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Lion…! Hit him Get out You might have seen a lion
in a photo, movie or TV Even in a cage Have you seen it stride
with pride in the forest? Have you seen it hunt its prey
with a barbaric vengeance? ] SUB by SREERAJDESIGN It weighs about 1 1/2 tons
when it strikes you Do you want to see it? See for yourself I’m resigning my job now Very good, Duraisingam As per our plan you have
publicly resigned now But our chief minister himself
has posted you in Tuticorin …as Deputy Superintendent of Police Thank you, sir Weapons are being smuggled
into India through Tuticorin Our Intelligence department
has gathered this information But there’s no such report in
our police or coast guard records You must observe the city, especially
the shoreline for 6 -12 months The day you feel you possess
the required information… …take charge as DSP Sir…! Only 3 of us are privy
to this information If you want, you can
share this with your wife No, I won’t tell anyone I’ll bring the entire network
under my control And take charge
as soon as I can “Striding into a forest dense
a daring lion with gaze intense” “When I look around
even the seas boil to pound” “This lion is out to survey
in a frenzy to hunt its prey” “Flick of my finger, a pounding stone
as anchor into the sea can be thrown” “By the sea-side, 24×7 he plays
To size up a man is his job always” “I’m a denizen who fights when bored;
since born here I’m also short-tempered” What’s wrong with him?! This cop is now like
a deflated balloon!! “From my roaring duty I disengaged
Now in different colors I’m camouflaged” “Alone I sat and spotted a strategy
Trap wrong-doers, I signed their elegy” “I play my role to the hilt
To find the dirt and desilt” “You’ll know later, won’t tell any name
‘Hide and seek’ is now my favorite game” “if there are 10 rowdies in our town
I’ll pick them all in a style of my own” “Fighting over religion or caste so clannish
your goals you relinquished, how foolish!” “Addicted to drinking all through the day
Abandoned your family, you went astray” “Work is worship
should be your fillip” | SUB by SREERAJDESIGN “Caste is a shackle to success
Blast this sham to progress” “To enjoy, we have just 1 life
Live in unity without strife” “Pearl city’s landmark is its harbor
God Muruga is our forever protector” Unload the stuff carefully Carry it properly | SUB by SREERAJDESIGN Careful…don’t be in a hurry Hello…? Weapons are being
smuggled in Muthayapuram – Who are you, man?
– It doesn’t matter who I am They are loading the stuff You can catch them red handed Tell me, sir | SUB by SREERAJDESIGN Someone is informing the station
about your trafficking activities Find out who he is Some random stranger
is reporting our activities Sub-inspector called us now He must be hiding
somewhere here Search and grab him He’s running over there Take your bike
and chase him Don’t let him escape Start the bike Go fast…quick! Who are you? What do you want? Kill him Bhai…!
(‘Brother’/ Kingpin) – What, bhai?
– 90 crores worth of stuff Like buffaloes, you were here
That’s why I went to sleep You saw the man, got royally
thrashed and let him escape!! Bhai, I was busy
safeguarding the stuff Our boys were
a little careless Careless?! 150 miles of sea is under our control
From Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari Who is he? A single man has
hit 10 of our men Must be Punnakayal David Why do you think that? He has smuggled stuff from Ceylon
twice without our knowledge That’s why
I suspect him Don’t let him go scot-free
Finish him Let it be a lesson
for the future Kill him with
an eye witness Catch him Maari…! Boat…move the boat Look Sagayam! I am
in no way involved in this Where were you last night? I don’t have to
tell you all that You don’t have to tell me I don’t have to
spare your life David…! Tie him to a stone and
give him our ‘sea-farewell’ I haven’t seen anything
I won’t tell anyone Tuticorin should know
my might, right Tell everyone
what you witnessed Secure the knots properly Oh! David…! Sathya…careful Sshhhhhhhh! Computer science question
paper has been leaked out, sir Sir, I had neatly
stacked the papers here Now the papers
are upside down Where is Susai? Go…! “All seas hearing his name
will applaud and acclaim” “Heights he scaled globally
Moon wants to visit him gladly” “Ro…bot” “Robot…!” Get up…! Why have you
brought the dogs in? These dogs will sniff
and identify the culprit As if they can
sniff and find! Then what…will they smoke
‘beedi’ in the corner bunk shop? Excavator nosed fella! Susai, why is this dog
looking at me? Be happy at least the dog is
looking at you, science teacher Don’t stress me out Come on, Johnny Let’s go and
search the theft…! Come on…let’s go I’m doubtful if they
can find the culprit Are you ‘briefed properly
under your dhoti! Only a loin cloth Johnny might bruise
your ‘cradle’ a deep blue! Johnny…Johnny Susai, I think your dog
is starving from morning It made a bee line
to the bathroom! I don’t care if I am caught
by Blue Cross folks I intend stoning
all 3 dogs to death But Susai,
only 2 went in?! You are the third…! Run…run…he ruined my dogs’
mood with his dialogs Call the NCC master Parade…forward march Parade…halt Sir, head master wants
to see you immediately Why is ‘shrimp moustache’
NCC coming in here? You think he can find out? Even if the military arrives
nothing can happen Question papers are intact
It wasn’t scanned Copies were not made No chance of writing
all of it by hand so soon They might have taken a photo
or video in a mobile phone Is it Taj Mahal or Brihadeswara
temple in Tanjore to take snaps?! Madam, how long will it take to
prepare fresh question papers? She’ll take long to drape a sari
All that will be done fas- 1 hour, sir Please go ahead You might be a police officer But your investigation
methods make me laugh I’ll flick a question
paper from here… …and stuff it into the newspaper
of ‘bench mouth’ Physics master You pretend to search
and fish it out from there Why, pakki? (cheapo) I’ll get you a good name
You buy me a bottle of beer In Hindi does it mean
pakoda (fritters?) Means I’ll break
your teeth, pakki! What happened? Go straight to Madanlal street… …and hook Bhajan lal’s brother
Kirtilal’s daughter Pinky Lal And then…? Starve her and don’t let her sleep
night and day for a week…! Susaiiii! I intend learning Hindi,
you dumroo-mouthed fella! To find the ‘question paper’ thief
our man is standing so stiff! For a murder case, will he puff his chest
to the extent of tearing his vest? Why have you grown
your hair so long? Get it cut by tomorrow Instead of finding the culprit
you are pulling up students… …for not brushing their teeth,
bathing or cutting their hair! Hi Sathya Studied? Only practical exam Studied ages ago Sathya…come here Me…? Sir, she’s Thangaraj’s niece This is called
buying ‘trouble’ willingly! Why are you wearing
glasses today? I misplaced my contact lens
I’ve ordered new ones Is it wrong to wear
glasses to school? It’s wrong to steal
the question paper! Me…?
Question paper? Oh! Yesterday’s matter I’m a brilliant student, sir How…how…!
Susai…say something I did tell him pages and pages
of your history, my dear! You’ve taken snaps in your mobile
of the question paper in the office You missed your
contact lens then It’s not mine, sir It’s Bausch and Lomb
– 0.75, short sight 15 days once
Use and throw category I’ve confirmed it
in Crescent opticals You’ve ordered
4 sets yesterday Order copy ‘He has proof’ Sorry, sir Is this how you study? Our computer science teacher
threatened to fail the entire class, sir That’s why all the students- Don’t give me
silly explanations You are ruining
your school’s name I’ll tell your head master
to punish you during prayer I’ll ask him to expel you For his 7th sense, Bodhidharma
can give him a bouquet, no?! Shut up! Ma’am, 12th grade
Take Sathya’s cumulative record I don’t mind
if he had slapped me I’ll be so humiliated, if I’m made
to kneel in front of everyone “Like the fragrance of that ’tilak’
rejoiced worldwide…” “…your name and fame is known
in all directions, in every side” Geetha, will he punish me? “Praise unto You, Thamizh Goddess
Your youthfulness evokes awe and ecstasy” Sathya, looks like
they are discussing you Oh God! 12th grade Sathya Come forward Sathya, come here Students, today is… …Sathya’s birthday All of you wish her Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to Sathya Happy birthday, Sathya Sir, if it had been a boy
you’d have punished him Because she looks like
a delicious papaya… …you sang a birthday song
and sent her away Why, pakki (cheapo)? I took out her records
only to punish her Then I found out
it is her birthday Her conduct is good and she has
topped the class every year Wasn’t it wrong to steal? One who made her steal
is also to be blamed Then even the teacher
has to be punished I made all the students sing because
I scolded her on her birthday When will you teach me to row a boat
and show me around your area? Sir, is this Switzerland
for us to sight-see? All you can find here
are dilapidated boats And oldies with
1 foot in the grave Sea full of salt
Stinking coastline This is my area They might have
a buffet for pigs He is Sagayam, the bald guy
with a spine-less porcupine face! Notorious for his ‘sea-farewell’ of
tying men to a stone and dunking them How is he getting away with it? Bhai, sir
Brass pot-nosed chap! Tuticorin ‘salt king’ He has the police department
completely crushed under his armpit But one man scares
the hell out of all of them Thangaraj Who is Thangaraj? Glam doll who’ll dance
out of a Benz…Sathya Her father’s younger brother Owns ship containers, export,
import, all kinds of Golden business But Thangaraj is very clean, sir Time’s up I don’t want anyone
to disturb me for an hour Sir…central minister Did I disturb your walk
in the morning, Thangaraj? No, tell me, sir We’ve got a Govt. proposal for a new
harbor between Kudankulam to Periyathalai It will be official
in another 6 months Block 500 acres in that area
when land value is cheap Look how he walks
in the opposite direction Sir, Bhai is also walking Let’s go…it will only end in disaster
if Thangaraj and Bhai are seen together Just ‘coz you’re a customs officer
will you step into all ships?! Bhai, why? I was planning to
give him a ‘sea-farewell’ my style You shot him before that
What if someone betrays us? Who has the guts
to blurt this out? You leave this spot now Lift him Bring a bucketful
of muddy water Pour…rub it Quick…wash
the blood stains away Ma…? Have you eaten? Yes, I did I know your work
requires you to stay there At least you can
come home to sleep I’m a little tied up at work
I’ll come on Sunday Why don’t you visit
your father in his shop? I Will, ma Talk to him, dear – Who is it?
– Our son, Duraisingam I’ll talk to him later Just talk, no? Is father next to you? YES He didn’t want
to talk to me? Not like that It’s alright, ma
I’ll hang up now You could have
just said hello, no? I’ll talk…some other time “Will a messenger deliver
a very special letter?” When you clean, you’ll only litter!
