April 5, 2020
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Squash tips: Playing in hot court conditions – Hitting different parts of the ball

If you’re on a court where
the ball is pinging around everywhere, it’s boiling hot and it’s really hard to
get it dying in the corners and you come in and you start hitting the ball very
flat, what happens to the shot is the ball will just go straight
and it will have no shape on it and it will bounce up and it will give your
opponent lots of space to hit from and it won’t be going away and making them
reach as much as you would want them to. So to be able to start to get the ball
working for you, it’s a case of hitting different parts of the ball, so if I was
playing a drop shot, sometimes I might come inside the ball there if I want to
give it an angle to get that ball shaping in and the same if the balls out
wide I might come inside the ball slightly to get it spinning away and
cutting that way in toward the corner that’s further away from me. You might
also work slightly straight down the back of the ball, so it’s slightly
flatter or slightly straighter on rather than the inside and then start cutting
down the ball which will give you a straight line but it will also get the
ball spinning and dropping off and then other times you’ll see players that work
slightly around the outside of the ball which starts to get the ball spinning
in for them. Now the ability to be able to hit
the different parts of the ball requires you to give yourself
a bit of space away from the ball. It also depends on your
ability to be able to adapt your hand within the shot, so if
I’m standing here with a ball it’s very natural for me to angle my racket at
different trajectories for me to be able to hit the ball in different ways and
lots of people will find that actually, they just want to hit the ball
through in one way with the racket doing very little adaption and not moving
or adjusting as much as you would need it to. So to really get ball working for
you, you have to understand and get the racket moving at different angles for
you, so that you can adjust constantly in the shot for the type of shot
you’re hitting and the type of ball and shape you want from the shot. Now so much of that comes
through the hand, it comes through the fingers, it comes through the
control and being able to do that and actually a good way of testing it is to
simply see how natural it is when you’re swinging a racket for your racket to go
at different angles to do different shapes to make the ball do different
things for you. So have a little bit of an experiment with it, maybe practice on
your own at first and starting nice and slowly and then see how much adaption
you can get through the racket face through your hands and feel through the
fingers in terms of your hand, wrist and strings.

David Frank



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