January 26, 2020
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SportsDeaf Special: European Deaf Champions League Futsal

Hello to all H3 fans who love sports! I’m here in Europe – Madrid in Spain interviewing the TD, Technical Director for Futsal from the DCL, the Deaf Champions League and I’ll be asking him so questions to find out more! Hello! Can you introduce yourself? My name is Thomas Kramer and I am from Stuttgart in Germany. Are all the DCL members from Germany? No, they are from a range of countries, we started with two Germans and an Englishman and over time, more people have become involved and we now come from between 5 to 7 different countries across Europe. We work together well using International Sign for communication. It’s interesting to learn about each other’s different cultures and communities too. We bring a range of experiences to the group. That’s beautiful! But I am aware that maybe half of our viewers don’t know about the DCL, Deaf Champions League and what it does. Can you explain? You may know of the Champions League, the elite level club competition across Europe. We added “Deaf” Champions League . It started as a dream which we thought was impossible but it has evolved and we are in our eleventh year for 11-a-side football competition and this is our 5th Futsal competition. So how is Futsal different to football? It’s very different! Football is a full size pitch with big goals, Futsal is smaller with smaller goals and 5 players rather than 11. Football has 3 referees, Futsal has two, Futsal is indoor, football is outdoor on grass rather than a indoor Futsal hard court. And here we have 20 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams competing to be crowned the best in Europe – a remarkable achievement! But having all these teams at once must be hard work ! Is it a struggle or do you find it easy because of your experience? The new teams who come always find it hard, but the experienced teams know what to expect and manage it well. The new teams are unsure of rules and always have lots of questions. We talk through this with them but its not easy. Some countries do not fully enforce the Futsal rules, but here we do, we strictly go by the book and some teams are not used to this. It’s normal but we strictly adhere with UEFA and FIFA rules here. Understandable! Well, thanks for our chat and your information, now lets get back to the Futsal and look at a few more highlights from the tournament. Bye!

David Frank