Not get any letter, pipsqueak! Why are you so
vexed with life, Susai? Not even 1 teacher
is up to the mark here Which teacher? Does this English teacher
teach grammar or glamor?! Back of her blouse is a peephole
as huge as the ozone hole! Other teachers…? Tamil teacher
is not qualified Science teacher
lacks sense Geography teacher
is no genius! You think this whole
school is waste? Plug-point nose fellow!
How can a school go waste? This school covers 16 acres
Building occupies only 2 acres If we plot out the rest of the land
into flats, each of us can get 6 crores We can illegally ferry
across to Andaman… …buy an island each
and live life King size! Live life king size?! We are discussing special features
of our school seriously, sir We heard you condemn each and
every one of us, loud and clear! Did you think
I was a dumb-ass? – When did it get switched on?
– I did it by mistake, Susai You ‘white batter shallow-fried in oil’! You got me into this soup
by pulling words out of my mouth! Get out…as usual As usual, forgive me, sir ‘Oh Father who art in Heaven,
forgive me for the sins I’ve committed…’ ‘knowing or unknowingly,
intentionally or unintentionally…!’ ‘Show me your benevolence and
continue to use me to do Your will’ ‘Bless me that I may
be a blessing to others’ ‘About turn…!’ How are you, Duraisingam?
What’s the status? I’ve been conducting
coastal surveillance Weapons aren’t being
smuggled like we thought Something else is under way They are helping the wrong doers
within our department Next plan? I know some of the activities
within our department Please transfer Erimalai and Damodharan
who are now Sub inspectors They helped me in
the Mayilvaganam case – I’ll do so immediately
– Thank you, sir How is married life? I’m not yet married, sir Why? I went with Kavya to my hometown
to ask for my parents’ permission My father was so mad at me
because I resigned my job He didn’t agree to the alliance
He isn’t even talking to me now Sorry, Duraisingam It’s okay, sir
Thank you, sir You give all those commands
to our students, sir How can we
cordon off the beach? Why, ‘pakki’? Hindi command, dumb-ass! Oh Hindi…? 1-2-3-4 Beyond that Pinky Lal
did not teach me Hindi! Susai, time for prayer
Organize the flag hoist Okay, sir “Thou art the ruler of
the minds of all people” “Dispenser of India’s destiny
Thy name rouses the hearts of…” “…Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, Maratha,
Dravida, Odisha and Bengal” “it mingles in the music of
rivers Yamuna and Ganga” “And chanted by the waves
of the Indian Ocean” Hey! Who dared to hit my son? Who punished him, making him
kneel on the ground? I am asking you and
you are all busy singing?! I’m paying fees
Not free, right? Then why did you punish him? Who hit him…this teacher? This one? Is it him? That teacher, father Wait How dare you
hit my son?! Did you make him kneel? Run into your class Students…go to your class What gall…to hit him? Get out This is a school Get out Take the rod Hello…police station? Daiii…! While singing our national anthem
even if hit by thunder… …don’t you have the patriotic
sense not to move? 50 teachers and 1500 students are
standing here respecting our flag You entered without permission
Didn’t it trouble you? Elders teach us respect as
‘Mother, father, teacher and then God’ You manhandled such a teacher!
Which country were you born in? Too many political parties
are mushrooming and… …you don’t know the difference between
our national flag and party flags? If he isn’t punished today… …tomorrow he will become a criminal
and be beaten by the police If he doesn’t kneel
in the school now… …tomorrow he’ll be kneeling
in front of the jail warden Why plant this poisonous false
bravery in students’ hearts? He’s a rhino in police uniform Fighting in school premises Get up Get into the van Who beat them so bad
they are bleeding this way? I did Are you a school teacher
or a sumo wrestler? Deadly blows! They entered and
created a ruckus- Come to the police station
and tell your story, sir I’m a NCC master You should be an inspector
or officer to arrest me Or permission from
NCC battalion’s command- I don’t care, you can be NCC
or SSLC (secondary school) They came to hit you
I’ve boarded them into my van You have hit them
You get in along with them Hey white saw-fish!! Did you call
the cops and get him caught? He should have given you
Transfer Certificate right then He saved you and
you disgraced him Susai, I didn’t do it delib- You did it deliberately
Let ‘shrimp moustache’ come out I’ll overturn a bucket on your head
and make you dance Bharatanatyam Did you call the police? Sorry, sir When no one else budged,
why did you call the cops? I was worried those
rowdies might hurt you Good…during a crisis, this is
how one should handle a situation You have presence of mind
and intelligence, I appreciate it Keep it up, Sathya! Hey Sathya…! “I have no clue…this baffles me
I am in the dark totally” “Why does my mind melt this way?
1st time and I don’t know what to say” “Memories of you are fresh as ever
I’m not adept at hiding, I can’t sever” “I see in your eyes a rainbow
Why did I flip, I don’t know” “Never before have I
felt this high…!” “I’m clueless…I’m in a daze
I feel like I’m in a maze” “This is a 1st time feeling for me
My mind is as soft as putty” Take her to the first aid room Who is the next? No…please “When I wake up at dawn
my dreams still play on…!” “Even after the sun goes to bed
my school life thrives in my head” “With girl friends I’m not attached
Boy friend, you are still detached” “No longer chirpy, I feel shy
I’m tongue-tied, I don’t know why” “How can a volcano
(Erimalai) be patient?” – How are you?
– Good, sir – Why salute me?
– You are always our boss, sir Come in How come you are here? I shot ‘Mental Ravi’ who was doing
atrocities in our metro city… …lG got emotional and
gave me a promotion He has asked me to maintain
law and order here… …handing this lathi to me
in this pearl city, sir‘ Em
– 38H mm“
How did you land up here
as NCC master, sir? In college I already
had ‘C’ certificate I went to Nagpur camp
for 21 days training I became a NCC master How is Kavya madam? Waiting for me! Good morning, sir Good morning Good morning, sir Kavya…? Yes,daddy Driver Muthusamy
along with his family… …invited us happily for
his daughter’s wedding I am not happy I don’t know when
my daughter will get married Duraisingam has asked me
to wait for 6 months No way…we’ll go
to Nallur right now I’ll ask his father directly
why he resents this alliance Dad…? Inform Duraisingam immediately Palani, stop the car Why, dear? Kavya…can’t discuss this
if you are also with us Your mother and I’ll go – You go home
– You’re right, sir I must see all that happens
there in a video…’live’ Please help yourself You’re here, respecting me
and my family to fix… …the marriage of your
daughter with my son I don’t know what to say Why are these 2 girls looking at
the lub-dub from when they came in? Grandma, this is a lap top I rushed here impulsively, worried
about my daughter’s future Are you watching a film? Yes, grandpa Why are they all so quiet? Do you deliver your groceries
in a cycle or by van? Hey! Are we here to talk about
marriage or delivery details! I just wanted to
fill in the silence! Shut up! Sis, your guy is so quiet
Ask him to say something What are you doing? Say something I’ve argued to the best of my ability
It’s not working out Don’t spin your tales to me You are sitting silently with
hands folded next to your grandma I can see everything Where…from where? ‘Live’ telecast through
my mom’s mobile Sis…? What? Please take I’m a little busy…not now How can you be busy? Goneui I’d have accepted this alliance
if my son was still a police officer He’s not in a good position now Like ‘India cycles’, we can start
‘India Tubes’ in Tuticorin He can be managing director
and offer jobs to 100 others This is exactly
what I did not want Doesn’t matter if he is a son
who doesn’t listen to me Let him be ‘my son’! No, I was- Please leave Ma…are you angry with me? If no one is willing to meet
even quarter way, what can I do? Just a little longer
It will iron itself out Oh…my hand What happened? You could have been
a little more careful! “Everybody listen to samba
bumba rumba thumba” “Everybody membo jambo
bembo callin a party” “Everybody move it move it
move it move it move it now” “Everybody runnin
a coming its time to party” “When love knocks, my feet automatically
follow you like the wind breezily” “With affection if ‘I love you’ is professed
only on you, both my eyes get transfixed” Hey!! “When love knocks…” Susai…? Who is burping out so loud? You are coming on very strong? Love coming
Both feet dancing, sir Love…for you? Then what…cholera? My heart with a ‘To let’ board was opened
by a girl with a token advance Minor accident on the way Do you know how she- She is coming here, sir Arabian horse You’d have seen a horse on TV,
in a cinema, zoo, even in a race Have you seen a horse
dressed in a churidhar? If I take her to a corner and kiss her
I won’t sleep for a month, sir Hi, I’ll come down Where has he gone? Kavya, what a surprise! I didn’t expect you to- We are going back So I thought I’d see you
in person before I leave Oh God! I seem to have
bargained for trouble I hope you are not
upset with me No Not even a little? Sorry, Kavya If you’ve resigned such a prestigious job and
staying here, there must be a good reason You don’t have to tell me Neither will I ask Why? Because I love you I love you so much ‘Oh Father who art in Heaven,
forgive me for the sins I’ve committed…’ ‘knowing or unknowingly,
intentionally or unintentionally…!’ ‘Show me your benevolence and
continue to use me to do Your will’ ‘NCC’s future wife
Arabian horse’ ‘For all my innuendoes
about her…’ ‘Forgive me and
bless me, God’ Wretched fellow! Why are his pants
not sliding down?! Thank God! He has gone We are ready, bhai Are we getting
the stuff in tonight? No news from
Danny as yet We’ll get it soon for sure Who is this Danny, bro? If we are rulers of Tuticorin
he is king of Indian ocean He loads stuff in his own ship
supplies in each country… …and earns in millions Has he come here, bro? He hasn’t stepped down into
any land for the past 12 years He’s safe inside his ship
sailing the international borders Police are hunting
for him in many countries Seeing him is the same as
seeing Yama, the Lord of death “Pump it (louder)” “And pump it (louder)” “Turn up the radio” “Blast your stereo…right” “We rocking it (contagious)” “Monkey business
(outrageous)” “Just confess, your girl
admits that we da *** *” “So, turn it up (turn it up)” “Turn it up (turn it up)” “Turn it up” “Common baby, just-” Hey Danny! You can’t escape
from Australian police “Pump it (louder)” “And say, oh oh 0h oh” “Say, oh oh oh oh” “Turn up the radio” “Blast your stereo” “Right now” You bloody Australian cop!
You tried to catch me? You see…one day I’ll come to
Australia and start my drug business No…never…! Even if we die, we won’t
let you into Australia After you die… …how can you stop me? Stop me, man…you dead f*****! Who am I? King of the Indian ocean Got any call from Danny? – Where do I unload, bhai?
– In Tharuvaikulam Sir…! Erimalai, where is your duty? I was on duty in Tharuvaikulam Deputy superintendent of police called
and asked me to go back to the station That’s why I got back, sir Oh…okay Hello, tell me, sir Check and tell me
if Sagayam is at home It’s urgent
Call me back at once That ‘cemetery-skull’ is not at home
He must have gone into mid-sea – Finished loading, we’ll leave?
