April 5, 2020
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Setting – Volleyball Drills You Can Run By Yourself | Bellevue University

Hi my name is Trish Siedlik, Head Volleyball
Coach for Bellevue University. I have Katie with me here and we’re going to go over volleyball
drills to run by yourself. Let’s go! The next drill we’re going to do is “setting”. I’m
going to have Katie overhand toss to herself and set against the wall. As you can hear,
she’s saying “mine” before she calls the ball. Her window is open and her thumbs are back.
And she is getting her feet to the ball. Now the next drill I’m going to have you do is
a short and high setting drill, OK? And I’m going to have you set short just a little
but up here. And then set high on the next one; a couple feet higher than that, OK? Go
ahead. Her window is up. She’s going to set short and high. The window is up again. Her
weight is forward. And, again, she’s calling the ball every time. Make sure when you are
doing this drill at home, or wherever, make sure that your feet are balanced with your
right foot slightly forward. Again, your window stays up. And you’re never crossing your feet
as you are moving. We hope that these drills will help you learn a little bit more about
volleyball. Especially when you don’t have a partner to play with every time. Check out
BUBruins.com for more information about Bellevue Athletics.

David Frank