March 31, 2020
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St. John Fisher College Men’s Lacrosse Team Holds Donor Enrollment Drive

We’re here we got our men’s lacrosse
team volunteering today. Today is, in New York State, National Donor Enrollment Day
and we’re working to spread the awareness about organ donation and
register new people to be organ donors. My daughter Colleen, when she was five
and a half months old, passed away and she was an organ donor. Her heart saved a little infant up in Canada and her liver, pancreas, and small bowel saved a little
girl on the West Coast, so if she can do it, anybody can do it. It’s free, it
doesn’t cost anything and it absolutely saves lives so we’re here to encourage as
many people that aren’t registered organ donors to register today. It’s safe, it’s
also supported by every major religion that’s out there and by donating you can
save up to eight lives, so it is one of the most impactful donations that you can
make in your life and it doesn’t cost anything. Well it means a ton to me. We
talk about being a family all the time with the lacrosse team and we all try
and support each other. I mean our guys through their four years go through a
lot of different things you know passings of friends or family or family
members being sick and we always try and support each other through those times
and our guys have been unbelievably supportive of this cause of mine and
supporting it. So they’re here from 8 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. today to 8 p.m.
tonight working in shifts and have done an unbelievable job supporting the cause
and promoting it through today. I think it’s 12:30 right now so we still have
almost 8 hours left and we’ve registered over 200 new donors so it means a ton to
me that our guys are supporting the cause and I think it’s great for the
Fisher community as well. We’re here to help support a cause that’s really close
to coach’s heart. He talks about a lot and really feel strongly about we
want to hear and get here and have people sign up and become organ donors
it’s really important to us because it really doesn’t take anything from you
but it can make a huge difference to someone else’s lives and coach is really
passionate about it, and made us really passionate about it. I think that we
have a pretty strong voice on campus especially being such a small
campus and so many athletes and if one team gets behind a big cause like this, it
really gets a lot of people’s attention and it makes it really easy to kind of
to support because you know a lot of the people. A lot of people are friends that
are walking by and they see that we’re really passionate about it, so they
become passionate too.

David Frank