– Let’s wait for Sagayam bro Go…unload it Easy…easy Careful Come soon Careful when you cut it Good evening, bhai Why did you come here
in the middle of the night? There was a hitch last time You go ahead
with your work Brown sugar Quality stuff, bhai Susai, I need to meet the Father
here, introduce me to him His face is not look-able He’ll look like an old helmet
worth 200 bucks…no need Hey! What’s your
hassle with him? I took his robe mistaking it for
my ‘lungi’ and wiped my car tyre Why didn’t you ask for
‘confession’ to him? Does he own a video shop
to ask for films like… …’confessions of a shopaholic’ Why, cheapo?
No harm in hitting you Sir, I am Sathya speaking Why are you calling me
during school hours? When I was on my way to school
4 men kidnapped me, sir Whaaat? I am near the church in Manapad Come at once, sir Only 3 climatic conditions in Tuticorin
Hot, hotter and hottest! Don’t give me piles- Erimalai, come here Where, sir? Get on to my bike Kidnapping case, sir
Please let us inform the station Call Thiruchendur station
and inform them I’ll go UP Bring the police
if they come Give me your gun How can I- It will be fine with me
Give it to me Sathya…! Sathya…! Wait…you okay? Is anyone there behind you? What happened? Sathya…why are you quiet? Are you okay? Who kidnapped you? Can you identify them? No one kidnapped me, sir I li…lied, sir Idiot…! Why did you lie? Tell me So that I can talk to you
alone in some place Why should you talk
to me privately? What do you want to say? I love you, sir Are you mad?! Don’t you have any brains? I got so agitated, I came
rushing here in a state of panic Police forces have been
alerted throughout Tuticorin Look over there F0ol…! Remove your chain
and give it to me Give it to me, quick! Tell the police your kidnappers
snatched your chain away Thank God you came
home safe and sound Who the heck had the guts to
manhandle my niece? It won’t be a localit- Don’t spare whoever it is Don’t be in a rush No, bro…if anyone dares to
touch our family members… …I’ll ensure
his breath stops! In the whole of Manapad area, find out
who used boats from 11:00 to 12:00 noon I’ll amputate him and
bury him in the Maldives But what the police know, ensure
the press don’t get wind of it I want to meet the NCC
master who helped you Uncle…? Call him O Kay Good morning, sir Managing director
is in mid-sea All these cars
belong to his family Our boss spends week-ends
in the ship with his family Sir, coffee…tea? No, thanks Shall we go
to the front, sir? Hello, sir My uncle is waiting for you Uncle, this is our NCC master YOU 3119…? Duraisingam You were Assistant commissioner
of police in Chennai…? That was long ago
Now I am a NCC master Please sit down Thanks Have a drink? No, sir
I don’t drink Sir, that’s my dad, uncle
This is my mom…aunt Greetings Asst commissioner
to NCC master How did that happen? My father didn’t like me
holding a police job So I resigned my job And came back
to my home town Please help yourself No, I don’t want Fresh prawns
caught here We pray to Lord
Narayanaswamy So my mother doesn’t like us
eating meat during week ends You seem to be an obedient son? They mean the world to me Whom else will I obey? I wanted to thank you personally
That’s why I called you Can we- No…no, thank you I’m glad you called me
just to meet me I’ll take leave, sir See you, ma Uncle, I’ll walk him out Thanks a ton for visiting us, sir
My entire family likes you You have merged with
all the members so well If you talk with innuendoes
I’ll give you 2 tight slaps It’s a disgrace if a student
falls for her teacherl Keep that in your mind And change your attitude Duraisingam…? Sir…? I came to Tiruchendur temple
I’m at the guest house Can you come now? I’ll be there in an hour, sir Good morning, Thangaraj sir One Mr Duraisingam Former assistant
commissioner of Chennai Can you tell me
his exact status now? Come, Duraisingam Sir…! Any developments? They are not smuggling
weapons in Tuticorin But drug trafficking They’ve made
Tuticorin as their hub Really…? There are approximately 2900 colleges
and 8500 schools in South India, sir If 10 students in every college and
5 in each school become drug addicts… …turnover will be
1000 crores per annum! A student can even keep it
hidden under his nail and snort Even his parents
can’t find out They will realize only after
he becomes an addict Under the guise of drink-parties
drug-peddling is on the rise, sir Saddest fact is mostly
girls become prey to it Are you implying most
of the officials are sleeping? No, sir Occasional arrests
are being made But less than 5% Why shouldn’t you take charge
when you are so well-informed? If I take charge now, only bhai
and Sagayam can be arrested With proper evidence, knowing
where and who the suppliers are… …if we collect all the details and take
charge, we can crush them to a pulp For the action I intend taking
against bhai and Sagayam… …Thangaraj will come in handy Who is that?#01 businessman I got all the details
you asked for 100% he is not in the department His salary, gratuity, pension fund
have all been fully settled O Kay I have an important meeting Take charge of the students’
parade in the morning Get tiff in from
Brindavan hotel Okay, sir Hey! Find out where she is
going during school hours? Sathya, where are you going? I won’t tell you Then as if we can hear it
in the 8’0 clock news Sir wants to know I’m no longer a student here
I came to sign my Transfer certificate Why? NCC master told me that a student
should not fall in love with her teacher Now I’m not a student, no? I’m free to fall in love
with my teacher now? Whom are you in love with? Our NCC master only What do you think of yourself? Susai, today is February 14th Wish him on my behalf Happy valentine’s day Natural for a ‘sweet thing’
to love you when young And to get sugar
disorders when old! Don’t drag this
like a civil case advice Finish it like a petty case She shouldn’t take any wrong
decision because I am too strict That’s why I need to be patient Don’t blurt this out to anyone Okay, sir Happy valentine’s day Who do you think
is your valentine?! Teacher…! It was not meant for you I know you are
a family trophy And you are married
and have 3 husbands I know…ooops!
I meant 3 kids ‘Oh Father who art in Heaven,
forgive me for the sins I’ve committed…’ ‘…knowing or unknowingly,
intentionally or unintentionally…!’ ‘Show me your benevolence and
continue to use me to do Your will’ ‘And bless me that I may
be a blessing to others’ Let go of my saree…! The ‘ponytail gorilla’ would have taken me
apart piece by piece and mangled me “Be my lover
Wanna be my lover” Happy valentine’s day Happy valentine’s day What is madam up to? I’ve come out for
lunch with my friends We can only go in
as a couple it seems My ‘couple’ is busy
playing cop in Tuticorin You want to go in now
That’s all, right? How can I go in
without you? Who said I am not here? Are you here? It’s unbelievable I felt like seeing you I caught the 9255 flight “Yo…this is the chance
Let’s do ‘singam’ dance” “Everybody put your
hands up and say” “Welcome to valentine’s day” “Do the roll and pump up the beat
On the floor and say repeat” “Repeat” “Everybody put your
hands up and say” “Welcome to valentine’s day” “This is the day for
romance baby so” “Let’s sing and dance” “it’s ‘singam’ dance” “it’s ‘the lion’ dance” “Sunday…Monday
Tuesday…Wednesday…” “Thursday…Friday…Saturday” “We need an eighth day
every week as Valentine’s day” “Within me love has bloomed, ripened
Happily blood pressure followed to fasten” “L-o-v-e has fully EVOLVED! “Let’s sing and dance” “it’s ‘singam’ dance” “Let’s sing and dance” “it’s ‘lion’ dance” “Let’s sing and dance” “Summer…winter…spring…autumn
Seasons change in every region” “But only the love season
is universal under the sun” “Eyes and eyes merged and got affixed
Hey! Heart and heart collided and mixed!” “I came, ‘Ms Earth’ in search of you
to profess ‘I love you’ as your beau” “I love you” “Let’s sing and dance” “it’s ‘singam’ dance” “Let’s sing and dance” “it’s ‘singam’ dance” “Let’s sing and dance” “Everybody put your
hands up and say” “Welcome to valentine’s day” “Do the roll and pump up the beat
On the floor and say repeat” Get in Hey! Who the hell are you? Sir…? Let’s give the students a day off Why? – Whole city is in turmoil
– What happened? Yesterday Sagayam’s men on a drinking
spree, fought with Shakthi & co’s son, sir That boy abused
Sagayam’s caste Sagayam, got all riled up and threatened
to abduct Shakthi company’s daughter They’ve kidnapped that girl Don’t tell anyone
I’ll handle this They’ve even beaten a man to pulp Erimalai, I heard there is
some communal clash? Yes, sir Both groups have been
summoned to the collector’s office Sir…? Duraisingam, I heard there is
some problem in Tuticorin – You are crossing your limit
– Don’t talk rubbish Mind your words! Yov! Stop it Sagayam got into a drunken brawl
and abducted my daughter For that, why should your men
take revenge on his son?! Our dignity is at stake! If the girl is not back by 6:00 p.m
27 of us have guns with license If we shoot…there won’t be even
1 person alive in the seashore Erimalai, what happened? 0kay…! All due to clash of prestige
between these 2 communities… …8 of our policemen are
hospitalized and critical I’m in a meeting now
I’ll talk to you later, sir Don’t talk…without hanging up,
put that mobile in your pocket Do as I tell you We have no clue
what to do next, sir You go home, eat, sleep
and come back in the evening All we can do is
count the dead bodies! Sir…! Situation out of control What do you mean? I’ll take charge as DSP, sir Now? Yes, sir I have no option
This is the time, sir Please fax the posting
order to SP’s office I’ll rescue the girl before
6:00 p.m and report to you, sir Susai…take Mani
and go to your area Who is in Sagayam’s area?
Daniel, Anbu, Pandi or Charles Check and call me – Quick…!
– Okay, sir Sir…l am Duraisingam Deputy Superintendent of Police Specially appointed by Home minister
for the communal clash Sir…posting order from the office
of the Director General of Police Then…all these days? I was off duty
doing surveillance, sir Take charge Sir…! Arrange another meeting like the one
in the collector’s office this morning Carry on Force Sir, as soon as the representatives from
the 2 communities assemble here… …law 144 should be implemented
for 3 hours and block them here With a jammer, switch off
their mobile phones’ signals If communication is out,
half the commotion will lessen Vincent, no one should
land through the sea Alert the coast guard immediately Send a police battalion
to patrol the sea Don’t allow traders’
relatives into the city! Thiruchendur road, Rameshwaram road,
Madurai-Thirunelveli road, Meelavittan road Block all the check posts here
Don’t let anyone in till 6:00 p.m – Yov! We want to get into town
– You’d better go back now This is where the girl
was last seen, sir Call the dog squad Why are you all saying
whatever comes to your mind? They are all locked inside the office
of the superintendent of police I’m in Inigo nagar Call me as soon as you check
the number of boats at sea Okay, sir We’ll tackle the situation
despite the repercussion – Hello…!
