April 5, 2020
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Squash – Side to Side – Level 6B

side to side level 6b I forgot to mention previously in level 6a but for both level 6 videos I recommend using a blue dot ball now I actually two reasons for this first of all it’s really difficult to keep a ball warm during this drill the second reason is that I find using the heavier blue dot ball for certain volley based challenges and actually help train you to hit the sweet spot on your racket if you miss the sweet spot with a heavier ball you’ll feel more force trying to move the racket out of your grip using a lighter yellow dot ball you might not even realize when you’re a miss hitting apart from maybe the fact that the ball doesn’t go where you want it to go anyways now on to the challenge standing in the middle of the court hit to backhand volley Xin to the sidewall as the ball comes back to you after the second shot volley it on your forehand into the other wall as shown in the video pick up the ball or catch it and prepare to repeat these steps for the remainder of the challenge if you can hit to backhand volley and one forehand volley with a pause after each set twenty-five times in a row move on to side to side into the level seven

David Frank