March 28, 2020
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  • 6:35 am Inside the School that Trains Umpires
  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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– [Teammate] Seven, eight. – [Teammate] Watch the line,
here we go, here we go! Yeah! – [Teammate] There we go! (athlete panting) – [Teammate] 25, let’s go, let’s go! Come on, Beth. (grunting) – [Male coach] Good job! – [Teammate] That-a girl,
Sportsy, that-a girl. – [Teammate] At-a-way! – Three.
– Yes. – Four.
– Get up! (electronic music) – Ad, keep working,
keep working, Let’s go! (teammates cheering) – [Teammate] Let’s go, let’s go! – [Coach] You’re done? – [Teammate] Yeah, we’re
done, I think we’re done. – [Teammate] Yay! – Ah! – You did so good. – Let’s go. – Ari-ya, you got it, you got it. – [Teammate] You’re doin’ great, baby! – [Teammate] 10, eleven! – Yes! – [Teammate] Twelve, let’s go! – [Teammates] Six, seven, eight, nine. – Let’s go! – [Teammates] 10, yes! – Yes-is. – Good job, you did good, you did good. – Good job. – Are-ther-ja. – [Teammate] Woo! (teammates cheering) – Spartans on three!
One, two, three! – [All] Spartans! (people chattering) – The season, as you
well know is gonna be, you know, a challenging one in that the Big 10 is as strong as ever but, like we came off a year that
we would like to see improved. So, you know all hands on
deck getting this thing ready. The team is talented and
it’s about stepping up and making sure that we
have no step unturned. So, we have the courts
now, we have the space, we have the, the people in place. We have a great staff. And so, I want to make sure
we’re organized in here. That we’re working well together, that we understand the
workings of the entire program not just the gym part, but what happens in the offices, what happens in recruiting, and how we all kinda come
together for all of it. We go through and what we’ve done here in Michigan State’s history, you know what that is
and what’s the tradition of this group. You know, meeting with the
seniors we’re talking about, what’s your footprint? What are you going to do? What is this program this
year gonna to speak to? And how are, how are
you gonna remember it? And so, there’s a lot
that’s gonna go into it from the seniors point of view, but also for the whole team. It’s obviously, you know, the program of excellence. We wanted them to know
what has been before them. Alumni, to me, are very important. You know, this whole
program of people before us that have done the groundwork from years, even before I came to now. This program has moved into a different. (drum and bass music) – Welcome home, B. (teammates chattering ) – So me and the girls got here at July 1st and we’re just excited
to be finally moving in after a hard month of
working out with the team, practicing and getting our
bodies ready for pre-season. So now the season’s finally here, we’re super, super excited. – Right now, I’m hanging up pictures
of my family and friends. And this is kinda sad,
but at the same time I’m excited to start a new chapter and the girls have been really good, the upper class-men on the team are just like welcoming us and making us a part
of the Spartan family. (plastic clacking) (video game dinging) – I’m not going anywhere, k your go. – [Hannah] Yeah, get that screen! (laughing) Bottom left, that’s me. – I’m right behind you, watch out. – I’m coming for you,
ladies, just stop playing. – [Emma] Here we go. – [Hannah] B, we can not let Emma win. – [Emma] Who’s Yoshi? – Uh-oh, uh-oh. – Ooh! – First! – [Hannah] Second! – [Biamba] So, I’m in 12th. (teammates yelling) – Let’s go!
– Let’s go! – Today’s team is, it’s in the detail. It’s in the detail. Every single that thing that you do has something that’s gonna make the ball go where you want it to
go a little bit easier. It’s the detail of how you move. It’s the detail of how, how your eyes work. And when you’re playing in our league, we’re talking about split seconds. The difference between good and great. The ball’s comin’ fast, faster than anywhere else. So, you gotta be ready
to take away that stuff and be very consistent
with your movements. You said consistency was one of the things you’re lookin’ for this year. That’s gonna help you do that. So pay attention to little things, write ’em down in your
journal, you have those, and then work to be really
great at those things, Okay? (sneakers sqeaking) (teammates yelling) (whistle blowing) – Go get the bri-ah!