– Call your men Give instructions to
implement Law 144 ‘An important announcement
to the general public’ Since law 144 has been enforced
no one should cross the limit ls there any problem? – All okay, sir
– Town under control, sir Anbu, Pandi and John
are out in their boats Call the rest 12 and text me 7 missing out of 12, sir 5 of them are not
picking the call, sir If they are reachable they are
picking only known numbers Those 5 numbers are
under Polpettai coverage, sir This is Polpettai center, sir That’s hotel Raj This is hotel Ruby If any problem, generally
which hotel do they book? Operate the jammer and cut
the surrounding signals Call their numbers
from a landline Line jammed, sir YES Sir…? – Check that room
– You check here Only 6 have given
the keys, 6 haven’t Open the door We’ve checked all rooms
No obvious suspects, sir Show me the record of the 6
who haven’t given the keys – When was room 406 booked?
– This morning That room is locked outside They can be inside
even if it is locked outside Each of you dial the number
of the accused in your phone We must call
at the same time Jammer off Call How can all our phones
ring at the same time? Don’t move Rascal…! Where’s the girl hidden?
Tell me Va…Vaan island, sir There’s a boat over there, bro Hey Anthony
Why are you here? The police know your whereabouts
So let’s leave the girl and escape Get the boat Come fast Police are in the boat
Save your skin Daiiii…! “As an underground seed he was in hiding
Today as a violent elephant he’s emerging” “He was in mufti loitering low-key
He is attacking now with his army” Catch her Girl…run “He’s a sentinel, eyes always open
Workaholic unafraid of any burden” “idealist, to his principles faithful
Guardian of all directions successful” Come, bro
Get in “Even if thunder roars, lion hearted man
For any hurdle has a fool-proof plan” “Unperturbed, level headed, persevering
Many such boons are his blessing” Watch your step! Selvi…! You saved our family’s dignity Thank you, sir ‘All these days why
were you a NCC master?’ Higher officials sent me here to
guide students who go astray To interact directly with students
I joined as NCC master in a school ‘ls communal clash
the cause for this agitation?’ No…2 individuals in
an alcoholic frenzy Good morning In 2013 our target will be 1 millio- Duraisingam is back EXCUSE me – What?
– He’s DSP now on! Really? Wowwwwwwwwwww! Dad, I want to
treat all my friends You should also
join us, mom Friends, my son-in-law has become
Deputy Superintendent of Police Here after even to buy vegetables
Kavya will travel only in a pilot ear! What? Just kidding! – Just kidding means?
– Means ‘chumma’! He looks like the actor
in the film ‘lollu dhadha’! When you were NCC master
it seems he created a ruckus That sub inspector Karim
is slinking behind the door Apeet (gotcha) or
repeat to our station, sir? Erimalai, you can find 10 piglets,
10 puppies, 8 baby donkeys But to find a young
bison like this is rare Such men will pounce and
graze wherever ordered They won’t know
rules and regulations But an officer with integrity
who will question the wrongs Call him in Karim Sir wants to see you You turned a blind eye
to corrupt police men You give interviews claiming
you are supervising students What is your idea, sir? Knowingly or unknowingly, I had
to take charge unexpectedly Bhai’s men are
watching me closely This is the only way to
make them believe me Karim, stick to me Yes, sir Karim bai, your lips are trembling
Your eyes are popping off their sockets No other higher official has
respected me this much But he treated me so well
and divulged all his plans I will do anything for him Sir…Duraisingam He is a police officer Invitations are ready for
our hotel’s inauguration, sir I’ll be back in India only a day
before the inauguration Send the invitations
to everyone before that Why are you here, sir? What is this? Will you make students
drink in govt. premises? My business will go for
a toss, if I consider all that Are you back answering me? – Which shop?
– This Internet centre “Daring and daunting whoever the foe
Even if his bosses hinder, he won’t bow” “Even if the whole town opposes, unflappable
Single handed he has sent them to hell” “Whoever his foes, unaffected
Brink of defeat, cool and collected” Don’t hold a grudge on
any of our past deeds lam a small fox
in front of this lion He has forgiven me! You remind me of the dialog
‘my dad passed away’ in ‘Nayagan’! “Majestic mountain, war hero valiant
Marches to the next arena triumphant” My son…? Tell me, father lam very happy Bhai bailed you out Only with this moustache, you look
like a lion starting to hunt its prey Don’t hype it! Hit him hard What’s the problem? He was loitering around
as a gypsy-soothsayer? Who are you? ‘Left turn
About turn’ Hey Susai…! Sir, you hit me again
in the same sore spot He’s really done a good
job with his disguise How did you
nab him correctly? He…?! As if he is capable
of catching anyone? Usually gypsies shout out
‘good time is around the corner’ I wanted to be different I said ‘sayangalam’ (evening)
‘rahu kalam’ (inauspicious time) So they suspected me
and caught me, sir He’s our boy
Let him go – You go home
– How can I go home? Because I betrayed Sagayam… …his loony men are out to
catch me with a rusty sickle For past 10 days I’ve been sitting
outside Our lady of snows basilica… …and in a dilapidated boat
terrified, bitten by stray dogs Tell me a safe place to stay This town is not right for you
You go to my house in Nallur My sister will take care
Can you stay in a village? If I can get food thrice a day
and beer twice a day… …any place is fine for me – Hey!
– Sorry, sir As a matter of habit
I spoke out of turn I haven’t got my salary, I’ll be
here for a week and then go For this 1 week can the police
guard me…with guns?! WhL-Dakki?! I’ll manage
with my catapult I’ll take leave, sir Why have they built
a wall of stomachl? Feed horse gram
to your horse 15 high school students Not 1 has a license
What do we do, sir? Confiscate their bikes and
ask their parents to meet me What? I’ve rejoined school
Just wanted to tell you this Good At least now
you understand Sorry, sir You said a student should
not fall in love with the teacher But no restriction
to love a cop, right?! As soon as you got into
your uniform, I wore mine! You are not in love It is after all infatuation Don’t confuse liking
someone intensely as love! Don’t ruin your
family’s reputation Listen to the words of a cop! Thanks for your advice But not a single word
you said entered my head Sorry, sir For past 10 days all the students are
running away from our department But this student alone is
striking deals with the DSP – How will you deal with this?
– You deal with the traffic This is called being
a ‘lion on the wall’ sir! Eri…!
Se” (Okay!) What did you tell
that policeman? Lovers have 1000 different things
to talk, who are you to ask? Lovers…? Black jaggery that has
sprouted limbs…get lost Oh! Kavya madam…! Don’t follow me – Isn’t that Thangaraj sir?
– Yes, sir Why is he driving so fast? Quick…move – Good afternoon, sir
– I need to sail now Follow that boat Let’s not go beyond this
Bhai’s boat is there Bhai…? Hand me that binocular Turn the boat Let’s leave this place, sir Thangam…! Head for the shore Let go of me A police man has been fooling
the whole town as a NCC master What were you doing
without noticing it? This mongrel kidnaps a girl
and buys more attention! Why do you think bhai and I
are acting like we are enemies? We are head deep in this! Any problem we’ll ensure
you aren’t blamed or suspected Do you know the risks
I’ve taken for this business? Thangam, my men
also investigated The whole police department is
hanging out with the students So there’s no chance
he will know about us Despite all this, any problem
our man Sagayam will bail us out I own 12 launches
by your grace I don’t mind being in jail for
10 years for both your sakes Where are you, sir?
Any problem? I’ll tell you when I
get back to the station For 10 days I was in
Djakarta concluding a deal Rest of the time I was
with Danny in the ship I took care of our accounts
and settled in American dollar Tomorrow Danny is arriving, bhai – What are you saying?
– For the inauguration of my hotel You said a minister is presiding Danny is not attending the function in
the morning, only the party at night Sagayam…take the launch and
pick him up in the international border I thought Thangaraj was clean
He is the leader of the whole gang 8 months of investigation wasted We must take
another route How, sir? We should start
the game with Sagayam If we pinpoint him
won’t we alert the others? They will get alerted only if
we arrest him in a drug case Something else…? 6 months ago Sagayam
killed Punnakayal David And buried him in mid sea, sir It was not registered
as a complaint, sir That’s how he can be trapped According to the complaint
you were with David If you don’t show me the murder spot
I’ll accuse you of killing him! I will show you, sir Tomorrow is Thangaraj’s
hotel inauguration Central minister is coming
I need to be there the whole time Karim, take Maari tomorrow morning
and try to unearth David’s body Erimalai, keep Sagayam
under close surveillance Damodar, collect blood sample from
David’s son without anyone’s knowledge For what sir? David’s body will be
decomposed when found His son’s blood sample through DNA
will provide proof of identity it is David Back to police? Always a police! Good How much more? Another 4 kms, sir Start the car Sagayam has left his house
with his men, sir O Kay Maaaa…! Sir, blood samples
have been taken Very good Yes, Danny I’ll be in Tuticorin by evening Sagayam will be there
to receive you O Kay See you in the evening Karim…? I’m at the spot, sir The pearl divers
are ready, sir – Okay, carry on
– Jump – ls the launch ready?
– Yes, bro Sagayam is in his boat
with his men Till the minister leaves Tuticorin
there should be no problem Leave him Sathya…come Sathya…go Come here Lift it Lift it this side Careful Confirmed it is David, sir Start the postmortem formalities I’m hosting a private party tonight It would be great
if you can also join us As far as India goes, let our
bond remain professional Hello…? Sir, sent blood sample
for DNA test, sir O Kay Sagayam’s mobile
is still not reachable Send a dummy
message to his mobile When he gets the signal, we’ll be
informed with a delivery report Okay, sir – Hello, sir
– Congrats Welcome Yes, sir Sagayam is reachable now Danny sir Change your dress – What dress?
– Harbor worker’s dress Safety…safety
No doubt – Safety…?
