April 5, 2020
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Shenandoah University Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Lindsey Lutz

I think the best thing about coaching
women’s lacrosse, or coaching in general at the college level, is being able to be
an impact in the student-athletes’ lives for four years. And the job opened; I was very familiar
with Shenandoah because I played in the USA South Conference at Methodist
University, so when I’m this job opened I applied and I got the job and I’ve been
here now for eleven years. I think it’s a really impactful time in their life and
I get to know these student-athletes on an individual basis and I get to see
them grow from the age 18 to 21/22 and it’s just a great experience to see them
flourish during those times. My philosophy in coaching really comes down
to the relationships with my student athletes. I think at the core of what
we’re doing in the women’s lacrosse program is to focus on those individual
relationships and really enhance each one of our student-athletes to reach
their full potential on the field. I think as a coach being here 11 years, I
am still working to be better every day. I mean, I think just as when I took this
job at 23, I think I’m working to improve to get better, to change each year, and
really develop as a coach. I think I have a lot more growing to do and I have a
lot more to do with this program here at Shenandoah. I think my relationship with my
team members has grown tremendously. I think now that I’m old enough, that they
see me as someone that I can mentor them. I have been through a lot of the things
that they’re dealing with as student- athletes, I can help mentor them and help
really kind of through this impactful time, their four-year career.

David Frank