February 20, 2020
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Spencer Linton on BYUSN

simulcast on BYUTV and BYU radio. We have a podcast and we’re on demand online. What’s the headline on Monday after the game? The volunteers BYU Tennessee. Continue to weigh in on social media. Now joining us on the hotline is Spencer Linton from Knoxville. How is the volunteer state?>>It’s fantastic. I’m ready to volunteer for some coverage.>>Yeeaah.>>So many bad puns.>>What’s your Sunday headline?>>A couple. One, high on a rocky top for BYU, and two, BYU sends volunteers to the rocky bottom. Oh snap.>>You oversold the second one with the oh snap. I liked the first one.>>I’ve been on campus for like an hour.>>You had an interesting interaction moments ago?>>It’s in the middle of classes and students are coming and going and one said hey, it’s the BYUTV guy and he said he hopes we win. I want to see everyone in Orange crying. I’m like, whoa. I would imagine he’s not alone but desperation, there’s little hope in the student population. It’s weird.>>Why should there be hope for them? In comes BYU who hopefully can rebound right. I almost wonder if they just want another ship to sink. What vibe do you get?>>Totally. Jeremy Pruitt is now 5-8 and there were extremely high hopes but I know that hope is always there for some fans but I was reading a newspaper report that said they’d say maybe 60-70,000 fans. I’m not buying that per se but I’m expecting like 20,000 empty seats if what I’m hearing is true.>>Let’s get your opinion. One thing we were talking about is what do we know about the game tomorrow?>>Wow. That is the million dollar question because we’re trying to make rash generalizations off of one week. BYU might have an advantage, I feel like BYU will be able to impose their will but BYU has to to take control. I also know the fans and the rallying cry is going to be emotional and it’ll be kind of a hornet’s nest so it’s important for BYU to score first and incite the panic. Those are the things I feel like I know, they have an advantage on the o-line and they can suck the life out of Tennessee if they get on the board early.>>I think what you said about the strong start is huge. Looking at last year’s stats, the first quarter was by far the lowest scoring quarter. 58 points in the first, 106 and 120 and by far, first quarter is the lowest. I agree 100% that a strong start would go a long way for BYU and to demoralize Tennessee.>>If BYU allows them to score and gets the fans going, belief is a funny thing. Tennessee let them hang around and Georgia took a late lead. You’re in big trouble if you do that. BYU needs to ride the wave of negativity and let the panic set in. As unfortunate as it is for Jeremy Pruitt, I think they have great names, you don’t want to see them at an ultimate deminse, but BYU needs it. If you’re going to hope for one thing specifically, hope for a fast start.>>Talking with Spencer Linton host of BYU sports nation live from Knoxville. You get one of these?>>Turnover battle is not close, if they can turn Tennessee over and win the battle, they need to do it. They need to start fast and not be minus three in the turnover margin. It would be great to see Zach go for 300 plus. Ty’son Williams coming back to scc country, those are great storylines but it’s not close for me. Turnover battle.>>That’s our poll today and 50% agree.>>Spencer, this is always my favorite part in the picks. It’s just you two.>>Why would I do it? There’s no point in keeping my tally so you guys do it.>>Can you predict the future? We’re going for two.>>Two people doing two picks, Spencer you go first.>>I’m starting with something I’m hoping for is that BYU will score first. That’s my first. They’ll take some of the fun and energy out of the air early. Number two, two or more sacks for the BYU defense. BYU will switch things up and they will have two or more. That’s two more than against Utah.>>Those are two attempts. My first, BYU won’t have more than one turnover, they’ll keep it to a minimum. Ty’son Williams will carry the ball at least 16 times. This will be a new career high. When we talk about this, those are my two picks. Ty’son Williams, if he’ll get a hundy, he probably needs 20 plus carries.>>Absolutely. Give him the ball 20 times. I don’t care if it’s 20 touches or rushes or whatever.I want 100 yards of offense from ty’son. BYU needs it. He’s a special player. Does anyone disagree? The strength, burst, vision. He’s on another level. Let him show what he’s capable of doing and if BYU gets it 20 times, that means great things.>>You know there’s a rivalry game on campus tonight in soccer. Here’s the question, when you’re following, will you be watching it with jarom or listening with me? You must answer.>>I will be listening to Jason shepherd’s call while watching it and jarom recaps the highlights. Everybody wins. Computer and phone. I’ll say this, I need to investigate more but be on the lookout for some different looks and potential position changes. I need to dig some more but keep a lookout.>>That’s called a tease. A taste of Knoxville this week, looking forward to that. Have fun.>>All right, good to talk to you.>>Spencer Linton on the desert first credit union hotline. We’ll see about that, who’s where. BYU defense I thought had a nice performance against Utah but the turnovers.

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