– Yes For me…? Get ready Waiting, sir We are in the boat, sir Come soon Sagayam is heading
for the shore, sir O Kay Okay, sir Move Police are waiting
in the fishing harbor Whaaat? Welcome, Danny sir All my area this is Danny sir, after 12 years
you are stepping on the land Bhai…? Police are there to arrest you Escape But Danny is with me Police won’t know Danny
You scoot from that place Danny sir
Police Police…? Police round up Why? You no arrest
I arrest What should we do now? You no run…l run You be with him Start the car Don’t panic Why are you
catching me, sir? I am bhai’s man
You know that Sir…? Let me go Arrest him Take him into the car Get up – Danny sir
– Just be cool Who are you? What’s your name? I am Michael Kong What are you doing here? I work on the ships Show me your passport What are you doing with him? Sight seeing Eating fresh fish Having fun I don’t want to
see you with him again Karim, check if they both have
work permit and visa Yes, sir Passport
Give passport F***** Indian police What did you say? What? What did you say
about Indian police? Nothing You said f***** Indian police? Don’t hit him, sirYou S“ downNo visa and
no work permit, sir Huh…illegal entry? Move Sir, almost all our
guests have arrived Thangaraj…? Yes, bhai Danny has been
arrested by the police They’ve arrested Danny
without knowing who he is I’m heading to
the station now Don’t be hasty and
get Danny caught I’ll talk using
my political clout Police, you harassed a foreigner
Embassy will pull you up for it They won’t spare you I am not afraid of you When bhai finds out
you’ll face the consequences Why are you screaming? Why are you staring? Shut up Hello…MLA speaking ls DSP there? – DSP is in a meeting, sir
– Have you arrested Sagayam How many times to call, man? MP Kathamuthu speaking I believe you have Sagayam
and 2 other foreigners locked up Release them immediately Do you call the Prime minister
to solve your area’s problem? Why do you call me directly
for a mere rowdy being arrested? Please hang up MLA from Sathankulam speaking Did you catch any fish
in the pond in your town?! I want to talk
to the DSP DSP is in Chennai
in a recording studio What are you blabbering? Music director
Devi Sri Prasad DSP in short Are you playing
the fool with me? First release him Whom should I release? Whomever you’ve kept
under lock and key You don’t even know who it is
and you are recommending…! Yes, Thangam He isn’t yielding
to any influence Just get him away for
10 minutes from the station I’ll get Danny
and Sagayam out O Kay Sir…I’ve got a problem Duraisingam, I need to see you Come to my office immediately So many recommendations…? As per our plan, Thangaraj
has started reacting indirectly When we arrested Sagayam
in that abduction case the other day… …they released him on bail
very calmly next morning If so many people are hyper
there must be a reason We should remand them tonight itself Get the papers ready Bring their files and come
with me to the SP’s office Take the keys with you
to be on the safe side Hey…move Start SP sir has gone out
He asked you to wait He wanted to
see me urgently You wait here I’ll check the passport
details in the control room Good evening, sir Carry on Quick…quick Where’s the bomb? Throw it Fast Hearing all this
my head is spinning Do they have a link with
an international criminal? Come…quickly Our men are here
to rescue us Escape Who are you? Get out Hit him hard Give me the key Duraisingam has
taken the key with him Break the lock Break…faaast Phone is ringing
No one is picking up Break it openSoon”ASagayam, are you
trying to escape? Oh God…! Our station
is up in flames, sir No one is here, sir Sagayam’s men broke open
the cell and escaped, sir What happened to Karim? They’ve stabbed Karim, sir Karim…? What happened, sir? Ambulance Call the ambulance Lift him up…take care Quick…go ‘D3 south police station in
Tuticorin has been attacked… ‘…and many police men are injured’ ‘It is feared certain important
criminals may have escaped’ Sir, start the boat
Urgent, please Why? 2 criminals have
escaped from the station Chances are
they’ll be in mid sea Can’t move
without SP’s orders 2 criminals have escaped and
you’re talking redundant rules Start right now We are central govt. officers
You’re from the state govt Get out of this place Yov! You’re being foolish Are you even human? Damodaran, someone
has greased their palms Don’t waste time
Go to all the check posts Neelakandan, not 1 boat
should leave this place Go to Inigo nagar Arrest Sagayam’s men
in Thracepuram, Karmegam Alert all coastal stations Let’s go to
Tharuvaikulam Manickam and Lawrence,
where do they stay? We don’t know Search…! Bring them over here Where are they? Tell me Tuticorin suburban area
is under my control fully If you want to take any action in
this area you need my permission Sister…police She is Sagayam’s wife Come…you think
you can catch me? I’ll immolate myself
and set you on fire also Sir…? What are you doing
in Sagayam’s house? I came to take
his wife for enquiry I’m answerable to the higher ups
if she immolates herself…stop it Sir…?! Come to my office
in the morning What happened? I’ve boarded Danny
back into his ship Okay…land in
Kanyakumari Till you hear from me
don’t go anywhere else Okay, bhai I’m fine, sir I fainted because of
excessive bleeding – Have you caught him, sir?
– Don’t talk too much…relax If something happens to him
who will support my kids? How many are injured, sir? It seems they broke open
the police station Are the cops okay, sir? Who are the foreigners
who escaped with Sagayam, sir? I don’t know How can he walk away
from us like this? Danny…are you safe? I am safe, Thangaraj
but I am not okay I am sorry Sorry is not enough Nobody has even had the guts
to touch me…but he slapped me! Kill that police dog and tell me
you’ve buried him somewhere Until then… …I CAN’T SLEEP I will do as you say What’s this? You’ve wasted the entire
police squad’s energy? You’ve created a nuisance
throughout the city… …and disturbed the public I’m taking disciplinary
action against you I’ve suspended you for 10 days Swear on this you are not
involved in their escape What are you implying? Whole of last night 40 of us were
at work with no time even to pee You didn’t even ask 1 word
about what happened Were you even bothered
if your men were injured? You were happily partying
Are you human? Duraisingam…? You are exceeding your limit Even before Sagayam’s wife
took the petrol can… …you got wind of it
and you are calling me! In Tharuvaikulam area
before my jeep stops… …you hinder my work
panting for breath?! Why…? What’s happening? Where have you come from?
Who appointed all of you? Yesterday, based on your betrayal
I should have resigned my job… …hounded you and killed you
in the centre of Tuticorin town Only your uniform and
this place is protecting you Are you playing
a 1-side game? I’ll skin you alive So many VIPs told you to
release them, but you didn’t listen Wretched chaps broke open
the station and escaped This is why short-tempered people
should listen to the voice of experience Hey! Department and public think
yesterday’s commotion was instigated International criminal
and drug dealer Supplier of brown sugar in kilos Danny…it has been staged
to rescue him…l know I…Dan…l did- As soon as I mention the name ‘Danny’
your caustic tongue spewing dialogs… …is incoherently
stammering now! Bhai, you have
crossed your limit You’ve provoked my dignity Work is worship for me
Police station is my temple You’ve destroyed my temple?! If you had broken the law and taken
Sagayam, I won’t be so furious You broke into my station
and took him, right? That’s why his passport
is not in the department file But safe and sound
in my pocket Don’t, Duraisingam Danny is like an explosive You’ll be blown to pieces
if you get into his way To be blown to pieces without any
direction and to go up in flames… …do you think
I’m a diwali rocket? I’ll pursue my target to another city,
country, continent with a fixed aim… …and attack him
like a missile Wherever this African monkey goes
I’ll ensure he is pinned down and penned Dai…when I’m back to Tuticorin
I’ll organize a grand firework display Whoever gets caught in it
will be smashed to shreds One who escaped is
international criminal, Danny? Arrest bhai and
Thangaraj immediately No use, sir Court and case are stages
that follow an arrest To handle them,
a clean police won’t do I must change into
a criminal cop We must disregard all rules for
wretched creatures disobeying rules They should be shot at random parts
of their body or strangle them If we kill 4 people in public
40 people will be scared 400 will reform and
4000 families will be happy International criminals cannot
be tackled with ordinary rules So? Let’s form an ‘operation’ And arrest right from Sagayam to
all the drug suppliers including Danny Operation…? Operation D Operation beyond regular
rules and formalities Rule #1: Operation commandant
can select any police personnel… …from any district
in Tamil Nadu Rule#2: Operation commandant
will have the right to question… …any individual in any place,
any time, in any manner Rule#3: Mode of operation
will not be disclosed and… …will be known only
to the commandant Rule #4: Rule#10: The commandant is
answerable only to the chief justice… …honorable Home minister
and honorable chief minister O Kay I can’t take this
decision by myself I’ll consult the chief minister
and get back to you Another important point Whatever the political situation
you will not cancel this operation Give me this guarantee, sir I was born in Tuticorin My family, kith and kin,
good and bad…everything …envelops my entire life here When I get into this battlefield
forgetting all my bonds… …even if I take one step back
I won’t be the only one affected This operation will boomerang
on everyone concerned… …because all are beasts with
6th sense, in men’s clothing! What do you mean, Mr Ramanathan? We must at once form ‘operation D’ How will I face the opposition and
allied parties tomorrow if they object? We made a police officer
resign his job for8months And made him work
without a salary Did we follow the law
without stepping out of line? Or did we ask permission
from our opposition party? O Kay You deal with it “Don’t fear…do not let
fear give you cold sweat” “Don’t lose heart
even if the skies fall apart” “Never be terrified
even if belittled or vilified” “Don’t be scared of fear
Let cold feet not adhere” “it’s a game to ‘go after’
Robber-police encounter” My rejoining order!
Your suspension order!! “Wait and see
who’ll win finally” “Cop as cyclone Nilam
will arrive to create bedlam” “As a typhoon he’ll descend
Police; he’s a Godsend” “1 and 1/2 ton weight if he pounds
10 tonner when he pounces” “You can’t stomach it
Nor sleep a minute” “A lion with momentum
He is Duraisingam” “1 look from his eyes steely
will make his enemy flee” “A lion causing mayhem
He is Duraisingam” “if he just shows his feet
violence takes a back seat” We’ll be working together
now in ‘Operation D’ “Police uniform-clad if he strides in
all the bad guys will tremble within” “Even if miles away, his 1 gaze electric
and the criminal’s heart will beat erratic” “Police with clarity and temerity
will patrol to protect the city” “if he spots gall in excess
cop will kick into you sense” “if with force he hits
foe’s body broken to bits” “if he ties him up and kicks
foe’s bladder will be in a fix” “He is when angry
Ayyanar, Guardian deity” ‘Good times ahead
Good times around the corner’ ‘Glory to Goddess Jakamma’ All ladies with names Bokamma,
Mokkamma, Rukkamma, come out Jakamma says- ls Jakamma saying this? Naturally…as if comedian
Janakaraj’s mother will predict?! ‘Mother…you are gold
Mother of a lion, behold!’ ‘Your son stays in the station
So your mind is in agitation’ He is so right, ma Your son will send you
a son to foster, mother Oopsui That adopted son
is a gem of a boy A palm tree (thennam pillai)
that will be an asset You should raise it
like a pet parrot (kili pillai) Respect him
like a squirrel (anippillai) Don’t trample him like
a mongoose (keeripillai) He keeps repeating
the word ‘pillai’ Maybe he’ll be a Saiva Pillai?!
