Talk
about ODAC Competition Pre-season competition how are
things shaping up preseason competition went really well
we played some good non-conference teams and helped
us grow and learn like how we work together as a team and so
that really helped us move it into conference play especially
as the games got harder. You know with like Lynchburg I think
the conference schedule really builds
up nice so that we felt based our toughest opponents as trying
to peak and go up like we haven’t
peaked yet but as we continue to improve, we play tougher and
tougher opponents which helps so we’ve been working really well
together Talk a little bit about your win over Washington & lee.
There’s a program first since 2013. You beat the generals
How did that feel as a team coming into that game? I know it’s
a big one for you all I thought I mean obviously really
good we worked really hard on you know, just our game plan. We
execute our game plan really well and we were focusing on just
Not thinking of it as a another game, not just like they’re
the reigning Conference champions. They are just another
team just like us trying to get another Championship.
So we just went in with a good amount of confidence and just
stuck to our game plan and executed really well and it came
out as a win So your careers nearing its end. You’re
also close to breaking a thousand kills. You’d be breaking
top five in that career kills in program history How have
you grown to reach that milestone I definitely think I’m
a way different person than I was a freshman I think that erin
and macon and our other previous coaches have really instilled
a sense of confidence in me like before when I first started
here, I didn’t really have the confidence to go out and be
a leader on that team like I knew how to do it but I could never
actually do it. So I think they gave me confidence and like
help me build a strong foundation just not just to be like
a good leader but a good person in general and just have
a good recovery skills but teammates skills and like know what
a good teammate look like looks like So I think that Translated
into my play and just like instilling confidence in my
teammates as well like it’s not just about you. It’s about the
whole team and how everyone else has confidence too You have
a big match up tonight with Crosstown rivals EMU talk a little
about the royals and you’re kind of heading into that second
stretch the season it’s gonna be definitely a tough second stretch
but we’re ready for tonight. We’re ready for we’ve been
preparing for the past 10 days in practice So we look good
you look sharp and well rested which is good for us but I think
it’s gonna be a good game tonight and it always brings a lot
of fans so hopefully be a fun one tonight Alright. Well, good luck tonight
with the rest of the season Thank you

David Frank