(hands clapping) (whistle blowing) – [Male Coach] All the way down! Get up, get on the ground! (whistle blowing) – Gimme that i-se, give it up! – Oh yeah! – Spartans on three, one, two three! – [All] Spartans! – Here we go, here we go. (teammates yelling) – Sideways! – [Teammate] Go sideways! – want her arms. She’s comin’ in, she’s going to be hollow, push those arms out. She’s hollowed out. She’s pushin’ here with her shoulders. She’s not like this. She’s in there. – [Teammates] Yeah! – There it is. (teammates cheering) So. Yeah. There you go, nice. Straight out. You see how you wanted to go down? You see the difference? Julia, you’re gettin’ a lot better, but you’re just like at the end? Can you just hold it at the end? – [Julia] Yeah, yeah, okay. – Yeah, I mean, it’s just
so night and day better. (teammates yelling) (motivational music) – Mine. – Nice, nice. Nice, ther-yo-pee. – Stay focused, stay focused! Here we go! – Hey, you got this one, let’s go. – I don’t care what position you are, we gotta know that whatever the ball is, within, in a square, we can
get the ball somewhere up in the court that
somebody else can contact. That’s what we have to do. We have to start building that mindset. That we never let the ball
hit the floor near us. – We’re done. First practice. – We’re back at it, boys. – [Teammate] Woo! – This pre-season just started,
ready to go this season. – [Teammate] She-zam! – A-ha, hey! – You know, it’s been a while. It’s nice to get back in here and, I mean, we’ve been training all summer, so we’ve been in the gym. We’ve been consistently working together, trying to get better, but it’s nice having the coaches around. You know, today as you guys saw, we went back through the
basics and that was awesome, because that’s something we
haven’t focused on this summer. We focused on grinding, you
know we wanted to get strong. We wanted to learn playing together. We didn’t go through the simple drills because we just want to be competitive. We wanted to compete,
so that’s what we did. So it was nice getting back in here and having Jessie and Cathy and Kimmie going through the basic step by step getting us back into our perfect form. (percussive music) – The purpose of what I
do is to only help you and to help you to
understand not only yourself and how you’re wired,
but how your teammates and how your coaches are wired, so that we can develop even more trust, be able to rely on each other. Do you go out of control? Do you, do you go, you feel like you go out of control in your self confidence? – Um, I don’t think so. – [Mora] I don’t know,
what do you guys think? Have you seen her go
out of control on that? – [Teammate] I mean, if
you have the confidence, you gotta own it. (teammates laughing) – [Teammate] You gotta own shit. – [Teammate] I don’t find
that arrogant at all. – I don’t usually do
that but I’m a very like, I’m doing this for the team, so everything I do is for this team. – [Mora] Mm-hmm, okay
good, good information. The first question that you answered is do you tend to be more outgoing or do you tend to be more reserved? – If I messed up, it’s like giving like, my energy like towards
another person like, hey, we got this next
point, I’ll do better, like, hey let’s get this block. – So we all have of these styles within us and we can all continue to grow, right? Continue to grow and work at, um, obviously you want to be the best volley ball player you can be. You also want to be the
best teammate you can be. And those two things combined are really gonna drive the success here. – [Talia] You and Lissa
have the same exact S-score. – [Teammate] Yeah. – She is like openly not like. – [Teammate] Like, so sweet. – She was gonna express it like, she’s ’cause I love you all. I’m not like that, but
I care about people. – We need to learn what we can say to who. – [Talia] Mmhmm, oh, for sure. – It’s really important
to keep it straight. – I’ve said that, that was my thing all season. I was like, we forget that we all have different personalities, and that can cause issues between us. – Yeah. – [Teammate] Let’s do this. – [Teammate] Let’s get it. – Nice casual v-neck. (cheerful music) Another dry fit. – It looks good. I’m excited. – I mean, you see it, you know, new gear. – Everything. Everything, I love everything. We got so much gear
and I’m wearing it all. (laughing) – She’s folding everything nicely so she can take a picture. And if you believe this is
what her bedroom looks like, you are absolutely correct. (halting drum and bass music)

David Frank