(devotees of Shiva, strict vegetarians) He will eat mutton and fish
many times a day Just because egg is expensive
don’t feed him just veggies… …and leave him alone
to sulk in a corner Don’t think of him
as a stranger But if you treat him
as your son-in-law… …Goddess Gaialakshmi will
dance in Gangnam style Gangnam style…! That guy is here Come, my son
You are Susai, no? I know ‘May the bad vibes in all eyes
of townsfolk, kith and kin…’ ‘…good, bad and the green-eyed
monster’s all vanish into thin air’ ‘Praise be to
Goddess Jakamma’ He is not Susai, ma
He is that gypsy-soothsayer He changed his clothes but did not
wipe the sacred ash off his forehead Why did you stop
your welcome half way? 1 more round left
to ward off evil eyes Go ahead Oh gosh…! Don’t hit me Rice…rice all over me Oh gosh…! I’ll confess I didn’t want to be served
vegetarian food, that’s why When my son has
sent you to us… …won’t we take care
of you like my own son? I over reacted
and over acted! Wait, sis Why? Your husband will go to the shop
and return only at midnight How did you
guess that so right? If you hit a guest this way, just
imagine, how you’ll treat your husband! You…! From drug supplier Danny
to the lorry number plate… …he is aware of it all Only thing he doesn’t know
is you and I are hand in glove Before he gets to know that
we should finish him off I’ve decided, I’ll bring
a Sinhalese from Ceylon He’ll come in as
an illegal immigrant Before we can bat an eye lid
he’ll kill Duraisingam… …and vanish into the sea He should not have any
identifications on him Right from his cell, food and shelter
should be under your supervision This is Punnakayal coastal area Bhai’s men frequent this place Why did you come here? I didn’t see you for
some time, that’s why Sathya…? My chain is with you
I came to take it back Chain…? Why are you
behaving like this? What’s this…bah! Here…leave Sir, there is some chain link
between you and a chain What? First time Kavya madam
came to see you… …because her chain was missing You even asked her if she’d remove
her nightdress like a shirt… …or like a vest upwards Eri…!! Love connected there Love disconnected here Why, Dakki? Pakki…cheapo?! – Me?
– Yeah! ‘Looks like he picked
this word in school!’ She was the one I told you about
and you didn’t believe me Look…she is
leaving sir’s place What’s happening here? Hey Kavya…! When did you land here? Who is that girl?
Why did she come here? Which girl…? The one in that
yellow dress Oh-0… Didn’t you see her? She is my student Are you a NCC master
or taking tuition at home? No, Kavya
Hey Erimalai…! Where are you
quietly slinking off to? – Help me
– Okay, sir Her chain was with sir
She came to take it back That’s all How did you
get her chain? Started your mischief-making? You finish When sir was a teacher
she said, ‘come to Manapad’ Sir went to see her Why should you go
if she calls you? He got a call that
she was kidnapped Sir went to rescue her The police should
only go to rescue You were a teacher then
Why did you go? Hello madam!
Why are you interrupting? It’s a love matter
Just leave it I asked you to help me
Not make it worse! – Shall I recap again?
– Just get out Me ‘apeet’ (gotcha)
Sir repeat! One side love I’ll tackle her Just leave it Come…come He is Duraisingam File a first information report He stays in
the 1st floor here Your key, sir What happened? I’m waiting
I’ll finish him soon When you’re done, get into
the black car and escape 0kay…okay Erimalai…! Daiiiiiii…! You’ll be okay
Don’t worry He shot from that tower HEY! Batsha…Chandran
Erimalai has been shot Take him to
the hospital at once Okay, sir Bhai, Duraisingam got away What do you mean? Vincent Hey…! Move…move Move aside Go…get inside What happened? Are you okay? He shouldn’t get caught There is a black car
coming towards you YES He’s coming, bhai Take him into your car first Duraisigam has shot
the Ceylonese chap, bhai – Dash the car into him
– What are you saying, bhai? Do as I tell you Run over him Finish him off Erimalai is fine, sir By his accent, in the hotel
they said he’s a Sinhalese Mobile phone of the accused
It was lying near his body Someone is calling me
from the Ceylon chap’s mobile Hey bhai…!
How are you? Who? – D…!
– D means? D in Hindi stands for dil (heart)
dar (fear) dhadkan (heartbeat) Duniya (world)
dost (friend) dushman (foe) Your enemy
Duraisingam Are you mad or what? You brought a man
from Ceylon to kill me And got a car ‘[0 kill him? I know everything I’m coming to your house
to arrest you with this body Stay right there Turn the car Shall we arrest bhai? I was just joking If we take this phone to his house
he’ll promptly say he dialed a wrong number You escaped, bhai Hey stupid! Why did
you bang into my car? You are mad at her
for hitting your car You ‘hit’ on her sir
How angry should she be! What? Stop running after
DSP Duraisingam Otherwise you will face- Hey! Are you threatening me?
Do you know who I am? Golden shipping owner’s daughter lam India cycle owner’s daughter Does your dad
pump air into cycle? Does your dad paint ships?! Hey! We love each other deeply Are you a ‘tart case’?
How much were you paid? Watch your words Hey! Are you
her ‘broker uncle’? How much did the DSP
pay you to enact this drama? Hey! How dare you
degrade us like that? Don’t over act! What do you think of yourself? Did you talk like a student
or a girl from a decent family? You spoke like
a shameless hussy I thought you’d reform
listening to my advice You over stepped your limit I’ll hammer you Without knowing what
another person feels… …to talk out of turn is not love You should hold it in your heart
and live with fond memories We are in love
for the past 2 years But I haven’t spent
even 2 hours fully with her Though she’s disappointed, she has
never shown it outwardly to me That purity of
emotion is called… …love She has lived like
a princess in the city She has renounced all that
and is waiting for me in this village That sacrifice is called love Do you know
how much I love her? If she sheds tears from her eyes
it’s like my heart is bleeding Sir…? I am sorry, sir I spoke rudely
I didn’t know who she was I thought you had sent her to make me
change my mind and I spoke in anger I’m really sorry, sir “Boys and girls wanna
Get up and dance, come on” “Raise your glass and say
What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, eh!” “Scream and shout, mama
Let it out loud, mama” “Bring the roof down singing
What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, eh!” “With your sniper eyes, don’t shoot me
Don’t lift your cop-collar haughtily” “Don’t be kiddish like a 6 year old child
I came in search of you, don’t go hide” “if a butterfly encircles, just admire
To try dazzling her, don’t desire” “Hey! Pristine pure sanitized silver moon
don’t gild my senses, making me swoon” “Even if zillion wants satiated
you made me light headed” “With your sniper-eyes
you pulverize…!” “With your gun man eyes, don’t kill me
Don’t lift your cop-collar high and mightily” “Boys and girls wanna
Get up and dance, come on” “Raise your glass and say
What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, eh!” “Blushing, you giggle, western music it is
Bare feet you walk, lucky earth benefits” “if you are far away my body gets delirious
You’re my energy tonic, if you come close” “I reformed; I was a corrupt PC
With your touch, I’ll restart instantly” “You’re planning a robbery
on this baby strawberry” “With your sharp shooter-eyes
you fragmentize…!” “With your sniper eyes, don’t shoot me
Don’t lift your cop-collar haughtily” “First of all tend your hands
Let’s square, put your hands” “Hey! This is super hints
Bring form securely” “Salwar clad-girl, for your bountiful beauty
we can certainly wage world war three” “Your performance scores an Oscar on the dot
With your sweet(est) talk, my name I forgot” “Your cheeks turn a new hue if you get wild
8th color not in the rainbow, bea(u)tified” “Your loving glances
make me 10 kilos” “lnto your sharp shooter-eyes…!” “With your sniper eyes, don’t shoot me
Don’t lift your police-collar loftily” “Don’t behave like a 6 year old child
I came in search of you, don’t go hide” Even your soot covered boiler… …you’ve decorated with
sandalwood paste and kumkum! – No, I haven’t
– I meant your face! Who are you? I am Soundarapandian’s son Duraisingam is his only son He is the actual son
lam the adopted son! – Give me tea, midnight-moron!
– Have you seen this chap? Why do you want him? To kill him…naturally Can I see the lucky fellow
you plan to kill, mister? Serves you right! Who are you? We are Sagayam’s men Have you seen this
numskull anywhere? Why are they cuddling
before the killing?! Tell me, bro Amla Paul acted in the film Myna
lam coming from China “Chinky eyed kiddo…from China” Bro, he is Susai Grab him Stop Catch him
Don’t leave himIcan’t Anyway you will kill me Before that shall I pray just once? ‘Oh Father who art in Heaven,
forgive me for the sins I’ve committed…’ He is up to some trick like
Kamal Hassan in his film Viswaroopam He is getting ready
to kick us, bro “Who did you think he is?
Why sneer and jeer like this?” “A seed sown
when full grown…” “…the final outcome
is an avatar awesome!” “From fire he came forth
to bloom daily on earth” “When work beckons
sun’s avatar he dons” “Who is he,
Do you realize?” “He is smoldering fire
Can you decipher?” Yes, Mr D ls Duraisingam dead? Er…wait…l Will do O Kay I’ll be at the Indian border
tomorrow morning Send Sagayam
to pick up the stuff Thangaraj is calling bhai, sir Record – When did Thangaraj call?
– 6 minutes ago I need to talk to you Where should I come? 209 I’ll be there in 45 minutes 209…? Is it kilometers? No…he can’t travel
209 kms in 45 minutes Check if this number is in any
boat, launch, yacht, ketch, ship Sir, hotel room number? 618…? 215 Tiruchendur 209 can be
a postal code Yes, sir – Manapad, sir
– Coastal area There’s a chance
to deliver stuff – Tell me, Saravanan
– Thangaraj is here, sir You be safe Danny called He is bringing
the stuff here Why not divide the shares? Duraisingam is after us
like a rabid sniffer dog I intend rejecting
Danny’s load this time Are you scared Thangaraj? Do you intend quitting? Come, let us go together Let’s swear in Our lady of snows
basilica and then quit If we decide to quit this business
we should, of our own accord But not out of fear, Thangaraj Sagayam isn’t here now
Understand…! Duraisingam has shot dead
4 of Sagayam’s men I didn’t start this business
believing only in Sagayam I will unload it myself – They are talking very seriously
– Look out for any other movement Why are you confused? Clarity! It’s a disgrace to us if Danny
knows Sagayam is still in hiding So you tell Sagayam to come
from the sea to unload the stuff You don’t have
to go by car Then…? I’ll send word tonight If they’re both talking so intently
something is in the offing Bhai’s house, salt beds, guest house,
wooden yard, lorry shed Wait overnight in
all these places I’ll be in the camp office Be available…okay? Sis, granny asked
for black jaggery Not here, can get it only
in a provision stores What do we do? Who is she, sis? Sathya…l told you about her Here’s your balance Sathya…? It’s okay
I’ve put it behind me Keep in touch Thanks Why did you talk to her? You should respect
a person’s apology Where do we buy
black iaggery? In our own shop 0kay…okay This is only sir’s shop Please give me
2 kgs black jaggery Welcome, dear – How are you?
– I am good My dear…? I refused the alliance only because
my son was not in the police force When he got his job back
my worry vanished, dear I’ve decided Ask your father to meet me Daddy…! His dad has
agreed for the wedding Reafly? Yes,daddy He asked you to call him Okay, dear Ravi, cancel all my program
Shift office to Nallur at once How, sir? Along with 4 computers
8 of you come with me Bhai is leaving home, sir O Kay Sir…? Bhai is heading
towards the airport There’s a flight to
Chennai at 9:55? Yes, sir Sagayam’s mobile
is out of reach, sir Maybe they are
operating from Chennai- Tell me, Duraisingam Sir, I need a favor from you I Will do that The man you mentioned
hasn’t come out as yet Can you check if he’s waiting
for a connecting flight? Your ‘target’ is waiting here He is boarding the 11:20
Trivandrum flight Bhai will reach Trivandrum
in one and half hours It will take us
3 hours to reach Sir, my friend Nagerkoil
is the Sub Inspector Is he trustworthy? He can reach
Trivandrum in an hour Update him about bhai
Ask him to follow bhai Sir Follow him Share the location with me Where are you? Kottarakara forest area, sir Welcome, brother Which police range
is that area under? Mullanchery police station, sir I’ve smuggled 1 1/2 tons
of sandalwood…! This is chicken feed
Just 70 kgs of powder Be seated, bro – We will help you, sir
– Thank you We were able to reach
Sagayam’s cell in Kerala It’s all going like clock work
Just as we planned Yes, Sagayam I’ve delivered the stuff
to Nair’s men Sir…? Please wait
Parthi…come They are inside, sir Take position Brother…police!! Move…! Nair, give me your gun Parthi…seize everything Are you mis-using
the go-down?! Round up…! Go…! Is there any railway gate
or check post on the way? Railway gate near
Ariyankavu, sir Close that gate Okay, sir You go back
I’ll drive Bhai, what happened? I’ve killed Duraisingam I’m driving back
now from Kerala Get me a car in
Senkottai border This is why I said
we won’t do it Did bhai listen to me? We can tell our lawyer- Bhai has been
caught red handed Won’t get bail or
any bunkum or bull- Sir…? Sir, however much we try
controlling within the city… …gangs are stealing from shops,
stoning and disturbing the public Disperse by spraying colored
water, using Varun vehicles We can round them up
in the evening then I’m weighing
the seized goods Should be about 70 kgs, sir – Erimalai
– Sir…? Record it as 62.5 kgs
Keep aside the 7.5kgs Hey Duraisingam, if you do not
let me out by this evening… …all your villages
will go up in flames Especially your Nallur will
burn making national headlines! Open the cell Did I hit you?
Did I kick you? Did I abuse you?
Or disgrace you? Then why the heck are you
shouting your throat hoarse? You don’t feel guilty for
enslaving people with your drugs When you pray 5 times, you don’t even
fear Allah and threaten to burn villages Just try your luck Do you know what happened to
the man who tried doing this? Are you challenging me?
I’ll strangle your adam’s apple! Dai…! Even if I am caught,
I’m as slippery as an eel I might fall into the net but I won’t
end up on your dinner plate! Even though many fishes
swim past the crane… …it will wait patiently
for the biggest catch! That’s how I’ve waited
and trapped you Not a single man can
escape my hawk-eyes Karim, quick, call for
an urgent meeting! I called you here to thank you
for ‘helping me’ arrest bhai Aren’t you ashamed to smile? Right from kidnap
to preventing arrest… …you donated all
our information, no?! Why have I retained you
knowing you betrayed me? To nab him
and put him inside Our department doesn’t need
your ‘selfless’ service anymore You can request leave,
get transferred or resign I shouldn’t see you in
this district after 2 hours Just disappear
Get lost Why this sudden visit,
Mr Duraisingam? I’ve arrested bhai That’s why I wanted to know
when you will surrender Mind your words I’ll hit you! What are you
over acting for? You’ll eye-talk to everyone
Bhai will brandish his gun Sagayam will give a royal sea-burial
tying corpses to a slab of stone Plus he’ll load and unload
Danny’s potent stuff You’ll both act like sworn enemies
in front of the town’s eyes If you dare arrest me
my Sagayam will take the blame You think Sagayam is safe? He escaped last month 28th and
safely boarded Danny into his ship And settled down in
Kanyakumari now He has changed his sim card
but not his mobile With the lnternat’nal Mobile
Equipment Identity number… …we know how many
sim cards he has changed And we follow his activities
whichever city he exists or exits 1 week in Nagercoil
5 days in Kutraalam 4 days Madurai
8 days in Aruppukkottai Finally settled
in Rameshwaram He delivered your goods
yesterday in Trivandrum… …and unaware of bhai’s arrest is busy
eating ‘parotta’ in a roadside shop Hogger! Call and ask him – Tell me, sir
– Where are you? Rameshwaram, sir
I’m eating He’s stuffing himself, no? I spared him to catch him
whenever necessary When you’ve decided
he’s necessary for you… …he becomes
unnecessary for me! What is the accused doing? He has just eaten and
washing his hands, sir What’s the distance? 40 meters, sir Take positions Taken, sir Fire…! He is dead
That’s it Policemen in mufti
killed our man, sir 10 seconds to kill
someone 100 miles away How long will it take to
kill you at close quarters? I’ll strike my prey
and stride away God has given you
a happy family Booming business Still…to think…wanting more money
you dirty your hands in these atrocities I feel sad Tomorrow Sagayam’s
body will be brought Take custody, quietly place
the body in the coffin, garland it Lower it into the grave and mark
the spot with your cross and go Don’t instigate your men
creating a turmoil in town… …and think you can
disturb the public Remember ‘A Saturday corpse
needs a companion in its hearse’! Dai! You flip for a quarter, a biriyani
and Rs 200…to stone the public You break open shops
and steal…can you do that? Isn’t it wrong? In Jallianwalah Bagh, General Dyer killed
our men, hounding them within 4 walls They are martyrs who
fought for our freedom Today, for destroying
the freedom of the public… …I’ll replay the tragedy
at Jallianwalah Bagh! Because you are traitors Force…fall in 2 phases
Forward march Task position Chaaarge…! Hearing their tormented screams
rowdies in the road should tremble! Okay, I’ll ensure our trained
elephant bashes them all! Karim bai…charge Will you burn buses? Thrash them all
Don’t spare anyone You think you can
get away with it! Why is he groaning like
a rhino delivering a baby? Don’t break our actor
Usilaimani’s dupe! Who are you? Till Duraisingam gets married
I’m the supervisor here, Susai This canopy is only
for the engagement Without missing a single street, we’ll erect
canopies all over the town for the wedding Father, 60 lakhs here
and 30 lakhs cash in this Are they conducting
a wedding or smuggling? They are exchanging
crates of currency! Heywwy! Look at this!
My false eyelashes Don’t get tensed I’ll ask Palani to get you
another pair from Tuticorin You won’t even get lipstick
Let alone eye lashes! Idea…idea…idea I have an extra set When do you want it? Sathya, today is
my engagement You must definitely come Okay, I’ll get
the eyelashes – Greetings
– Welcome…! Gift me a biiiig note This is the biggest note
Put this into the ‘welcome plate’ What are you grating? Raw banana Careful…you may end up
getting ‘penalized’! Hevvywywyy! ! ! I meant your finger
You and your wicked mind! Have all our guests com- Hey! I’ve been looking out
for you, from when I arrived Where were you?
What were you doing? I was getting ready You are looking beeauuutiful! I’m seeing you blush
for the first time I’ve seen
I have seen I’m seeing you blush
for the first time Don’t announce
this to everyone 0kay…okay Mike 21 calling
Who is blushing? Oh! I pressed
the button by mistake Get lost Welcome…go inside Why is the ship grounded?! Heyyyyyyyyyyy!! Do you react on behalf
of everyone in this house? If you open your mouth again
I’ll stuff a whole bunch in Kavya is waiting for you Welcome Come in Sis…! – How are you?
– Good, sir Sir…please go inside You must have heard of
Alphonse from north Athur Assuming you and I are
not on friendly terms… …Bai boasted What? Thangaraj has paid him to
kill your family at midnight I respect you, sir
I don’t hold any past grudges What should I do now? You don’t have
to do anything Just let it pass This is okay Kavya, I want to
talk to Sathya Your uncle is in trouble What’s the problem? Someone who hates him
is blackmailing him it seems He has a personal
Blackberry phone If I know the number
we can catch the culprit Can you get it for me? Wedding of Duraisingam, son of
Mr Soundarapandian from Nallur …with Mr Mahalingam’s daughter Kavya,
on the 15th of Vaikasi (May-June) …has been decided by
the elders of both families Thank You
Goddess Kaniyamma Let’s bring the police force Or send your parents
to the house in Tutico- Are you asking them
to run away in fright? Give this for service to
the Govt. armory section I will collect it
tomorrow afternoon Till then on record
I don’t have a gun on me Policeman with family Without a weapon DSP, bro Come and get me Father, it’s our Duraisingam Hello…? I call at 1:30 a.m and within a single
ring you pick up the phone…! Were you waiting for
north Athur Alphonse… …to tell you Duraisingam’s family
is shattered to bits and pieces? If you want to take revenge
send men to kill me Instead, like a coward
don’t target my family! Brainless mongrel…! Your words are excessive ‘Unarmed cop in self defense
killed rowdies using their own guns’ …will be tomorrow’s headlines Hereafter every criminal who wants
to take revenge on every cop… …will shiver and quiver! Thangaraj, you stepped
into my house I took it in my stride One day I will
stride into your house You won’t be
able to handle it It’s a little dicey State govt. has formed
a special operation team Sir, could you- They informed me
only because I asked Duraisingam can’t be
transferred so easily There are certain formalities Destroy all unnecessary records
just to be on the safe side All of you just listen Erase all unwanted files,
passwords, pin numbers, everything Do it fast…tear everything Inside our office or home
no outsider should be let in Got Thangaraj’s Blackberry number Proceed now Sir, 4000 cycles remain in our
manufacturing quota for Korea – What should be done?
– I have an idea We can give a cycle to every guest
who attends Kavya’s wedding… …with our traditional
return-favor bags’ Fantastic idea Do they love making
everyone turn green with envy?! Excuse me, Ms Millionaire Why gift cycles to all? We own a cycle company
So we are gifting cycles Then if you own
a pesticide factory… …will you mix insecticides
in the feast for everyone? It might turn sour We’ll mix it only
in the ‘chutney’?! Hey board of rosewood! Is your madam really loony
or she simply acts like a lunatic?! Hevvywwywwyvyx/A Sir, they have
blocked your passport Record Where are you? I am near the border
Madagascar Please don’t come
anywhere near India Why…what’s up? Bhai has been arrested
by Duraisingam Also he is trying to arrest me You don’t scare me Give me Duraisingam’s number
I’ll call him and blast him myself Sir…Danny and Thangaraj
are talking over the phone Danny will call you now, sir How are you, Danny? How do you
know my number? How come
you know my number? If a third rate criminal like you can
get my number, you think I can’t?! Hey f***** cop!
lam king of Indian ocean Don’t even dream
of finding me lam coming after you The day I see you will be
the last day of your life You want to see me…?
You want to see my face? Turn on your video call And I’ll show you how I laugh
at your stupid police force Heyyyy! Indian police You are all corrupt fellows When I throw money
to you like a bone… …you run behind me like a dog I’ll kick you like slaves You’ll get it!
You African animall! Wherever you are
in the world… …one day I will
come in front of you And arrest you
and I’ll drag you I’ll put you back in the same
cell from where you escaped I will make you realize
the power of Indian police Thangaraj, you sort out your issues I have some problems
with Australian police too I plan to pause
my business for 6 months And I am going to move away from
the seas and be on land for sometime Captain…? Hey Susai…Sagayam is dead Whaaat…Sagayam is dead, huh? Hey Susai…let’s go
de-husk the coconuts Are you calling the rowdy from
Thracepuram to de-husk coconuts? Go inside Daiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sagayam Come out I’ll slice your arm And give it to my grandma
to scratch her back You’ll only kill men With just my hand I will chop
living and non-living things And chop off even
Rip Van Winkle’s hair I’ll chop our earth and even
a teenager for what it’s worth I’ll slice a tyre into 2
and electricity cable too Cable will
electrocute you! We don’t anyway have electricity!
So how will that happen? Let go Just now with 1 blow
I sliced a guy into 3 pieces 1 blow can only
slice it into 2?! He had a towel round
his neck, so 3 pieces I’ll slice your mouth now I deposit danger and
buy trouble for interest Hey Susai…! Who is this
fried dried fish? Sagayam’s son Daiiiiii! What’s your problem? Oho… We brush our shoe to polish
Massage to our body is molish My father was
shot by the police He is as short as an inch
and talks dialogs with punch! You betrayed my father,
my mother, you- Hey! You made her a widow I will chop you to bits Tiff in carrier! So short
you can’t reach my neck! I’ll hit where I can reach!! You shouldn’t
‘penalize’ me that way “Running nonstop
distance seems endless” “As it stretches…I’m clueless
On the whole I’m in a mess” We have video records of
Danny’s conversation with you And audio records of Thangaraj and Danny
Matching both, can we arrest Thangaraj? Danny and Thangaraj
did not talk about drug dealing This case won’t hold water I have a different plan in mind – Excuse me, madam
– Who are you? Cargo section
assistant manager Boss asked me to deliver
these fertilizer samples at home He’ll check it later, I’m on
the way to the airport urgently Please give it to him Sir, I’ve handed
over the parcel Any doubt? No doubt, sir Sathya’s car is moving
into her house That car should not
leave the premises Aunt, this parcel is for uncle Sir, I had gone home
to get your brother’s signature The kids were playing
‘Angry bird’ game in your I-pad How did they have access
without knowing my password? I asked them and they said
Sathya madam opened it for them Uncle, coffee She must have noticed that Danny sir’s dealings are in tha- Thangaraj is going
into his house, sir Indirectly seal the spot Okay, sir – Where are the kids?
– Upstairs You’ve got a parcel Move What’s this? Are you dealing with drugs? Search…! Who…? Look there The parcel you got
has drugs it seems Sir, my uncle
doesn’t know anything Manager gave this to me
as fertilizer sample Whom was the parcel meant for? Uncle Then shut up
and stay away No one can go in without
further instructions Sir, I checked Sathya
madam car’s GPS data 4 days ago she has gone
to Duraisingam’s place There’s a lapse in
Manapad kidnap issue Car was driven to Manapad
Not to her school ‘Uncle, coffee’ ‘They pulled my chain
and ran away, uncle’ Thangaraj, what are you posing for?
Wondering how I pulled this off?! I recorded 62.5 kg drugs in bhai’s
account of what I siezed in Kerala I confiscated the rest to
deal with you in my account! Wrong, Duraisingam Not wrong when it is used to
benefit against the wrong man Didn’t I say, you won’t be able to
handle me, if I step into your house? Are you showing me
a police man’s devious mind? I am showing you
police intelligence No one else
knows anything lam responsible
for everything Come on
Arrest me They have arrested Thangaraj, bhai How, Thangaraj? Your daughter! If she knows my I-pad password
then all she knows is known to the cops! It is like Golden Shipping’s ship
has overturned in mid sea After talking to Thangaraj
Danny made 1 more call And switched off his
satellite phone, sir Number? Inno satellite traced the number
to a mobile in Durban city He has to go to
Durban city for sure Did you find out where
his ship was when he called? We did, sir We have traced out
latitude and longitude, sir Ambovombe coastal area
below Madagascar How far is Durban from here? How long will it take
for him to reach there? To south Africa? This case can’t be closed by just
arresting bhai and Thangaraj, sir Operation D’s ultimate
target is arresting Danny If he reaches Durban,
it will be tough to nab him Before he reaches
I should be there Come immediately to Chennai I’ll arrange everything by speaking
to the central Home ministry – Erimalai…?
– Sir…? I’ve got permission to go to
South Africa from the central ministry I must leave immediately We will establish contact with
Durban police headquarters soon Give them Danny’s
contact number in Durban And ask them do a thorough
back ground check on him Hello…yeah? Police came home, humiliated us
and made the child drink poison Kavya…wait You just got engaged
inauspicious to go there Our plan misfired so badly
to drive that girl to suicide No…she wouldn’t have
committed suicide She was aware
of everything Can you get
that number for me? You always say everything
with an honest gaze and clarity Your eyes are lying, sir Why do you want
my uncle’s number? Tell me To think our affluence is from
tormenting so many people?! I’m so ashamed, sir Tell me, sir I’ll do anything for you They must have found out
and murdered her, sir Sathya…my dear! Are you getting back
from the funeral? Is this some kind
of honor killing?! You’ve murdered
your own niece Are you human at all? Having befriended you
and betrayed me… …I’m in a frenzied rage
I couldn’t kill her myself! Chee…! You are
worse than a beast To justify yourself, you are demeaning
your own blood…you dirty mongrel! Hey Singam! Many politicians
throughout India are working for me Your ‘Operation D’
cannot touch me I know ‘Operation D’
is for Duraisingam D is not Duraisingam
D means Danny Operation Danny I’m leaving today I’ll find that illegitimate scoundrel
wherever he is, bring him to our court I’ll prove you are a criminal and
you killed your niece to save Danny I’ll ensure the noose
around your neck tightens If I don’t get it, I’ll kill you
on the spot and go to jail Wedding is in 3 days and
you are traveling, dear? I have no other go, Kavya Generally I’m careful not to
forsake my family for my work But today…I’ve sacrificed
an innocent girl’s life I’m deeply troubled, Kavya If I stay behind
because of our wedding… …I’ll be a sinner who
can’t forgive himself! Wish me luck and
a cheerful send off I’ll be here on
our wedding day Have a safe trip Why did you ask me
to come home, sir? They’ve cancelled
‘Operation D’ Sir…? Ruling party’s inefficiency Pressure from
the allied parties I told you right then- Duraisingam Order canceling the Operation
wasn’t faxed or mailed to you I have sent it by post! It will reach you
officially only tomorrow Leave tonight
to South Africa Flight ticket to Durban from Mumbai, visa,
govt. order, international driving license Permission to use weapon
Everything is here Start now – Duraisingam?
– Yes – Major Kyle Ambrose
– Hello, major Mr Singam the last dialed number
you sent belongs to a guy called Alex He is a local
don in Durban We formed 4 teams
for this operation One will cover
the seashore Harbor One will cover the city – And 1 will be with you
– Thank you, major I won’t need
the team now, sir Let me go
and look first Those guys are
very dangerous Alex won’t know I’m a cop And that’s my advantage Please hand me a mobile
with a GPS tracker I’ll follow Alex
in a 100m range And you can
cover me in 500m As Alex meets Danny
I’ll alert you And then you can come in Duraisingam, I don’t
think this is going to- Kyle, I think
this officer is correct Colonel, 1 more
important point Nobody is to shoot Danny I want him alive Only then I’ll be able to
convict 2 more criminals… …back in my country The house at the end
of this street is Alex’s – Take care
– Yeah – Hi Alex
– Alphonse, come on Hi Alex
Where are we going? I’ll tell you now Singam, you are
in Langa area Come, let’s go Go to Natal Command
and pick up Danny Welcome to Durban, Mr Danny
Alex is waiting for you Who gave you permission
to send him to South Africa? I’ve sent him as per
police procedure I’m stopping the missionYou are ‘m Gate crescent areaWe guessed it right Danny is here Yes, on the way Move…move I’ll make sure you reach safely
to Johannesburg by road Major, where are you? I’m stuck in traffic They are leaving Move fast…move…move FREEZE…! Indian police officer…! ‘Wherever you are
in the world…’ ‘…one day, I will
come in front of you’ Alex, get into the car Stop…stop…stop Arrest him Back…back Get out off the way Come on, man
Bloody cops are on us Hey! Freeze
Get out of the car Hey Danny!
The bridge is incomplete I know Block him Stop him Major, what is this? It must be Indian technique Kyle, where are you? I am in Wilson wharf The Indian Govt. wants
to stop the mission Sorry, colonel, the Indian officer
has already entered the sea Whaaat? Come…come
Throw…throw Take a rope – Captain…!
– Yes, sir Take the ship to Kenya Faaast…fast Bloody cop!! – Get your guns
– Come on, man Finish him Finish HIM! Quick…move the ship What are you doing?
Lift the anchor Will do, sir What did you say? What was the comment
about Indian police? You’ll throw money at us
and you’ll kick us like a slave? Come on, get up Get up and kick You…king of Indian ocean? Indians are always
king of Indian ocean ‘Wherever you are in the world
one day, I’ll come in front of you’ ‘And arrest you
I’ll drag you’ ‘I’ll put you back in the same cell
from where you escaped’ ‘I will make you realize
the power of Indian police’

David Frank